Allardyce: “There have been no contract talks”

West-Ham-v-Hull-Sam-Allardyce-bubbles_2756968Sam Allardyce has confirmed the worst kept secret in football – he has NOT been offered a new deal and has not been in talks.

David Gold yesterday revealed exclusively to ClaretandHugh that tweets from Talk Sport’s Ian Abrahams sayin  “talks were rumoured to be underway” were not true.

Allaryce said: “There’s no truth in that, no.”

Asked in his press conference today whether he had considered other jobs – either abroad or in the Championship – he replied: “No, I’m not thinking about that at all. We’re into the last 24, 25 days of the season.

“After that we’ll discuss my future at West Ham United. We’ll talk things through then, nothing else interests me.”

Meanwhile, he confirmed that Reece Burke would would get another pouting at the heart of defence with Winston Reid still suffering a hamstring problem.

He said: “”The injury situation stays the same for us unfortunately so we run with the same squad that was available last week.

“That means another start for Reece Burke, hopefully he can put in another good performance or an even better one than he did against Queens Park Rangers. We go into the game looking to get a result and a win at home.”

He admitted he was looking forward to the end of the campaign, saying: “I always look forward to the end of the season. I look forward to getting in the sun and relaxing and reflecting on the season.

“We’ve had a fantastic season but we’re now in a run where we should have done a lot better and we accept that. We’re pushing to put that right and trying to getting back to winning matches.



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36 comments on “Allardyce: “There have been no contract talks”

  1. Who told him to clear that up Mr unhappy tweet,
    Matte back to the mankini I hope he is going to Italy and not Spain with the family,
    Just your luck there,s you on the beach in your best shirt and you come across the whole family Andy and Kevin building sand castles 2 just like our badge used to have,BFS IN HIS MANKINI walking with Mrs A looking lovely with Joey carrying a sun shade by there side,
    But we’re you going to Blacpool Matte ?

    • Ahaha… ‎I’ve already warned the Italian Goverment… There’s a mugshot everywhere… He can’t come here… Lol

  2. How on earth have we had a fantastic season? Is he kidding.

    League cup, lost first game to rivals Sheffield United.
    FA Cup thrashed 4-0 by WBA and knocked out early again.
    League, 3rd to 11th and still sliding.
    3 wins from 21 league and cup games.
    Awful football.
    Deciding the Chelsea away game did not matter.
    Late goals let in time and time again.
    Sitting on early leads thinking 1 goal would be enough to only then see said lead lost.

    Good start to the season granted, but that was when he was forced to go against his preferred style and had no choice other than to play Downing at the tip of the Diamond and Sakho and Valencia up front.

    Hate to see what he thinks a bad season is.

    • He is doing it now to wind the fans up….The man has won 2 trophies in his career, doesn’t believe that youth players deserve a chance unless he has no alternative,plays a system that has been outdated for 15 years to cater for his show pony and adopted son. He turns down players or throws them out of the door because they don’t fit his formula, doesn’t take criticism or own up to mistakes, he is a one trick pony that’s been found out that’s all. Certain individuals believe he is the only man for stability or save us from relegation, to me if he remains he’s the man who based on this form will guarantee us relegation. He is a archaic manager with outdated theories who thinks 3 million a year justifies mid table obscurity. Here’s a message from me BFS, the West Ham Way might not exist in your eyes but in mine over 30 years it has let me see J Cole, M Carrick,Rio, Anton,Slater,Ward,Cottee,Potts to name but a few young talented prospects, it’s let me see Dicanio,Tevez,Kanoute,Ba signings with skill and the ability of changing a game and not forgetting Devonshire,Lampard Snr,Martin,Bonds,McAvennie,Dicks etc players who played with pride and determination whatever the league position or turmoil going on.The West Ham Way might not have given us success but it gave us enjoyment, the players above and others I’ve missed made be proud to support my club, you might say it didn’t win us anything BFS but your trophy cabinet isn’t full is it and your golden boys of Nolan,Caroll,Obrien,Demel will be briefly remembered just like you when your gone but the ones above will always be remembered.

  3. Probably is a fantastic season for the King Of Mediocrity.Just cant be bothered anymore to go into the crap that comes out of his mouth.Thanks for saving me the job BoleynF,you covered most of what i was thinking 😉

  4. So in Allardyceland a fantastic season involves not winning away in the league for 5 months & winning twice in seventeen.Now i can see why we need this man as our manager for the future.Its the high standards he sets for himself & the team.What a mug,he just cant help coming out with crap he thinks we will fall for.

  5. Boleyn what did you expect honesty,he has lied through his teeth all season,
    He is so self-centred he does not think of us fans

  6. Frankly I’ve decided to ignore his words, he’s just a fool… I can’t break my mobile every time… Lol

  7. It is this idiots words about it being a fantastic season & other garbage he comes out with that gets people fired up & having a go at DG on twitter.They cant reply to this fool so go at DG instead.

  8. If I were Allardyce and I knew the fans consider me like a s*it with two legs, I would go as far as possible. But he hasn’t dignity.


  9. *I was… Ops….

  10. I expect tomorrow or saturdays paper will have another player coming out in support of Allardyce.One ofc from the Curtis/Allardyce stable.Sign for Curtis if you want a game Amalifitano & Nene,its the only way to do it 😉

  11. They have all been out & supported him havnt they.Curtis will have to have them go for a second round soon.Mind you i dont think JOB or Demel has come out in support of him have they.Maybe i missed it.Oh & Jussi hasnt i dont think.He is a little on the outside looking in though these days.Maybe Allardyce & Curtis go into a darkened room with straws & see which player pulls the short one each week,lol 🙂

  12. Its a great combination Rads,you have a manager who got implicated in allegations of taking bungs,an agent implicated in that bother at Luton & you have Allardyce & 7 or 8 of the players with links to this agent,many who seem to be Allardyces chosen few.What could go wrong,lol 😉

  13. I can’t believe it pop out for a beer comeback and it’s like MI5,
    It’s not intriguing BFS just like to keep people near him he can trust and thinks he can use that as leverage,
    The mans a disaster in front of the press he is an explayer who had doom breaks to get into management,
    Intelligent not so hot,tactics not so hot,looks not so hot, but looks cuddly and makes people feel safe,
    So the next manager is Pudsey Bear

  14. Haha,was just a bit of light hearted banter Bubs.Dont worry we havnt cracked up in your absence,lol 😀

  15. Probably is a fantatsic season for hippohead,another 3m in his bank account,why wouldnt it be a fantatsic season.He has delivered to what is the limit of his abilities,a mid table team.If ever we need a new manager it is now.He just manages in the comfort zone,60yrs old,a healthy bank balance & no fire in his belly,only 20 vindaloos.We need someone now to reenergize the club.If this guy is given another two years he will just sink even further into the comfort zone.Pick his favourites,play with his outdated tactics & bore the hell out of everyone for two more years both on & off the pitch.He should be consigned to West Ham history,he did his job but now it is time for him to jog on!

  16. I’ve found the definition of “true fan” here it is;

    A term that describes a person’s blind loyalty to a team individual, or product.
    ie a man thinks the teams Quarterback is one of the best in the league but statistically he’s one of the worst. He’s really, really, a true fan or a daft lemming.

    Haha that made me laugh. Now are you a true fan or a daft lemming! And don’t start sulking cos I raised the true fan question again as I’m just having a laugh with you! Funnily enough I don’t want to be known as a true fan no more!

  17. Haha,funny.I have better things to sulk about than this,i am already starting to build up to my sulk when it begins tomorrow at about 4.50pm,when i have watched another Allardyce tactical masterclass & i am fresh from seeing 3mins of Nene being on the pitch after Cole came on in the 60min followed by JOB & we surrendered a 1-0 lead by defending deeper & deeper from the 65th min onwards.I have my sulk all planned out,lol 😀

  18. No wonder he wants to stay,he,s being layer ridiculous money for being negative.under false pretences.looking fat and doing nothing.

  19. The Rads Sulk Itinerary lol – God ‘elp us!

  20. No wonder he wants to stay,he,s being payed ridiculous money for being negative.under false pretences.looking fat and doing nothing

    • No wonder he wants to stay,he,s being payed ridiculous money for being negative.under false pretences.looking fat and doing nothing
      By false promises and bull****.

  21. WhuG the lemming has a good ring about it we try and tell you,
    Sam the Hippo
    DG the Moose
    Herr Bubs the part time German,
    Don Mattee the stats man
    Rosie Lee Rads the fortune teller
    Ray the carpenter with his smooth balls
    Tyson and his Tartan onesie
    Cookie Monster and quick right hand
    BFS has a new friend Russell Brand according to the Mirror
    The Mirror on the wall which of us is looking to come out for BFS next week

  22. Harsh Bubs! I’m going for WhuG the true fan. At least it’s open to interpretation now depending whether you agree with me!

    Bubs, were you Beefburger Berlin? If you were then you’re Bubs Comedy Gold!

  23. Ahaha… I’m the only true fan in the world… I’m the highlander… Lol

  24. No WhuG we covered that it was just a term I used once and someone used it on wetpants.com to poke fun at Hamburg,
    Matte you have a kilt as well ( a Italian kilt Matte that’s a mini skirt )
    But if you want to follow us lemmings and jump into the unknown with a new manager be my guest

  25. Haha,Rosie Lee Rads,lol,you are on good form today Bubs.You must be cheered up to see Samasaurus come out with his normal crap.He always gives you fresh ammunition on mondays & fridays.Not sure i want to see Matte in a kilt.You know what italian stallions are like in the spring,their testosterone is at max.Would probably look more like a circus tent than a kilt 😀

  26. Ok shame tho Bubs as I thought it was the funniest post ever and it was pretty harmless. There was another one that was even better that referred to his mate Cheeseburger Colonge but Mr Dale removed it the miserable git! All harmless stuff in my view.

  27. Matte in his kilt, BFS in his Mankini,Cookie Monster in his Onesie,
    What good start to the end of season party when the gilotine drops,
    Happy yes Nolans going,which should start the ball rolling,
    Taxi for BFS,O,Brien,Demel,Cole,and Jarvisplus Nolan.
    Puts a smile on your face,

  28. Strictly speaking Hackney Carriges won’t allow 6 in a taxi you would need a taxi bus. Or you could choose to keep one? I’m just saying….

  29. Ahaha… I’m beautiful in my kilt… Girls go crazy and they ask me “please show me your stats-cabinet now!”… Loool

  30. WhuG you need to leave the stats to Matte and maybe buy a kilt and let some air to the jewels don’t worry Stingray can lend you some sandpaper if you get chaffing,
    BFS was never going to let Demel or Jarvis in the same cab as the family,
    They were getting a tandem,
    matte got to go speak to night, siesta time coming up going for a swim first it’s 28 c here and getting hot,

  31. Sam is as much good as a chocolate soldering iron!

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