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Damning poll verdict on board

Gold sullivan BradyA social media poll of nearly 6,000 conducted on twitter by @WestHamTransfer shows 85% of those who took part want the current board out. Of the 5,952 who voted just 15% wanted the board to remain.

In March this year David Gold said “If 86% of West Ham fans voted for me to go I would go I don’t want to be where I’m not wanted. dg”

Feelings are running very high at the moment with a meltdown on social media and constant unfair and personal abuse aimed at the owners and manager.

One crowd fund campaign aims to create large anti board banners and stickers while another supporter led campaign wants fans to boycott club merchandise to hit them where it hurts.

One social media report on Facebook last week claimed they witnessed Slaven Bilic and his partner being verbally abused in a restaurant by West Ham supporters.

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32 comments on “Damning poll verdict on board

  1. I think that says more about people who spend their existence abusing people on twitter.

  2. Yeah aint a fan of Twitter myself Fishy.Some of the loonie tunes on there make me look like a saint 😂😂

  3. Sadly it has become that the owners, don’t accept this board thing, the rest are puppets! have made Our Club! all about them personally, Sullivan in his stupid overcoat, some of the Tweets from Gold, many supporters will not really know their owners, they are there to look after the club and in most cases finance it not use it a investment fund,

  4. Not ever ever ever acceptable to abuse any person, let alone the manager of the club you are meant to support. Irrespective of whether i a Bilic is up to the job or not I am sure he doesn’t want to be propping up the table.

  5. Abuse of Slav not acceptable if that’s true.

    Having said that if the Board promise the world and deliver an atlas then they should expect to be held to account.

    It’s all smoke and mirrors with Sullivan, Gold and Brady and that will never change whilst they’re running the Club.

  6. I have been a pretty big supporter of the owners – although not Bilic-over the last few years. That loyalty is being put to the test, but I still don’t want us going into the hands of some faceless ‘corporation/ investment group’ from China/Middle East. At least at the moment we know where they are to moan at them!.

    • The grass is always greener isnt it Hammer64.Well thats what some fans think until it happens and we get a wrong’un consortium.Finger crossed if it does happen we dont get one of them.

      • Vic, that’s what we’ve got currently mate. How could it possibly get any worse? At least the Icelandic gang put their hands in their pockets and attempted to improve the playing side of things, buying shares in Argentian double acts and Asrenal has beens on huge salaries, before they went bust…………. Oh, now I see your point….. But isn’t that preferable to having the love child of Stephen Kings IT clown, a smurf and Baroness BS in charge?

    • it seems a nonsense thing to say really,let’s not change owners because there is a chance we could get worse,what is worse then owners openly taking the p#as,think about it double season ticket sales ,double sky money,huge increase in merchandise and even the rent for stadium costs less then our costs for the stadium we owned and yet we have championship clubs out spending us even with a poor squad and average first 11

  7. If the Dave’s did agree to go if 86% of fans asked them to, and this poll reported a 85% dissatisfaction rate, then a couple of voters who backed them have a lot of explaining to do! Just as well we cannot believe any promises they make or we would have real cause to be seriously peed off.

  8. 85% of fans on twitter.The same people who probably vote on whether Katie Price should have a boob enlargement.

  9. I’m not a fan of polls either, pretty meaningless normally. I can only talk for myself and can say I’m not looking forward to the rest of this Season, the Transfer Window hasn’t gone well (again!), the Squad looks thin – it’s all going to end in tears. IMHO

  10. The fans wanted Bilic, they got him and they have been proved wrong. Most won’t admit that they were wrong – they just lay the blame elsewhere and carry on moaning. I’m no Einstien but the fans who I know who moan about the board, they are pocketing the money etc… are not the brightest of people. I ask them have they read the published accounts to see where the money has gone. Their reply is usually along the lines of ‘I can’t be bothered reading that ****e’. Fat Sam was 100% correct when he said that West Ham fans were deluded. With hindsight, he was being very polite.

    • is your surname Sullivan by any chance 🤣

      • Ha ha Dan think we posted that at Same time 👍…I think he is one of the Sullivan family to be honest

      • No my surname is not sullivan. however, I can think for myself, I can read and have read the accounts – they are available to the public. I can form an educated opinion rather than just get all wound up by the pack.

    • All you do is insult the fans because you don’t agree with there opinions.. ..why bother.. .most of us don’t agree with you sticking up for the board constantly but with still put up with ur posts maybe you should do same ..freedom of speech and all that 😬

    • You aint allowed to think that E20.You must join the herd of sheep on this and similiar sites who only know how to tell each
      other that life is sh1t.Sad bunch of losers..
      I dont like the owners but most of this lot on here are basket cases.

      • Gary – Why don’t you like the owners then? Do tell. I’d appreciate your rationale for not liking them and understanding how it differs from the many posts stating they don’t like them either. But don’t come across as a basket case mate, or someone will come in behind you and accuse you of following the sheep!

        • The only sheep this bloke knows are the ones who,s back legs go down his wellies!! He’s a clone snide remarker who,s favourite wellie friend is likewise called Dolly ! Move on bordetta !!!

      • We didn’t say he wasn’t allowed his views but there not views when you just insult other fans opinions.. Get it right !

  11. E20 – when defending the integrity of the board you choose to quote a disgraced former national team manager? Really? Like anything he says can be believed. I do agree with you when you use the term deluded however, just think you’ve got the context wrong mate!

    • jimbo – I don’t mean to defend the integrity of the board. It seems that way because I am having a pop at some of our fans for the way that they carry on. Most on here are adults and some behave like idiots calling the board silly names and making accusations. These people are adults! I wish that disgraced former national manager was here instead of our current inept one.

  12. Calm down everyone the Spanish Peter Kay will be soon jumping on board the hammer express and be riding in to save us 😆😆 I mean what could go wrong it’s not as if he’s had to take over a bunch of overpaid players, has beens or worked for an owner who promises the earth before at a club and ending up relegating them ahh hold on 😆😆

  13. Slag the 3 liars as much as you want , but bilic ain’t turning us over , he’s just not doing it in management ! Got no problem with him,as a person . Better off jacking it in and move on he doesn’t deserve that , 😉

  14. And so even Sky Sports are making Sullivans claims look the the untruths they clearly are. Had the initial registration for Carvilho been submitted before 11, then the medical could have followed much later. How anyone can swallow the bull coming from the board is beyond me. Bilic wanted a Roller and when Del Boy offered him a Robin Reliant, he stuck to his guns, (or cut his nose off to spite his face, either option works for me). But what is clear is Del Boy refused to support Bilic and even when the asking price reduced to one he was previously content to pay, he decided not to proceed. Which leaves just one question unanswered – Why? Either he has decided Bilic isn’t the man to take the club forward, so sack the poor fellow now and be done with it, or he has other plans for the money and the spin we’ve been fed for years is all BS. Answers on a post card!

  15. Even if you was sacking bilic ! You would want this bloke , wouldn’t you ? Stinks 😎

  16. i was working can i vote just to get to the magic 86%

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