Chicharito: Leading The Line at The LS


Finally Javier Hernandez is being deployed in his favoured position and it’s not surprising that the run of games has yielded goals and assists.

It’s not rocket science, Chicharito has scored goals at international, domestic and European level for his whole career when deployed as a striker. Yet for some unknown reason when he was purchased at the beginning of the season our then manager Slaven Bilic seemed intent on turning him into a winger. This added to the confusion over who actually signs players and despite a promising cameo away to Southampton Super Slav never truly trusted Hernandez.

Understandably his head dropped because he probably signed thinking that as our top earner he would be guaranteed first team football and given the platform to score goals as he has throughout his career. I doubt his mood would have improved dramatically when David Moyes walked through the doors at Rush Green and his worst fears were instantly confirmed when the new manager preferred anyone but him up front.

The little Mexican has kept plugging away though and through circumstance has found himself in a situation where Moyes was unable to select anyone else. That tactical switch has seen Chicharito score against Bournemouth, Brighton and Watford whilst also creating the penalty in the London derby against Crystal Palace. He’s playing in his preferred position as first choice and there can be no surprise that he’s now scoring goals on a regular basis . . . . . .  . he’s done it his whole career.

There are plenty of clubs in the Premier League who are desperate for a proven goalscorer and we have one of the best. Maybe nine points will make us safe but I’m quite certain that if Hernandez plays up front for the remainder of the season he’ll score enough goals to guarantee safety. It’s funny how consecutive managers have scratched around for a wining formula when the answer to our goal scoring woes  has been at the club all season long. As Joni Mitchell sang “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”. . . .  hopefully we’ve realised exactly what we’ve got before it’s too late.

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  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    I think Moyes always wanted to play Hernandez as a pure goal scorer but he tried whim with AC and because as I have said numerous times before AC is useless at creating opportunities for others with his head i.e. nodding the ball into the correct spaces that partnership didn’t work. Maybe when Huggill is upto speed he will provide an equally good option as Arnie is at present, Arnie with his runs creates space, he also spots movement well and plays the ball into areas Hernandez can exploit which is what someone with quality movement needs. Joao MArio looks like a proper player also a £30 – 40 million player in todays market if Sullivan is serious and if he shows that is his consistent level across the rest of the season I hope he plays the money to sign him, they are players that will get us to next level.

    • Gonzo says:

      I can’t see us keeping Mario due to the price tag you mentioned

      • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

        I am sure you are right Gonzo but when we see him Lanzini, Arnie and Hernandez link up they are the dream team aren’t the ?, 4 intelligent footballers with great technical ability, if DS was willing to pay £40m for a forward, why not a midfielder that is just as valuable, supply to Hernandez is key, with Hernandez we have our goal scorer so no need to buy another, just buy the players that can feed him and Arnie.

        We can call them the Alan Partridge front line, whichever way you play them they are AH HA !!!

  • master says:

    Glad to see you’re a little more positive about him Gonzo. He’s playing better and putting in some off the ball effort too. His runs are some of the best I’ve seen in a long time. If only we had more that could find them. Arnie can, Mario seems to be able to on occasion and Lanzini definitely has the ability. Would love to see those 3 behind hernandez. Would mean 2 def mids and no wingers though. Good to have options though.

    Geo mentioned in the YouTube upload how he like prodl. He’s a decent player. As is dacoure.those two, plus perhaps gros, moye and chupo-moting should be considered in the summer. We are not going to get English based champions league playing players like wilshire or fellaini. Overseas players of the same ilk perhaps, but they are always a bit of an unknown in the premier league.

    • Gonzo says:

      I’ve always rated him, I just thought it better to get rid of him if we weren’t going to use him properly.

      • master says:

        Fair enough, completely valid point.

        I like how were using him now, swapping him with arnie when we’re under the cosh and inevitably lump it. That makes arnie the target man and hernandez the number 10 who is deeper in case we don’t win it. In possession (ie with it in midfield) they swap and Arnie becomes the link man / ball carrier and hernandez the off the shoulder runner. Very smart rotation.

    • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

      Definitely agree with you about Gross he has a better assists record than Payet, what a player he is, if we can get him and a genuine CDM + Mario in the summer I would be very happy, for me as with you I think all we have to do is feed Hernandez and Arnie and they will score the goals we have been lacking, if we can be better without the ball, a more structured pressing game as Liverpool, Tottenham and City play then we imho will be on the right track, as it is there is still too little pressure on the ball when we are without it.

      • master says:

        Cedric seems quite close to Mario and is a decent right back, plus ward prose is another decent midfielder in this league. Southampton do love a sale!

  • Ruffellite says:

    Really good piece Gonzo. Respect.

  • iron surfer says:

    The problem also was his earlier games he was constantly picking himself off the floor because he went down at any challenge and he’s finally come up to speed and physicallity of the premier league . Mario has a ways to go yet before you see the best in him ,Moyes is going to have a headache when Arthur and Lanzini are back !

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