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Very odd survey puts Irons in top four ‘most hated’

The Hammers have landed in the top four but not as part of a league with which they would want to be involved but  I reckon it needs treating with caution.

The Mirror has reported a survey which Chelsea come out top of the most hated clubs in the land – a fraction of a per cent in front of Manchester United.

However, there are no details of how this very odd survey  was conducted and given that Spurs aren’t mentioned it’s obviously dodgy as everyone knows they are the most hated around.

Allegedly, 68.7% of fans said they hated Chelsea compared to 68.1% for United.

Liverpool are the third most hated team (52.8%), while West Ham (47.6%) and Arsenal (46.2%) complete the top five.

At the other end of the survey an average of 35.8% of fans said they loved Burnley who were followed by Bournemouth (32.9%), Huddersfield (30.2%), Manchester City (28.3%), Newcastle (27.1%) and Fulham (also 27.1%).

Here’s the list according to the Mirror

Club // Average of hate percentages

  1. Chelsea // 68.7
  2. Man Utd // 68.1
  3. Liverpool // 52.8
  4. West Ham // 47.6
  5. Arsenal // 46.2
  6. Tottenham // 43.5
  7. Man City // 38.7
  8. Cardiff // 36.5
  9. Crystal Palace // 29.7
  10. Everton // 27.0
  11. Watford // 24.0
  12. Newcastle // 23.5
  13. Wolves // 20.1
  14. Leicester // 18.9
  15. Southampton // 16.3
  16. Brighton // 16.2
  17. Fulham // 15.0
  18. Burnley // 13.3
  19. Bournemouth // 10.2
  20. Huddersfield // 9.7
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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

15 comments on “Very odd survey puts Irons in top four ‘most hated’

  1. Id like to have seen the difference in the figures before and after we had spent 100m on transfers ….

  2. no suprise, our 0wnersand Brady are not liked, and there remains the common thought that we have been given an unfair advantage getting the ground for nothing – pr aleastthat is how others see it

  3. I can’t think of another club that have had nearly as many PR disasters over the past 10 years than we have. I suspect it all started with the Tevez affair, but has been compounded recently by Terry Henry’s antics, the sometimes distasteful actions of our board members and of course the complete ignorance regarding the stadium. It’s easy for people to hate. Less easy to learn.

  4. I think it shows with most of the media based in London the negative press including from the BBC especially eventually you throw enough sh1t some of it sticks, the chairmen / woman at times have done us no favours either. I remember us being like Burnley everyones second team but when the owners start spouting off like Billy Bigb0ll0cks every 5 minutes it winds people up including our own fans. If DS and KB can keep a lid on it for a sustained period and we play great football perception will change again I hope 🙂

  5. Who on earth runs such pointless “surveys”?

  6. All the teams at the bottom of this table pose no threat. Six of the seven most hated are usually the top six in the league. We are in among them. What does that tell us?

  7. It’s very deep rooted . England haven’t done anything significant since 1966 . We as a Club don’t stop telling everyone . Cubs like Spurs , Arsenal , e t e t are fed up hearing it . We have every right to celebrate those players as they are now immortal . Other club don’t want to here it time and time again ,,, understandable .
    Ok ,, but you have to consider the way Chelsea players in particular ( and a lot of Thier fans ) have behaved over the last twenty years …. arguing and surrounding the ref and generally behaving like little boys . Tottenham have been surplying England with players that basically , fail , when the chips are down . Liverpool players never live up to Thier home grown reputation. There are a lot of clubs in London that occupy places in the Premiership and the Championship . West Ham United , did , in essence change the face of English football under Ron Greenwood with his style which is still copied today across Europe .
    It’s basically jealousy because a small club with humble beginnings bought the World Cup to England .. now that we have been relegated and promoted more times than a ping pong ball and look like finally getting somewhere there is a huge grudge on the shoulder’s of fans that support other clubs that didn’t win the World Cup and have been far richer financially wise to rise up the table since the 1970’s but still couldn’t provide England with a World Cup squad . West Ham United sold so so so many players I still have nightmares . And all those big rich clubs benefitted from it . The tables are turning .

  8. Oh well, shows we’ve arrived at the next level I suppose.😊

  9. People who hate any team need to get a life. It’s sport for god’s sake. Knuckle-draggers.

  10. My God what a pathetic survey

  11. I think it’s encouraging. The most hated clubs are also the best.

  12. Agree with Hammerkip – altho’ I would take that table at the end of May.

  13. People hate West Ham for many reasons. The most common ones that I hear are ‘The West Ham way’ and the moaning West Ham fans who think they support a big club and deserve success.

  14. I think most of our fans are pretty realistic about our chances of success. Being eternally optimistic is a long way short of expecting to win trophies as of right. I know we do have some that think this way but generally we are pretty much down to earth. I think it’s similar to the old class system. Because of the stadium situation and our recent spending and managerial acquisitions we are seen as “getting uppity and above our station”. No one likes to see previously unsuccessful teams suddenly progressing while their own teams continue to flounder. Equally the so called big six wont like us pushing for a place among their little cabal. Probably all spuds voting anyway. lol. COYI.

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