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Brady in war against VAR


West Ham Vice Chairman Karren Brady has shown that she is less than impressed with the performance of VAR. Unsurprisingly Brady cited the foul on Antony Gordon as an example of the video referee overstretching its remit.

The Newcastle winger placed his foot in front of Kalvin Phillips kicking leg, setting in place a sequence of events that led to West Ham losing from a 3-1 winning position.

Writing for The Sun on, The Apprentice star said: “The professional game is fast being played nearly as much in the rulebook as on the pitch, such is the pressure to win.”

Lady Brady-West Ham

The lady is not impressed. Karren Brady has let rip at dodgy VAR calls

“The VAR record is good on offsides and line rulings but otherwise unpredictable — making mince meat of handball rulings and no ­better than a referee on free-kicks. West Ham’s 4-3 defeat at Newcastle turned on a questionable VAR call that Kalvin Phillips had fouled Anthony Gordon.”

“But there is no point complaining as nothing changes and our boss David Moyes could do no more than grimace. I have written five letters to PGMOL this season questioning ­decisions. All you get back are ­pictures from the rulebook and ­justifications of the decisions.”

“There’s something unbalanced when a manager can cavort when his team scores but cannot protest sensibly at a bad goal given against.”

Hard to disagree with Brady on this one.

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  • Hammersmiff says:

    VAR can go as far as I’m concerned. Before it was introduced, the Monday morning discussion at work invariably included a bad refereeing decision or two, now it’s all about the incredible inconsistencies of VAR. Goal line technology is black or white, there’s no argument, it’s factual, there are so many VAR decisions which are subjective, this isn’t progress at all.

    The biggest, magical moment of euphoria that any football fan experiences is when their team scores. VAR has completely taken this away with it’s ridiculous checks and delays and still gets it wrong so many times!! It’s so refreshing to watch a lower league game at times and know that a goal is a goal without the nonsense – just like the old days.

    Where did VAR come from, were the fans ever consulted? This is our game and the Premier League have changed it forever, it’s diabolical.

    Is it possible for a VAR poll to be organised amongst all Season Ticket holders with a simple question – VAR Yes or No? I’m certain it would be a landslide NO. Maybe our representatives could then promote the poll to their counterparts at other PL clubs for their own vote and see what the national view is?

    VAR is killing the enjoyment of a great game, it would be so good to get rid of it completely.

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