BIELSA: The Truth!

Bielsa (1)West Ham are this morning insisting that reports of deals being offered to Marcelo Bielsa are untrue.
Twitter went into overdrive last night with speculation that the Marseilles boss was on his way to the Boleyn as our next boss.
And it later emerged that the tweet which started the uproar was a wind-up by Marseilles fans who posted: “BREAKING: According to L’Equipe, Marcelo Bielsa is set to leave Marseille and become the next West Ham manager.”
That it was all a Twitter hoax is no real surprise as the social network has always been shockingly unreliable as a source of genuine news.
As ClaretandHugh had reported yesterday morning the board are still divided over whether Bielsea is the right man to succeed Sam Allardyce.
However speculation still continues that the Hammers have made an offer to the 59 year old after talks broke down with Marseilles.
That too was knocked back by ClaretandHugh sources who said: “The situation is as it was yesterday. Discussions between board members continue and no decisions have been made.
“Bielsa is probably a 5/1 shot – there have been no decisions or offers at this stage. It would be a help if you put a story out explaining the situation.
“Stories that he will become our next boss are incredibly premature. We are ruling nothing in and nothing out but no offer has been made”

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • TysonM says:

    Getting bored of this crap.Cant wait till a new boss is in place.Yawn 😀

  • Boys of '66 says:

    Yep,im getting bored of it as well Ty.But i think we shouldnt sign one just yet.We must allow Wpants to express their opinions on it,over & over & over again.I think some of them are on a repeat loop.Still it stops them scratching their nuts all day 😉

  • Quickdraw is going loco says:

    Dunno about bored but I’m impatient but if the wait is worth it that’s all that matters. I think the club are right to confirm no one,we don’t want to make any one to feel second choice we can’t afford to miss out because of bruised egos.
    In the meantime hurry up,sell the project and sign FdB lol

  • Rads says:

    Haha,know comment ’66.I love all sites & all people on them.Im reformed man,lol.Bilic,Bielsa,De Boer or Emery,anyone will do me.I dont know enough about them individually to make great statements about them & their merits.Now that is something i will leave to the pants experts.Im just a fan,not a stats lover 😉

  • bubs says:

    Wetpants are still hoping the board will change there mind,and they probably want whoever is in charge fail so they can claim victory,but if that happens it will hurt there club as well
    If Biesla is still in the hunt that’s good but we all need a quick result after BFS,s removal
    took so long

  • Michael Miller says:

    A Twitter hoax – who’d have thunk it!!

  • essexclarets says:

    I don’t think anyone on any fan site wants the new manager to fail.
    Give the guy 100% backing from across the fan base.
    The future is bright, the future is Claret & Blue. 😀

  • Rads says:

    I bet there are some Sammerettes who do.They are quiet now,lurking in the bushes, but as soon as the new guy loses a couple of matches they will reappear in their hippo onesies again.I will put money on it 😀

  • bubs says:

    If they don’t want problems why don’t they let it go and let the fan base unite ?
    BFS only keeps coming up because people won’t let it drop,
    You watch who ever gets the job will have his credentials pulled a part the minute he gets the job and it won’t be me and the majority on this site

  • mattefumi el loco says:

    ahah… yeah, last night I was closely monitoring the hottest news on wetpants.. According to them Bielsa was 100% our new manager. Hugh, are you sure your source is correct? Sorry, but I consider that site as my holy gospel… lol

  • Rads says:

    Haha,each to their own matte.If they have fun it is nice for them i guess,maybe.It is their equivalent of FIFA Manager.As an ex-rabid dog i have seen the light & wish them well in finding us our new manager.I trust them to do the right thing for our club 😀

  • JimmyM says:

    Word here in france is Bielsa has asked marseilles to double his wages …that is not going to happen so he will become available to someone!

  • GW says:

    It is becoming tiresome but in the end we are discussing a new manager not discussing our previous so called manager. Spoonie has converted all I’m waiting for now is Kevin to appear at some point to say that after a total rehabilition process and no more strong lager he realises that his sad devotion to a relic was pointless.

  • Rads says:

    Seems to me like Bielsa is really not interested in a new contract with OM,i think he wants to move on.Will we have El Loco in our dugout,could be interesting to say the least.He doesnt just slide down his seat chewing gum.If we get El Loco we need Dicks as his assistant,a good calming influence,lol 😀

  • mattefumi el loco says:

    lol… Bielsa + Dicks = TNT

  • Rads says:

    Kevin is a lost cause,no way back for him.Once the Special Brew takes over he has no hope of redemption.He will appear again tonight once he has been kicked out of the boozer.His fat little paws tapping away at the keyboard having a love-in about Sam while he chomps on his kebab & chilli sauce drips on to his laptop.Unsaveable,he has gone to far towards the dark side.We got Spoonie just in time.Kevin has been lost i fear 😀

  • Quickdraw is going loco says:

    The Express (yeah I know) are saying we’ve made a second approach for FdB,probably more BS but while there’s an outside chance I’ll keep hoping.
    Speaking of BS judging by his daily tirades the grim reaper Kevin has a basement full of chimps tied to keyboards

  • GW says:

    Your probably right Rads it’s a shame about Kevin though, we will probably see him spring up on the ” I post crap on forums after special brew”episode of Jeremy Kyle. He will refuse to take part in the lie detector test but will be stunned after DNA results to find out that ” The dung beetle” isn’t his father.

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