Allardyce: Double bid over City a hindrance

Snidey AllardyceSam Allardyce has claimed the challenge to do the double over Manchester City may have proved a hindrance to the West Ham side which was well beaten at the Etihad yesterday.

Under-pressure Allardyce reckons their early season win over City is a level they cannot reach at the moment.

He said: “We beat Man City at home this year so to have to beat them twice in one season was a major factor when you’re dealing with our budget compared to theirs.

“We’re going to take a lot of credit from the players that beat Man City in October.

“It was a big task. We haven’t managed to get anything out of it. We’ve got a few games to go where if we play our best they’re winnable.

“We can’t afford to make mistakes like we did with the goals, and we can’t afford to miss the chances we did in the second half.”


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19 comments on “Allardyce: Double bid over City a hindrance

  1. ahahah… poor little man… the king of excuses…

    Dear Genius, I’m going to remind you that Burnley, Cryistal Palace, Newcastle defeated Man City too… so you are not the only one. Anyway he says October… yes, 7 months ago… He lives with memories…

    And again the coward shifts the blame on the players “We can’t afford to make mistakes like we did with the goals, and we can’t afford to miss the chances we did in the second half.”

    I don’t know if he is more stupid or cowardly… Maybe both things.

  2. Just another crock as usual from a defeated man with troops ready to surrender,
    Silly me I thought the big strong mans man would have had the Bulls to hand in his notice and see if the directors would have refused but obviously he has not got the confidence to think they think he is to valuable to loose,
    Oh please please Sam stay we need you ( I don’t think so )

  3. How many managers would still be in a job after 2 wins in 16,ff,its only a spit away from half a season.Ok,it makes sense to just let things draw to a natural conclusion,contract runs out,but if S&G are even contemplating keeping him they need to think harder.Having said that i think he is history,end of story.He can reel of excuses all season to another set of fans 😉

  4. Hugh, the poll is over, right?

  5. If you defend too deep, don’t pressurise the opposition, give the ball away cheaply, have no strikers, play your best player on the right wing, have no tactics etc etc etc – what do you expect!!

  6. The simple thing is this,Allardyce only knows one way of playing.He is in many way a coward,he will find ways of not get hammered at clubs when away from home.He prefers to play pathetic non adventurous football & walk away losing 1-0 or 2-0 than risk giving it a real go & maybe losing 5-2.As long as he finds away for ‘his’ ego not to take a dent he will do it at any cost.None of us would complain if we had gone to city & given it a good go & lost 4-2 or a similiar score,but to go there with no intention of giving it a go just made us look pathetic.The idiot does it all the time against the big clubs away.It p*sses me off when you see Koeman take Southampton to Chelsea,Man.Utd & other top teams & give it a real go & they have picked up points from it.We just go down with a whimper but Allardyce is content because we only lost 1-0 or 2-0.Ffs,i cant take anymore of him,i honestly cant.

  7. I was there yesterday and we were pathetic,as we have been mainly for quite some time now,even the fans seem jaded it strangely took until the Silva accident and the stoppage it caused for the atmosphere to pick up. I blame only one person for this and that is our poor excuse of a manager,he picks the team,gives the tactics and is supposed to motivate them. All we get is poor excuses and blame of others,if doing a double over a team is a problem he is saying himself that he is not up to the job. I’d also love to know his excuses for who’s fault the Dubai trip was,it was supposed to rejuvenate the team but it seems to me league and especially cup business had to be sidelined to fit the trip in. As I’ve stated before he steadied the ship but he has to go NOW!
    BFS OUT! Klopp or De Boer in!

    • ahahah, I’m sorry for you Quickdraw… what do you think about our sophisticted Genius lying on the bench chewing gum and taking coffee? 😉


  8. can we put him on leave and let teddy takes reins untill end of season.

  9. One of my boys went yesteray,i just spoke to him.He said it was one of the worst atmosperes amongst our fans he has seen,he travels to almost all away matches & he said that it was sad to see the general lethargy that has crept in during the last few months.That it was more like being at a friendly than a prem match at the current champions.It is just this exceptance that he is travelling to an away match knowing that we aint going to go at the other team,only try to not get beaten.As far as im concerned that only stems from one man.My boy & other fans spend a fortune each year travelling the country & they deserve far better than they get.As i say,one man & one man alone is responsible for this crap served up.

  10. Just a thought (nightmare), lets assume the owners are looking elsewhere for a manager. What happens if they don’t get anyone that’s suitable in their eyes? In that situation I can’t see them doing anything other than offer BFS another contract and feed us with a load of the usual cr@p about stability and needing to be in the Premiership for the stadium move. What if BFS won’t sign unless it’s for 2 years?
    It’s one way to ruin a club.

  11. What riles me up is his constant obsession with the clean sheet. Don’t get me wrong, I know it helps your chances of winning a lot if you don’t concede.
    But with Allardyce he is relying on it to a degree that is unhealthy. As he appears perfectly happy with scoring one goal and defending that lead, that worked a treat this season, didn’t it ?

    If football was meant to be about clean sheets all games would end in 0:0 draws which might make Allardyce happy, but would result in most fans quickly losing interest in watching football.
    Yet in every interview it’s the same old “We need to start keeping clean sheets again. The teams above us have kept more clean sheets than us. Blablabla.”

    Instead of saying: We’ll attack this game properly and score as many goals as possible. If we score one we’ll try to score more. We may concede as well. But we’ll try our very best to score one more than them in the end.
    Which of course doesn’t mean we cannot keep clean sheets.
    But Allardyce hasn’t struck me during his West Ham reign as being willing to focus on attacking football on a constant basis, as a proper way of playing football.
    It’s not in his DNA.

  12. Nothing to disagree with on there Hamburg.Sam doesnt seem to have worked out that if you sacrifice possesion to the degree we do it will end in disaster.Our last two matches we have had less than 35% possession.Now i might be misunderstanding how football works,particularly in the world of Samuel.But i always thought if the opposition dont have the ball they cant score.But he is willing to give possession to the opposition to freely on the premise that we will defend deeper & not concede.This Sam logic has failed us miserably this season when infront.The points we have dropped while holding a 1-0 lead are ridiculous.Instead of trying to kill the game off he wants to hang on to the lead.But how often has that principal let us down.But still he perservers with it.He makes the same mistakes over & over.For a man who claims to be the most flexible manager in the Prem i see little of it on show.Just his same old plan A & nothing else.

  13. Good teams that use the style of playing it tight at the back and breaking away when other teams over attack have player with speed and dribbling ability and there midfield also back up these attacks,Cole Nolan,Noble Song do not have those credentials,
    We are just kicking it straight to there defenders and staying around our box,
    There defenders are not even bothering to throw it all into attack,but even then when a tactic does not work a good manager changes it ( not BFS ) 1-0 down did we change our tactic after 20 mins ?No we waited to go 2-0 down and then left it to the last 15 mins to have a go,What a crock

  14. What a stupid comment””IF WE PLAY OUR BEST WE CAN WIN THEM”” SO CAN ANY TEAM ********!.

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