DG on Allardyce future

David-GoldDavid Gold has tonight made it clear there will be no early Sam Allardyce departure from Upton Park but admits he’s devastated by today’s result at Leicester City.

He said: “I was talking to one of City’s directors afterwards who said that was the best they had played all season but I think we were very disappointing.”

He added: “We were beaten by a team who regardless of today’s win are very likely to be relegated and that’s not good. I know the word is overused but I am devastated.”

Speaking exclusively to ClaretandHugh he accepted many Β fans will be calling for Sam’s head but said: “Our position remains as it always has – decisions will be made at the end of the season.”

We pointed out to the co chairman that some on the CandH Facebook forum and Twitter suggested that the manager could be put on gardening leave to which the two word response was: “Won’t happen.”

He said: “Our policy is crystal clear . You can’t change your structure on these matters. Everything waits for the end of season review.”

Gold however, wanted to pay a massive tribute to the travelling Claret and Blue army declaring: “They are amazing. They are suffering but their support is incredible.

“I will never miss the opportunity of praising them. They are amazing people and I take every opportunity I get to say so. That will never change.”




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  1. Dear Mr Gold if you cant see that most of West Ham fans despise fat sam then your only have yourself to blame when the OS aint a sell out when the club move I for one will not be back to watch this dross id rather watch paint dry than line the fat mans pockets as you say thanks for the travelling support 1 day your have no one to thank under this out of date dinosaur

    • I have read & reread what DG has said, I must be going blind because I can’t see where it says that he can’t see that most fans despise the useless fat ####. What he has said is that nothing will be decided until the end of the season. He runs his business in a certain way & he wont change it. It would be even worse if he had to pay the #### & tell him to stay at home and do even less than he does now.
      BUT…. if they give that #### a new contract, then they deserve everything thats coming to them.

  2. Yes the fans are suffering David,well apart from the apparent majority we get told about on here who still want Sam for next season!

  3. Dear Mr G, well done son for sticking to what you believe in, it takes balls to do that in love ,business and friendship, all of which need difficult decisions sometimes and they may not go with the flow

  4. The board need to be very careful because this slide & possible finish in midtable obscurity will seriously hinder our bargaining & pulling powers when it comes to summer transfer targets.A 7/8th place finish would have been seen as real progress & could have sold us to players.What world class player as DS mentions us wanting to sign is going to come to a team in freefall & sat in 10th or 11th.We got lucky with all our signings last summer,you dont always have so much joy buying players.

  5. Doesn’t take any balls to do nothing but it would to bite the bullet and move him out and take a risk with someone like Sheringham. But it would be the right thing to do even if it did’t improve our position, we might see some innovation, like using some of the young bloods and people like nenes. Why we brought this guy in, at the moment baffles me. If nothing is working and we’re safe from relegation why not try something different. But I would bet the bank that no matter what, Nolan will keep getting picked right to the bitter end and it will be bitter.

  6. Of course why should Our Club have to pay Sam off at this stage of the season. But they Must NOT back down like at the end of last season, David Sullivan must stand Firm this time, Sam has had little interest since around Christmas, he has to GO!

  7. Pro-Sam fans should remember today.Today is the day your man gave Sam out fans all the ammunition they needed.He took us to a team bottom in the league,two wins at home all season,hadnt scored at home in 3 matches & he played with 5 in midfield & 1 upfront.He showed his true colours today.4th of April 2015 is the day he hammered in the final nail on his coffin!

  8. OT. Just read the Mirror are saying Glen Hoddle is on our interested list. I know that if the Mirror said the sky is blue i would look through the window & check b4 i would believe them. But i would sooner keep BFC than him.

  9. Haha,they wont bring him,he gets mentioned for every job but never goes anywhere.If he wasnt being a pundit on tv people wouldnt even remember he was still on this planet πŸ˜‰

    • His comment years ago that disadvantaged people are being punished for a previous lifes wrongs, if that is true then him being a complete tw#t in this life he must have been an even bigger ……. (fill in with any word you wish) last life.
      oh & apart from that he is a useless coach/manager aswell.

  10. Are the people who write on this site WHU fans or are they the “prawn sandwich” crowd as stated by Roy Keane? No matter what or how the team plays they will whinge and whine about BFS….oh yawn what a bore they are! 1) WHU are in a better position than they were before BFS took over 2) He will have his team play according to their abilities and skills at that time. 3) against many teams WHU have played it on the “floor” 4)BFS has not been relegated from the premier league. 5) Even the so called super team of 2002 got relegated. 6) the last time WHU played exceptionally well all season was in 1986.
    get real whingers, the difference between winning and losing in the premier league is very close !!

    • well said 180,although your fighting up hill on here mate,lol

    • I dont mind whether Sam stays or goes tbh,but i know many of these guys on here are season tickets holders who travel the country watching west ham.To call them prawn sandwich whingers is bang out of order.Their views maybe quite hardcore sometimes but in most regards they are right.Perhaps they express it in an angry manner but much of what they say has merit.To he honest i see no difference in their anger at Allardyce as your clear like of the guy no matter how bad it is.If Sam stays so be it,but come on,you cant blindly go on seeing no issues.They are clearly there.Just one thing on your pointers.No Sam doesnt play the team to their best abilities or skills.That is abundantly clear when Downing is left on the wing or sakho plays on his own.That is NOT utalising them to the best of their abilities.

    • Blimey,even David Gold said the fans are suffering.You better send your list to him & tell him everythings fine,then maybe he wont feel devasted or say its not good enough to lose to a team who will probably be relegated.I suppose its fine for him to say it,but not people who pay their wages on tickets to watch this football!

    • A season lasts from August through till May. Not until just after Xmas.
      yes we are better off than before BFS (not too difficult in my opinion)
      Yes he has never been relegated
      super team of 2002?? Really.? On paper maybe.. any team that goes down can not be called a super team by anyone.
      maybe I am wrong, i think that we should be expecting a good whole season more than once every 29 years.!!!
      are you saying that you are happy with BFS over the last 4 years?
      yesterday was entertaining, we still lost againts the worst team in the league.
      I wouldn’t be happy taking the above into account with any manager.

      • Yes all of you,keep quiet,dont have an opinion,dont air your views of dissatisfaction,say Sam is doing a marvellous job & the Davids will see everyone is happy & can give Samuel a nice new two year contract.Its is all very logical & makes perfect sense.Oh btw hammer 180 you forgot 7) Dont forget to all pack your prawn sandwiches for the Stoke game πŸ˜‰

        • Don’t forget now,
          8. make sure good old sammy boy continues to be one of the highest managers in the country.
          9. We should be grateful that such a top manager would want to lower himself & come to West Ham, concidering his fantastic record. Just remember how many trophies he was won……. erm…. erh….. I’m sure that there are dozens, just having a mental block on that on at the mo..

    • Well said 180, there is no desperate need to get rid of the manager now, part of the appeal of working with the David’s is they stick by their appointments and generally let them see their contracts out. Our team are about where they should be in the table based on the strength of the squad. Saturday was a pretty poor result and if we do that for the rest of the season then most likely the David’s will have a decision to make but there is absolutely no point in sacking him or putting him on gardening leave unless there is already a new face to step in, otherwise it just looks unprofessional from the outside and is more likely to cause negative publicity. Lets forget about the paper talk and rumours and get behind the team for the rest of the season COYI !

  11. Yes well said 180. Your words will be considered controversial on here though. Unlike the prawn sandwich brigade I’m sure the people who write on here actually watch the games. They just see things differently to you and me. The game I saw against Leicester was a fantastically entertaining game. Real end to end to end stuff with two teams going at each other. There was thrills and spills and Great performances from players like kouyate and Adrian. A game that could have gone either way at the end but unfortunately went their way which is why I, like david gold was left feeling devastated. Fine margins my friends. Fine margins.

  12. 13 want BFS OUT ,3 think we are all prawn eating idiots and love BFS,
    That makes us the minority again,
    Hope lifeissobeautif at 180 Biggin hill street ,with you hammer older,but got the rest of us this is no longer the beautiful game,
    The only reason this was a entertaing game was there desperate and gave 100% and we are SO ATTACKING we forgot to defend,
    You must have been so impressed with NOLANS and look at our progressive bench,
    Demel,O,Brien,Cole, why so much youth ?
    Get a life you sad people if that rubbish rocks your boat you must have very sad life,s.

  13. Wel i was at the match yesterday & saw no prawn sandwiches,lol.Yes it was an entertaining game & as DG said,one of thier directors said it was the best leicester have played all season.But doesnt that say alot.We allowed the bottom team in the league to play the their best game of the season.Other teams have gone their & turned them over,not allowed them to play their best game of the season!Two wins at home all season until we turn up.Yes it was entertaining & end to end at times.But not because Leicester suddenly raised their game to champions league standard.It was because we were on a par with the team propping up the league.Next away match i will have to remember to pack some prawn sandwiches,no topless waitress turned up with mine yesterday at halftime.Shame on you Leicester City! πŸ˜‰

    • Your correct Rads (I am also very despondent).
      This game was close because they are bottom, and on current form we ARE BELOW THEM, So a close home win was always on the cards. Its not about yesterday or needing a result against the Potters, its about a complete journey over a whole season. The facts are we where 4th from top at Christmas and will probably finish 4th from bottom in May. That is some decline. If I managed my business like that, I would expect, and would get the sack at my ANNUAL REVIEW. That’s what DG is implying I am sure. Sadly this scenario holds these disadvantages,
      It doesn’t give a new manager long to assess, re-organise and sign new players.
      The other concern is if we qualify for Europe through the back door, the ‘Micky Mouse Fair Play League’ He will have even less time, so the current fringe player dross will have to stay to play in the elimination rounds.
      Final word to prawn sandwich man…..we eat pie & mash, jellied eels and curry you turnip.

  14. to all the sam we love you & want you to stay brigade are you looking forward to the Stoke game if you are ive heard there giving out neck braces already for the hhhoooffffffff ball

  15. I’m Marcelo’s nephew; mu uncle bought his new house near the OS near Allardyce’s castle that soon will be demolished. I give you this scoop.

  16. Which manager in 2007 when leaving his job told the press-
    “I have had praise for what I’ve done, but there’s nothing at the end of it. I want silverware. I’m determined to get it before my days are over.”
    Dream on Samuel,dream on!!!

  17. Will Song or Jenkinson want to come next year ?
    Will Valencia or Sakho want to stay if others come a calling ?
    We need to remove BFS now before this year turns into total disaster,
    2 Daves tell BFS TOMORROW you will not get a new contract and we will sit patiently and wait for you to introduce our new manager,
    It’s fair to him and to us,
    The fans then can stop talking about him and get behind the club,

  18. Fifteen points from the last seven games would save same job,don,t you think????

  19. I cant see us getting that many points,5 wins & 2 defeats or 4 wins & 3 draws,meaning unbeaten for the rest of the season.It aint going to happen.I hope my maths are correct for Lifeisso,i dont want to prove him right in saying we lack any modicum of intelligence πŸ˜‰

  20. If Big Sam had played two Youngsters and we had lost at Leicester then I think everyone would have said ” well at least his trying players out ! ” But to lose with a full squad is pretty sad !

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