POLL: 87pc want new West Ham boss

KloppNearly 87 per cent of West Ham fans voting in a poll of managerial candidates want a change from Sam Allardyce!

ClaretandHugh this morning sent the results of the poll to David Sullivan and David Gold as they muse the 60 year old’s end of season position.

The poll was our biggest ever attracting a total of 2464 votes and was launched just before Jurgen Klopp’s availability became known.

rafa_a_2494019bThe response to a ClaretandHugh story making it clear the Hammers had been in touch with the German produced some of the biggest “traffic” of the year suggesting he would have top of the poll.

But of those named the result was as follows  (in terms of vote percentages):

1/Rafa Benitez 24.23 per cent

Bielsa (1)2/ Slaven Bilic 21.1 per cent

3/Marcelo Bielsa 19.68 per cent

4/ Sam Allardyce 13.35 per cent

5/David Moyes 9.74 per cent

6/ Eddie Howe 7.83 per cent

7/ Roberto Di Matteo 4.06

The result was very much in line with a poll which closed last Friday night over at www.westhamworld.co.uk where the present manager was relegated to righth place in a list of managerial candidate,




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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

27 comments on “POLL: 87pc want new West Ham boss

  1. apparently its only a small percentage of west ham fans want fat sam gone in the summer

  2. Taking the poll to gauge peoples viewpoint is one thing. If it is going to be sent to the club as “proof” of something it needs to be more scientific. How many people voted more than once?(I did!)

    I am not a Sam apologist but some of the fervour against him on this site is pretty amazing. Sure, hope for a replacement but a little respect for what has been achieved is in order too I think.

    • Sorry Celticredhawk but I’ve given respect and thanks when they were due but all good and more pertinently bad things must come to an end. For the final time as respect is rapidly approaching zero thanks Sam for the stability but it’s now time to go,you’re stuck in the past and out of your depth judging by post match comments so it’s time for a new manager

      • I don’t disagree Quickdraw regarding Sam Allardyce and next year. In fact I think on an earlier post for another article I said that Sam has taken us as far as he can and if the club wants to progress to the next level it needs to be done without Sam. No issues there.

        It is the personalised attacks such as Sarith’s above is where I have the issue. Not very mature to call someone a “melt” who may or may not have a different point of view.. People are entitled to have alternate points of view. If Hugh only wants folks on here who have the same point of view then so be it (I am sure that is not what Hugh wants, just making a point)

        We may not like how he did it but Sam has done the job as required by his employers. The fact he is not able to excede his targets when he had the opportunity to do so is the reason why he will most likely be replaced next season.

    • He does not deserve my respect. He has not earned any. From day 1 he insulted me and every other West Ham fan and he insulted our clubs rich history and traditions. He has continued to do this throughout his reign as West Ham manager.

      I never thought it would be possible to fall out of love with my club, to lose all interest in the games and simply get to the point when I don’t care if we win lose or draw. Sam has done that. He has dragged every bit of pleasure I ever had from supporting this great club out of me.

      I want him gone and I want my West Ham back. I don’t care what league we are in or where in that league we are. I only ever ask a few things from them, We try and play football the right way, we play with Pride, Passion, Effort and Commitment and no matter who we are playing we at least try and win the game. I also ask that each year we take both cups seriously. Sam never has and never will.

      I do not want to our club taking 1-0 leads after 7 minutes against the likes of Stoke at home to only then sit back and spend the rest of the game protecting what we have, I don’t want to see us try and hold onto a draw against bottom teams or write off away games such as City, Chelsea and Liverpool. All of this is what you get with Sam.

      I also want a manager who takes responsibility when things do not go well. Not a manager who blames everyone else bar himself and who publicly keeps digging out his players and staff. With Sam it is never his fault, always someone else’s.

      So no I wont give him any respect at all. He does not deserve it.

      • I feel like you have read my mind and written it down, we also need to concider his appalling record with youth & young players which makes my heart ache… we will never produce a new star while he is in control of our wonderful football club, he would rather put out a 35 year old journeyman than bring through a young exciting hopeful

    • Celtichawk. The first poll was found to be flawed and was scrapped. Impossible to vote more than once in the second because of the security placed on it by us and polldaddy

  3. ahaha… Well, very well…

    I know, Sam Lovers are thinking “Poor little Sam, it’s one man against all of them, what a brave manager he is, we were 4th until Xmas, we need stability until we move to the OS, he brought us to PL (ok, thanks Allardyce for that), bla bla bla …”

    The truth is that BFS failed in a poll too, no victory: his prestigious trophy cabinet is still empty… lol

    Wait a minute please, I take my sophisticated calculator… ok, 100% – 13,35% … = 86,65%! Wow! … 86,65% of (as we have been called many times) clueless fans! That’s impossible…

    I’m the “stats-guru” here (lol) and this one is my favourite stat; the poll’s result is clear and unequivocal: PEOPLE DON’T WANT BFS AGAIN.

    People want to change, people want fresh air, people are not stupid; they don’t want sophisticated long balls, craven excuses, imaginary stabiliy, pathetic chewing gum, boring defending football, crazy substitutions, stubborn interviews, “Nolan & Carroll at all costs”.

    People want respect.

    There are people who voted Bielsa, Howe, Di Matteo, Moyes, Benitez or Bilic, but (THE MOST IMPORTANT THING) in total: 86,65% against Mr. Ego, nine out of ten against him.

    I can’t think of a single thing that needs to be added to that… sorry, yes there’s one and is dedicated to Sam Lovers:

    WE ARE THE GREAT MAJORITY OF THE FANS AND YOU ARE THE LITTLE MINORITY, it’s ironic that this fact is coming from a stat, your precious stats… 😉

    Anyway… I really hope with our next manager we’ll just be WEST HAM FANS.


  4. When has Sam ever shown the fans any respect,ffs,he doesnt give a damn about west ham supporters.He dislikes us with a passion im sure,if anyone believes he has any loyalty to us or passion for us they are lunatics.We have never been a good fit,even the Sam loyalists are now starting to have enough of his lame excuses & lack of taking responsability for anything.So yeah thanks Sam for bringing us back up through the back door,thanks for last seasons garbage & thanks for turning this season into a joke.Damn,what respect does he deserve,his bank account with 12m of the clubs money will soften the blow im sure!

  5. This is a depressing time for the club so just wanted to make everyone feel better with this video clipof Saturday’s game 45 years ago. Man City vs West Ham 1970. Jimmy Greaves debut. I remember watching Grandstand and the goals just kept getting announced. Ended up winning 5-1 and it was the game Ronnie Boyce scored his famous volley. I love the way Joe Corrigan kicks the ball and them starts ambling back to his goal and the condition of the pitch. Today’s players would be *****ing and moaning about a playing surface like this. Enjoy the nostalgia.

  6. Big point people: everyone is welcome here whatever their views. There’s a big welcome here for all. It’s called democracy

  7. Nice one Hammer4life if only there’d been a fraction of enjoyment yesterday that I had watching that clip.

    Well said Hugh,it seems we basically all have the same love for our club and ultimately want the same thing. Because we voice it in different ways shouldn’t mean we should fall out with each other

  8. I have to agree, it is very hard these days to proudly say “I support West Ham United”.
    As right now there is precious little of West Ham left on the pitch playing wise and the fanbase is anything but united these days.
    One comforting thought for me is that I cannot for the life of me see what Allardyce could still do to save his neck, I think by now the owners have made up their mind.
    I have no idea who they ill bring in as his replacement, you all know who I prefer and I have several backup options I’d be quite content with.
    Overall though I have reached a point where I am sick and tired of pundits telling us we should be so grateful and need to keep Allardyce at all costs.
    At this point I’d be happy with either of Klopp, Benitez, Bilic, Bielsa, Howe, Moyes or Martinez. I’m so disillusioned with Allardyce now that I may even prefer Steve Potts running the show at this point.
    I know quite a few players have been singing Allardyce’s praises, but I am not a player, I am a supporter. And Allardyce’s decisions and tactics simply cause me to lose interest in football and West Ham.
    Hopefully our board are currently busy sorting out a deal with a replacement.
    Allardyce can then go to Sunderland, Bolton or Leeds. Time for other fans to be subjected to Allardyce respect-the-point stability driven style of football.

  9. Yeah everyone is welcome as long as they dont tell me i should respect to Sam,because he has done nothing to respect my bank account for the last two years.When he rebates me my ticket & travel money for the matches i have gone to where he has had us playing like defenesive zombies so he doesnt get his genius ego bruised if we get thumped i will show him some respect.I want to travel to matches to see us play,not turn up & watch ‘lets see how long we can defend before we let one in’.Show him respect my a*se,when was the last time if ever he has apoligised to the travelling fans for a crap performance & taken responsibility for it.When was the last time he even botherd to acknowledge the travelling thousands in interviews,rarely if ever.I wil show him respect when he shows just a modicum of it towards us.The guy doesnt give a flying f*ck about us so why should we sugar coat our comments about him.Anyway he says he never reads the media so what does it matter,he will keep his integrity intact & go on his way having never taken a team down.What a great achievement for a manager.No trophies but i never got relegated.Real Madrid come get him,but make sure you show him respect,pfff.

  10. You only get respect in life when you show respect, every time BFS try’s to sell us a crock his status in our eyes has dropped,now there is no where to go because his status is rock bottom,
    Once again people are packing out the fact that we don’t use his given name,
    He likes to be called Big Sam And I add one word which seems to cause insult,
    When you lounge like a couch potatoe on seats and sulk when you are supposed to be showing a leadership you deserve all the criticism in the world

  11. No surprise to see a couple of guys from wetpantswhenidie slagging this pole.What a shock.For guys who cant stand this site they seem to know an awful lot about it,lol,there again,no news on theres,just the same sh*t being re-spun again & again 😉

  12. Yeah but they couldnt even get their facts right.Gobbing off about 87% want him sacked.At least understand what the poll was before shooting your mouths off.87% wanted a different manager not him sacked.One day they will get bored of knocking this place when no other person goes to their site coz they have driven them all away 😉

    • ahahaha… I noticed that, but It is simply not worth it 😉

      if you asked them “Which is the color of the grass?” the would answer ” It depends on the season” lol


      • They just bore me Matte,if you dnt like the place dont f*cking come here,its simple.Whats the point in coming to a site just to go & slag it on another site.I dont understand the mindset of some people.If people had spent months here slagging their site then fair enough,but their sh*tty site never even got a mention here,so whats the point in them forever slagging it.I go to many sites but dont need to go one one to bad mouth another,its so stupid.

  13. I Know chicken, but here’s the difference between you and them: you are intelligent 😉

    Understood rats? 😉

  14. Yeah but the ridiculous thing is that the majority are now saying the same things as on here,to get rid of Sam.But on there it is acceptable to say it,on here it is called a witch hunt,lol,sanctimonious idiots 😉

  15. Screw them.Many people have the same views on there as here but they just get blocked by the godfathers.All they do is try to find sticks to beat Hugh & this site with.Gets so boring on that site they have to pop at others,lol,after discussing the same subject for 23hrs a day they have to spare 1hr a day to have a moan up about here,its funny.Thats why i never go there,its the crap.One thread after another almost saying the same thing but worded differently.Its a good site if you want to cure your insomnia though,lol 😀

  16. Lol 😉

  17. Play them no heed gentlemen ( yes that’s you lot ) in weeks to come they will turn on each other like a band of sad half wits they are,if they carry on looking at stats like they do they will come to the same result that we did 12 months ago,
    This club will grow because it has the best fans in London soon to have the best ground in London and with a bit of luck the best manager in London,

  18. According to the poll, nobody wants Klopp, why are the David’s talking to someone nobody wants? We’ve getting rid of someone nearly 87% don’t want and getting someone in who 100% don’t want, it’s crazy, also, whoever we get in will be (according to the poll) someone who over 75% of people don’t want

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