Allardyce’s kids claims defy explanation!

Sam-Allardyce-edited1_2519771Quite why Sam Allardyce would decide to discuss  his policy – or non policy – towards using younger players at this stage of the season defies any serious explanation.

At a time when his chances of keeping his job appear to be zero he may just have hammered in the final nail to his coffin when decising to explain this to London24.com.

He claims that were we in a better position with our results it would have been a good thing to look at the odd player and adds: “Were we to put a youngster in and the team lost you get criticised, the youngster might get criticised, so it is difficult.

But that he should raise the horrendous events at Nottingham Forest in last season’s FA Cup and use it against his critics is utterly mind-blowing.

He said: Play all your youngsters in the FA Cup and get slaughtered for it. You say ‘we don’t give youngsters a chance’ but you give them a chance, lose, and get slaughtered for it. You can’t have your cake and eat it.”

A furious insider said to ClaretandHugh earlier this afternoon: “There is a difference between sending out a team of youngsters (Forest last season) and blooding one or two here and there.

“That is just taking the wee wee in the biggest possible way. It was his horribly mistaken decision that left the club so embarrassed.

“As for results and ‘being in a better position’ things can hardly be worse than they have been and fresh blood could easily improve it – the regulars are hardly playing out of their skin are they? ”

We have heard some stuff from our manager down the years but this outburst just astonishes. I keep checking to ensure he really said it – he did!



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25 comments on “Allardyce’s kids claims defy explanation!

  1. ahahhaha… Ehi Genius, you dug yourself into this hole… poor di*khead…


  2. Hippo Head is such a deluded clown, and he thinks we actually take on board what he says . . . we have been awful for ages, the team is going through the motions what a great time to chuck some new blood in . . . if we were doing well he would say how can we change a winning team.
    This man is a dinosaur, we were going great early in season as soon as Carrol and Nolan back he changes to old style and the wheels come off.
    If the board give him another contract I will be astonished, unless they can not get anyone else through the door to replace this oaf

  3. Lol,he must seriously regret saying it.Maybe,just maybe he could have got away without were it not for the Forest cup match last season.But he sent out a full team of inexperienced kids to take a hammering & now he is concerned about one or two having their confidence knocked.What makes him think we would lose with one or two in the team anyway.Can they do any worse than some of the regular players in recent weeks.The geezers lost the plot!!

  4. *away ‘with it’

  5. ahah… anyway Hugh, this is my favourite Sam’s photo: here I can admire his tactical genius, his concentration during a match thinking about his cunning substitutions, his acume, his leadership, his sophisticated football… lol


  6. Hugh cant believe his luck today Matte.Sam has loaded a gun & blown his own toes off for Hugh,haha 😀

  7. ahahha.. Rads is right Hugh… circle this date on the calendar… lol 😉

  8. I think the reasoning is much simpler. It’s all about him and refusing to take a risk as he attempts to redeem himself over the last few days while at the same time excusing himself from every mistake

  9. Yes I know Hugh, this is his cunning attempt, but people are not stupid: the meaning of his words sounds much more different and if you know who is Allardyce, you perfectly know this is the last of his excuses. There’s no way out. 😉

  10. I wonder,as if by magic tomorrow some of the kids will suddenly through some strange mystical happening appear on the bench,lol,nothing would surprise me anymore 😉

    • I agree Rads. ahahha.. his next cunning tactic: Nolan out of the stadium, youth on the bench, and all the children of the players on the field. hahahah


  11. Nobody needs say a word really but when we do it’s like pushing an an open door!!!!! Matte not being flash but the date was written weeks ago!!!

  12. Hugh I wish you would not put that face with its look of used lust right next to the words kids,
    His every comment today from not using kids to the players are to blame as well is total desperation,
    He knows one more bad result to morrow and the hang and noose will tighten for the last time
    Time to move on

  13. What is it some people say,that Sam gets unfair grief,lol,with some of the idiotic things he says in the media he deserves all he gets,thats before you even take into account the boring,sterile football & useless run of results 😉

  14. Im surprised Lady Brady hasnt come flying out of the traps to defend her hero.He seems to do no wrong in her eyes.Maybe she will kiss his ego better tomorrow in her newspaper column.Say that he was wrongly quoted or some sh*t like that,she is probably writing a revised version of her column as we speak.Trying to get the ****head off the hook 😉

  15. No, No, No. I won’t accept any excuse from the owners. His words are clear and if they try to justify his words they’ll lose all their credibility and authority.


  16. The mans a fool.

  17. One thing seems sure, we are all on the same page when it comes to identifying, the core problems that hold the team back.
    This article covers the main reason I gave several weeks ago when I first brought up how it made good sense, that if Sam’s departure was a ‘given’, to park him at home for the rest of the season and see if we couldn’t at least salvage something from a terrible second half, even if it was only to see how some of our young bloods, like Poyet and even players such as Ennes could really contribute (or not as the case may be) if they were given the chance.

  18. There is absolutely no job for him at WHUFC. It would need every candidate to say no for him to have a chance of an offer. It’s over

  19. Big question mark. I would,nt want to make a decision,but there,s one thing on my mind?
    Are the players, playing for him,is the will to win missing? Send him to Chelsea, and you,all see that THEY will still win, as they have done under any manager, FULL STOP.!

  20. Let’s hope one of them says yes then Hugh,

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