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Everton are welcome to him


onyekuru-new-goal-joy-800West Ham desperately needs a striker for this coming season and not one in one or two season’s time.

There appears to be an uproar among fans that West Ham let Everton get one over of them with the imminent
the signing of Nigerian kid Henry Onyekuru who was often linked in the media with a move to West Ham.  Some blame the board for letting Onyekuru get away.

Despite what some may say he was never a top target for the Hammers and was often described to us as just one of many strikers that Irons held some interest in.

To our knowledge, there was no formal bid from West Ham just some initial enquiries.

Despite reports last week he was granted a UK work permit, this appears to have been nothing more than a standard UK visitors visa to meet with Everton and undergo a medical.

He is unlikely to be granted a work permit in the short term which is why Everton are loaning him out to Anderlecht to remain in Belgium and increase his international appearances.

Everton see him as a potential player for the future and are prepared to take a gamble to play the long game.

In truth, West Ham weren’t snubbed or outbid they decided to pass on a player they didn’t think could obtain a work permit and were dubious whether he could make the jump up to the Premier League.

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  • Radai Lama says:

    Its brilliant aint it,some fans getting up in arms because we have missed out on a player they had probably never heard of until a month ago & have almost certainly never seen play .I mean it aint like Messi has just slipped through our fingers.He is some lad who banged in a few goals in a w*nk Belgium legue 😂

  • Ludos Gloves says:

    I recall Big Sam on about the transfer window.He said that he used to get hundreds upon hundreds of players sent to his desk to read about.Also that he made enquiries on hundreds of players during the window.That it is just how it works…

    If a % of our fans are going to spit the dummy over every player linked to us who goes elsewhere they are going to need a helluva lot of dummies.Either that or they need to stop reading the transfer gossip.How can you spit the dummy over little more than tittle tattle in the media.Where is the meat on the bones to say we missed out on these players????

  • Radai Lama says:

    Fair enough if a player turns around & says he had the option of another club or us & chose the other club then i can understand being p*ssed off about it but to be going mental because of loose connections in the papers then thats just f*cking One flew over the cuckoo nest territory 😀😀

  • The Demon says:

    West Ham aren’t going to sign a £9m name player and then loan him out for a season; if they had, imagine the flak they would have taken. Everton have thrown money around on Pickford (£30m for a relegated keeper? Really?) and Klassen from Ajax (£24m) on the assumption Ross Barkley will fetch that much back. But now he has to fetch £50m or Everton are out on a limb. What if he doesn’t go, or no one offers more than, say, £25m for him? Dangerous or brave? Just maybe Sullivan isn’t the mug here.

    • Eug says:

      Time and the end of league table will tell its own story.

      • Stan The Man says:

        Actually im rather interested to see how everton go without lukaku and barkley if sold.Yes fine throw money about but they wont be able to replace lukakus goals because they wont attract a similiar player.I could be miles off the mark but i see them as struggling to replicate last season.

        • English says:

          I don’t want to burst your bubble Stan, but I read Everton would have finished 7th without Lukaku goals.

          • Stan The Man says:

            Really English thats surprising.I mean if you think lukaku and barkley were their two league top scorers then thats a lot of goals to replace.Its about thirty.But there you go you learn something new everyday.
            I still think they wont live up to last season though if lukaku and barkley leave.Only my opinion of course.

        • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

          If they have signed Klaasen he is at least twice the player Barclay is, Lukaku though is the one they will have trouble replacing, that’s probably why he hasn’t been sold yet, if the rumours are true about us being interested in Barclay I would be very surprised and also for me anyway wouldn’t want him, he has had one decent season and that was with Koeman laying the law down to him so who knows what he will be like this season.

  • wjo1974 says:

    I have to say I love the rational thinking of contributors to this site, every where else people are screaming claret and blue murder that the board are mugs and we let another one go that we should have snapped up, have to agree Radai no one had heard of this kid a month ago and he is just as likely to be the next Savio as he is to be the next Cottee. Until we line up on that first day and we haven’t signed anyone and we are struggling I for one wont be hitting the panic button. I actually think that Striker situation apart and even then (very ridiculous to say given past history) with a fit Sakho and Carroll and a good start from Ayew we actually have a pretty good squad with some great young talent coming through and on the subject of young talent I was having a bit of a debate with someone earlier about Billic and bringing through youngsters. His Craotia U21 side had some exceptional players that he took through to the senior side and whilst I am not saying we have a Modric in our midst (Fernandes maybe) we do have a Samuelson, Rice, Quina, Cullen, Fletcher and Martinez to name but a few and I think with the pressure that we found ourselves under last season I don’t think I would have thrown them to the lions either. yes we needed a change and it may have come off but putting them in the starting line up only to be under the microscope as the whole club were last year I think may have been to their detriment. I think we may see a very different set up this coming season.

    • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

      I hope so Wjo, on the subject of youth if we want a marquee signing see what it will cost to sign Ward-Prowse from Southampton he is one of the best youngsters I have seen and for me should be playing in the full England squad which is lacking a spark in midfield. If we are ever going to replace Noble he would be a great candidate.

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