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DG: “Albion game ideal timing for Carroll”

ANDYCARROLLDavid Gold believes two games in four days is “perfect” for Andy Carroll as he continues his return to full match fitness at West Brom on Tuesday evening.

He said: “The lads will only be in involved in light training and I think another 90 minutes will suit him down to the ground at this stage.

“He’s getting stronger all the time and could be a real handful against the Baggies. He needs match action and this has come well for him.”

Meanwhile, manager Sam Allardyce has to make a decision on whether to restore Winston Reid to the heart of defence against Albion although he has the option of playing him in a three with James Tomkins and James Collins.

He also needs to decide whether Mauro Zarate will get a place alongside Carroll which would presumably see him replacing Matt Jarvis.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

20 comments on “DG: “Albion game ideal timing for Carroll”

  1. Allardyce didn’t do Andy Carroll any favours playing up on his own – it just makes him look hopeless, look at the immediate difference when Zarate came on!

    Why can’t BFS see this!!

    Oh, and whoever decided he should be MOM needs his bumps feeling – I know it’s something to do with the Sponsors but it was really incredible!

  2. Oh no ! if Sam has a decision to make we’ll be in trouble again.when was the last time he honestly put his best team out rather than his favourite.how hard can leaving two from three centre backs,your best players back with AC and Zarate up top.how hard can it be? There are £3m reasons why he should do better.

  3. I don’t think Zarate is currently a 90 min player however he is a 30/35 min impact sub.

    Rugby, your usual drivel, why would he leave out 2 of 3 of his centre backs? Reid was banned so not sure what the relevance is?

    Whatever you think of Sams team yesterday and the changes it worked. We won against a side that had won the last 6 matches and not conceded a goal in 380 mins. And we are 5th in the prem.

  4. Surely going by your normal rants & ramblings Rugbyirons isnt Nolan Sams golden child,so you seem to tell us all so often.If this is the case & Sam only picks his pets why was Nolan not starting again.Considering all the injuries im sure Sam had every opportunity to play him if he is so in love with him.Same **** different day 😉

  5. Allardyce’s starting lineup was not ideal and in my humble opinion we were lucky to get the 3 points.I believe the club is still transitioning and with the influx of new players next year we will see less (if at all) of the older brigade like Nolan and Cole.I doubt whether we will see any Academy youth blooded whilst Allardyce is in charge.Although Rugby cops a lot of stick here I do believe in his right to air his conviction about Allardyce,Nolan etc.No we are not related.

  6. Rugby cops alot of stick because he only bangs on about the same crap on every post.Even if it isnt connected to Allardyce he turns it into a ‘pop at sam’ chance.Yes everyone is allowed to air their views,but not the same crap day in day out.Ffs were 5th in the league,generally playing some great football to watch as a fan & the club is,in my humble opinion heading in the right direction.The simple fact is that Rugby is like Alf Garnett with a bad case of piles with his continous rants about sam,the board & this f**king agent no one else gives a damn about 🙂

  7. Agree entirely but watch the language mate

  8. Sorry Hugh,it was an emotional moment 🙂

  9. LOL. He does get to yer doesn’t he.

  10. I make you both right Rads and Roman.

    Rugbyirons spouts his rubbish on a few sites and gets the same response everywhere. It’s not rational its attention seeking basically. He posts his photo elsewhere and he is a grown man not some spotty kid.

    I don’t think anyone takes him seriously. Over on WHTID yesterday he commented on the fact that Nolan was bought on with 10 mins to go just to get appearance money which apparently he splits with Sam!

    Rugby irons has a right to post what he likes, we have a right to think he is a fool!

  11. Haha,well i just think of all the years i travelled the country watching the irons playing absolute pants week in,week out & think it is good times atm,to be enjoyed while it continues.Not find reasons to slag everyone.Anyway Hugh how much does that agent get? I really really need to know,lol 😉

  12. Im not a Sam believer either,he frustrates the hell out of me sometimes but i aint going to complain too much when we sit in 5th place.I dont give a damn if he gets 3m a year actually.If he keeps us in the prem league it is absolute chicken feed.Especially with the money going up to ridiculous amounts this season for placings in the league.
    I really do believe the Davids had a fair bit of influence in the Zarate deal after having him at Brum.I think they must have pushed the idea of Zarate coming to the Irons big time.He aint Sams favourite for sure,but surely deserves a start atm with the boys up top out injured

  13. How or why should have a manager have favourites when everything tells you to pick the quality thats proven right, in front of you?just because the Davids broughtin Zarate not Sam or his agent for his cut? Same old stuff it may be but may not stop it being right or the truth.I can’t help it if you are too ignorant to look what’s in front of you.I’m enjoying the players performances too ,when Allardyce gets it right ,but as long as he is manager its all about the second halves.Allardyce is still poor ,we’re 5th because of the players and what they are doing not down to the genius and his frustrating team selections and formations.but I’m happy foryou to see whatever you like.I know what I see.

    • I don’t know about favourites rugby but I know that all managers have those players who they can rely on, especially when they have their backs to the wall.

      Kevin Nolan is one of many such players and he has been a very successful goalscoring midfielder, leader and captain over a number of years.

      However, it is now becoming apparent that his influence on the pitch at least, is maybe on the wane.
      As a result imo I don’t believe he can now exert his influence over 90mins anymore. Although I still believe he has an important part go play at the club, especially over a long season where injuries suspension and loss of form etc will have a major impact on the team. COYI!

  14. Rugby. we’ve all had enough. Uve made your point. Ends here. The real problem is that it is totally boring

  15. I hope so!
    I just worry that two games in such short a time may risk a recurrence of carrolls injury nightmare.
    However imo a fully fit andy Carroll can only be an asset to the club. For a match fit, raring to go carroll is almost unplayable and terrorises every defence he comes across.
    Both he and the club deserve a bit of luck with injuries. COYI!

  16. Well said Phil, spot on. If you have a strong squad which we do this year for the first time in many years then Sam has to rotate his players as you must keep them all happy. I think Sam is doing a great job at that at the moment, albeit injuries have aided that. Last season I read that Tonks, Ginge and Winston all played almost the same number of matches and minutes as one another. I bet season end Sakho Valencia Andy and Zarate will have done so also. Mark my words.

    Rugbyirons I have no problem with you not liking Sam, I have no problem with you thinking he is a poor manager and overpaid, I do have a problem when you say things that are unfounded just to support your dislike of the manager. I also wish you would see good when it is in front of you. Save that nonesense for the other sites that you post on otherwise Hugh will ban you and that would be a shame as different views are good for a discussion forum.

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