Big two will be covered up for start of season

CarrollAndy Carroll and Diafra Sakho are  likely to be held back from an taking an active role in the Hammers pre-season games.

The Irons kick off their friendlies against a Werder Bremen development side on Monday evening but the front men are unlikely to be involved in that or the match against Fulham on Thursday evening which represents their first serious pre-season affair.

Although both  strikers are training with the squad and are taking part in all aspects of pre-season,  new head of the medical department Gary Lewin wants to ensure they are both 100 per cent built up in time for the opening game of the season and no risks will be taken.

A training ground source told us that both players were involved, kicking balls and were looking confident and happy as the season approaches.

However, he added: “It would not be a great idea to push them into action until everybody is totally convinced they are back to 100 per cent full strength.”


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20 comments on “Big two will be covered up for start of season

  1. Why not be doubly safe and not play them for the first month of the season too. It’s the only way to have them available in October

  2. Why not just sell both of them, we’ll have money in the bank and get some players that can hopefully play all season 😒

  3. So far so good then . We are close to signing a dodgy keeper that won’t score goals . We have signed a free defender that City cast away and the prospect of signing a proven PL striker is getting more and more like a hazy dream . After so much time in moth balls at least one of them should be able to turn out in what is basically a training game . I want Carroll to be fit and ready , not playing is telling us he never will be . I like Carroll and am on record for defending him but , if he is not even going to be tested ??!!?? . Dumbfounded .
    Don’t really see what this news is supposed to be actually saying .

    • It’s saying he’ll be getting another weekly wage packet for doing next to nothing for the foreseeable future just like it’s been over the last 3 years 😆 And there will be those that come out to defend him as normal because he’s unplayable and unique on his day 😆😆

      • I can’t wait or , I am waiting patiently to prove some people wrong . Well , not me personally ; Andy Carroll must be itching to prove so many doubters wrong . I don’t think for a minute he has enjoyed being injured and working hard to recover . His ambition to prove himself ( as if he really needs it , goals speak for themselves ) must be enormous . Give a man credit for not giving up .

        • You can think what you want in your one man crusade too defend Carroll but he will never prove anyone wrong.
          You are the only daft one who believes he will.

        • I’ll give him no credit at all he’s done all to deserve all these plaudits that some constantly throw at him😡😡By time his contracts done he would have cost 48m for being nothing more than a poor mans Peter Crouch 😆😆

          • We got too keep him though GW.He is the only one thats stops us getting relegated remember 😂
            **** all to do with Ant,Ayew or any of the others it will be his 5 or 6 goals that will make us stay up according to the 🐂💩ers 😂

  4. If they don’t build themselves up in the pre-season matches as the other players do, then they are not going to be match fit for the start of the season. Now there is a surprise.

  5. Why not save them till January and let them play one game before transfer window as too sell them. Can you tell these twos story is giving me the hump. Girl guides for footballers.

  6. It’s incredible that we’ve two players that are unsellable… we’d not get brass farthing for either of them

  7. How do you get fit without playing?

    All the training in the world won’t get them match fit – a bit of strange logic here!

  8. Sorry but its laughable .they really need to pay chicarito the money he wants then at least we have one forward… I like Carroll and sak but simple fact is they will find a way to get injured

  9. Why do people read an article like this, which is no more than opinion really, and does nothing more than state the bleeding obvious in any case, and then react with anger whilst putting their own slant on it?

    Both players are in training but Lewin has insisted that he wants them 100% fit before they play a competitive match. If he says don’t risk them in the first 2 meaningless friendlies who are we to question that? No one says they won’t play a friendly match before the opener vrs Manure that’s just people’s over active imagination.

    This is the most sensible news I’ve heard. It gives me faith in our new medical team. It’s last chance saloon for both players they’ll be pleased Lewin is calling the shots.

    • The voice of reason.
      Lewin is a recognised top medical man. Let him have his say and his way, before you condemn him.

  10. Dont worry lads it will soon be August,then we will have Goldfinger & Nick Nack telling us they are reborn & 20 goal a season superstars 😂

  11. Ship AC to Stoke (Newington) FC..
    Keep Sakho, since he may last a bit longer!

  12. Antonio ( hammy) Reid ( knee ) china ( hip ) sakho ( back ) all are still in rehab ? According to the official site ? None are penciled in for pre-season yet , so they can’t be training full on with the rest can they, unless these get match fitness a.s.a.p. then none will be ready for the start. 3 away games to boot 🙂 were so thin on the ground that all the players due to be released , feguli, Snodgrass , fletcher , are all in the squad for tommorow , I wonder how many will get injured and be forced to keep them ?? Offs Swansea leave sigurdson behind but we take and play ? Farcical 🙂

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