David Gold speaks to Talksport


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  • Radai Lama says:

    Lol David Gold on the radio.I bet he will be in trouble with the some of the experts on the oasis of serious debate site 😂😂

  • Stan The Man says:

    They have been going on about it yes Rad.Did you expect any different lol
    Im convinced some of them are prison inmates the amount of time they spend waffling on.Anyone free would never spend so much time on a football blog.Needless to say Gold is in the cart with them for speaking for the first time in two months lol

  • James says:

    Living where i do i have listened to both Coates of Stoke and Williams i believe his name is of West Brom on the radio so the belief that other owners or chairmen dont do radio interviews discussing transfers or various other subjects is complete and utter bull****.

    Many owners are foreign and dont even live in this country,some dont even attend their clubs matches so i wouldnt expect them to appear on Talksport or any other media outlet.

  • Michael Miller says:

    I don’t know what the previous posters are going on about, I’ll try and stick to what David Gold is talking about!

    Firstly, the lack of opportunities for Academy players makes you wonder about the point of maintaining our Academy, no one has come through for years and Bilic cannot take the chance of using untried youngsters, his job is on the line and he isn’t able to take the risk.

    Secondly, he’s right in that the major emphasis must be on bringing in proven Premier League Strikers – we can’t rely on Carroll or Sakho and the experiment with bringing in foreigners went diisastrously wrong last year – so it looks like Giroud is coming in if we can get him.

    Good to hear David Gold talking sense!

  • Stan The Man says:

    Good for you Michael.I apoligise i forget to get written permission from you to talk about something else.I wont make the same mistake again its just my age lol.How about we talk about popcorn you seem to mention that when it has nothing to do with an article.

    • Michael Miller says:

      So maybe you could say what you were talking about, it was a mystery to me!

      Popcorn is a touchy topic, I’d keep quiet about it if I was you – it seems to wind some people up!

      Oh, and you don’t need written permission to write on here – people are free to say what they like, no matter how irrelevant it is!

  • mywhufc says:

    Gold says only 1 international in 1980 cup final team in Brooking?
    Parkes was a regular still in the england squad, Stuart Pearson was an England international only 2 years previous, Lampard had appeared for England Days after the cup final, Devo played for England. but thats can be put down to his age.
    we got to find the money he goes on to say? to buy a striker.
    id look in the clubs bank then dave as the club earned over 120 million last season from the prem league alone, we don’t need to find it, we’ve got it.
    Problem here for me is, why say stupid things like that, as it will only enrage many fans and makes himself look foolish. I’m not concerned over the transfer deals or lack this season,
    but the reaction he provokes when he opens his mouth is all linked to the claims the club made to get the fans to back the move.
    Reap what you sow, DG,

  • Travis says:

    He only reaps what he sows from fans anal enough to monitor his every soundbite or comment.Most fans have a life and dont need to monitor his every statement like mad gestapo mugs.He enrages the fans who love to be enraged but we all know that.They sit with baited breath waiting for something to scream about.If they dont have that they offer nothing on our forums.

  • sleepswithdafishes says:

    I’m sure Gold has lots of fun causing drama queens to lose it, when he tells the truth about todays young players. What makes supporters react like their hormones are all fecked up, every time he explains the real world?
    I’m sure he won’t lose any sleep about it.

  • Travis says:

    Because they want to get all bent outta shape over anything they perceive to be a drama.Its what the sorry bunch of mugs need everyday.Without the reasons to moan they are lost.They are obsessed with finding things to boo about.I feel sorry for them if screaming about a football club is all they have.

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