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David Sullivan publishes emails as Carvalho proof

Sky Sports have published emails from West Ham co chairman David Sullivan as proof of bids with Sporting Lisbon for Wiliam Carvalho.

The first emailed dated 10th August from Sullivan’s private email address confirms an offer of 25 million euros over 24 months with 8.333m up front. ย On 11th August this is followed up by a formal offer subject to contract, medical and agreeing personal terms.

The emails show Sullivan offering just under ยฃ23m for Portugal midfielder Carvalho before making a follow-up bid that included a 10% sell-on clause and additional add-ons based on West Ham qualifying for the Champions League.

Last week Sporting Lisbon’s Director of Communication said “Mr Sullivan has a duty to prove what he says. For this reason, Sporting Clube de Portugal challenge him to publicly show the proposals he says have been made, as well as the evidence that Sporting CP has received them.”



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20 comments on “David Sullivan publishes emails as Carvalho proof

  1. Guess the SL guy will say email evidence not valid! Has to be on headed paper, written in ink & signed in blood. The amount I understand about electronic stuff you could put on a postage stamp (younger fans may need to google ‘postage stamp’) so I might be told emails can be forged. But I really don’t think DS is gonna start sending Sky forgeries. OK somebody else might I suppose. I thought this was one rap that DS was innocent on & this seems to confirm that to me.

    • doesn’t say who email is to,if it is to the players agent then it means nothing and they are right,also the bid is a typical Sullivan bid ridiculously low

  2. What a waste of time and effort – will Sullivan never learn!

  3. This is not proof at all. How stupid is Sullivan? There’s a transfer embargo coming our way…

  4. I think a joint venture of Holmes , Watson and Nuno marlow are required on this one lol!!๐Ÿ˜‚
    So much BS all round is making this club a laughing stock , ffs sully didn’t and shouldn’t feel the need to give that info to sky or hacked by sky ? Its for his legal team to sort if he’s going to sue surely ! ( why he’s suing Shirley I don’t have a clue ๐Ÿ˜‚ )!!! Could have been sent to Micky mouse for all we know ? Just more smoke and mirrors if you ask me , thought the offer was 30-35 mill ? Just more BS !
    Wonder what the next level of BS is on the way !!! ๐Ÿ˜ด

    • I would like to see the accepted email from SL at the deadline ?? That’s what the argument
      Is about isn’t it ? As well as the bid ??
      What’s all this transfer embargo all about ??? Anyone !! ๐Ÿ˜•

  5. Some of you really do need to stop feeding the media circus.Its fans like you who swallow everything whole that helps them thrive.

    • Agree with you macca ! But its not us feeding the media its sully by all accounts ?
      People discuss it on sites like this , right or wrong its what happens , but yes its Ott ! Just like
      Media in general !๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. It says absolutely everything about the club that Sullivan puts more effort into suing SL than getting the Carvalho deal done. Doesn’t mind running the club into the ground with his incompetence, but watch out anybody who points out what a prat he is.

    C&H should start a campaign to get the club to stop this petty and pathetic endeavour, and to get them to try focusing on running the club properly instead. We are a laughing stock and it’s all the owners’ fault.

  7. i love the way some think they know everything about what Sullivan has done or doing.. how much are you all getting paid as his PA? If someone reported that he had his postman carried out the running of the club some would believe it.
    where’s all the hate for LC owners who ‘signed’ a player for ยฃ22m & then missed out by 14 secs? imagine what would have been said if that was West Ham?

    • Leicester is a well run club. Would swap their owners for ours in a heartbeat.

    • “Leicester do it and it’s ok”. I don’t have any problem with Leicester getting a good deal, I have a problem with our owners’ style (or complete lack of it). Sully has quite a history of failed transfers – the problem is the same no matter who we buy or what team they play for. That suggests the problem is with Sullivan and not other clubs.

      • West Ham make offer under players valuation….. Sullivan is a Pikey
        West Ham pay full price for player…….. Sullivan over pays again
        my point about the Leicester deal is they missed the deadline by 14 seconds not the amount paid.
        Sporting Lisbon have a reputation of being difficult to deal with & we aren’t the only club to have had problems with them in transfer dealings.

  8. Leicesters chairman & son are part of a big corruption allegation in Thailand at the moment to the tune of about 350 million quid.So they aint so clean & green it would appear ๐Ÿ˜

    • “The company that owns Leicester City and funded the clubโ€™s rise to become 2016 Premier League champions has been accused of multimillion-pound corruption in the operation of its business in Thailand. King Power, owned and run by the Leicester chairman, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, and his son Aiyawatt, is alleged to have corruptly short-changed the Thai government of its agreed share from the companyโ€™s lucrative duty free franchise at Bangkokโ€™s Suvarnabhumi airport.

      King Power International, which owns Leicester, is accused of criminally failing to pay the Thai state 14bn baht (ยฃ327m) from the operation of the airport franchise, whose original grant in 2006 required 15% of the income to be paid to the government. The lawsuit โ€“ a copy of which was seen by the Guardian โ€“ was filed by Charnchai Issarasenarak, deputy chairman of a government anti-corruption subcommittee. He alleges that King Power colluded with airport employees to pay the government only a 3% slice of the duty free takings.”

      Yeah just who need dj ๐Ÿ˜‚

      • lol will have to call you Inspector Rad’s from now on !!

        • Lol 32,i only knew about it because i have Google Newstand & it came up as a story in the football section a while ago ๐Ÿ˜
          I wouldn’t have a clue if theyre a well run football club,they got fairly lucky when they won the league because many of the bigger clubs were below par.Also if you look at their summer window last year they had a shocker in the main.Most of the players they signed turned out to be shyt & have moved on or made no real impression on the first team.
          A football chairmens meeting must be like a gangsters convention ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

          • Oh & lets no forget Foxes fans were on about boycotting matches after Ranieri was sacked.Yep Leicesters owners are wonderful ๐Ÿ˜

          • Very true and we could have finished in 4th that season if not for dip in form last 6 games or so and some bad Ref calls.
            That season was def a one off

  9. Both are lying. Carvalho got the worst off it bc he wanted move no denying that they didn’t at him at chance of getting move and told him he could move this summer or course for right offer but he sad for him wanted PL move to prove himself elsewhere bought replacement. Both are lying and they want to keep Car happy etc and Sully didn’t want to spend the money they wanted. Unfortunately G&S aren’t going anywhere but we need a Director of Football to deal w these issue keep an eye on prospects and club development Sully is not that. And we need and Investor they’re out there we have the location we have PL so good Investor who takes up more share and keep the Davids and Brady of Social media. Ban across the board.
    Nice 50% plus investor keep them as just Fans with access but now real power. Bc mortgaging Rush green doesn’t scream financial stability

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