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Deluded Moyes admits he mucked up . . . sort of

Deluded David Moyes worrying observation on Newcastle loss 

West Ham manager David Moyes has admitted that his decision to replace Michail Antonio with Kalvin Phillips backfired during his post-match interviews. Under normal circumstances, I would be pleased to hear the manager admit to his errors. Unfortunately, in this instance, his comments really didn’t indicate that he understood precisely why the substitution had failed.

“I actually thought at that time when we went 3-1 up, Newcastle were the better team and still were,” said the Hammers gaffer. “I thought an extra midfield player would give us more control in the middle of the pitch. Obviously, it didn’t work.

“We needed a defensive structure that could be steady and see us through. We tried to find it by bringing Phillips on. We tried to find something that would give us more structure and a bit more organization.”

Deluded David Moyes_Newcastle 4_West Ham 3

Deluded David Moyes believed that Newcastle were in the ascendency despite being 3-1 behind

This is absolute nonsense. Just prior to the substitutions, Moyes’s team had been dominating possession and strung together a 20-pass move which resulted in a shot. Newcastle were on the ropes, and all we had to do was deal the knockout blow, so I’m not entirely sure why he believed we were struggling.

Not only that but Eddie Howe’s injured temporary defence were seriously struggling with Antonio’s pace and strength.

The truth of the matter is that Moyes just couldn’t help himself. West Ham were doing perfectly fine with four attacking players, so the gaffer’s assertion that West Ham needed more defensive structure just wasn’t true.

The simple fact is… when West Ham attacked, we conceded a solitary goal, and when we sat back and defended, the team conceded three.


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  1. Moyes has to go, we’ll never progress with him in charge!

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