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Arnie’s brother is the real problem

The news that Daniel Arnautovic could be engineering a move for his brother Marko shouldn’t come as a surprise to West Ham supporters. We all know the routine! As a football agent if you only have one client the only way you properly earn big money is to move him on to another club as […]

Golden handshake – Do me a favour!

News that Richard Scudamore could pick up a £5m golden handshake funded by all 20 Premier League clubs including West Ham has not been well received by football supporters up and down the land. Footballers are not rewarded when they leave the club or retire so why should Scudamore?  Testimonials are now a rare occurrence and even […]

The honeymoon period’s over Pelle – we need more!

By Sean Whetstone The honeymoon period is now well and truly over for Manuel Pellegrini and he should not be exempt from criticism. He is a world class manager reportedly earning £10m per year at West Ham; he spent over £100m in the summer but I was expecting much more by now. His team seriously […]

Atmosphere is not a London Stadium problem

The lack of atmosphere is not a London Stadium problem. Critics have often blamed the former Olympic Stadium saying it hasn’t been designed for football, blaming the running track or distance between the stands and the football pitch for a lack of atmosphere at many West Ham games. Supporters of Red Star Belgrade proved that those […]

The London Stadium tourist conundrum

I have come under a lot of criticism when I published a photo of a foreign football fan at the London Stadium wearing his team’s football shirt and having his photo taken with a half and half scarf on Twitter for suggesting he should have thrown out for the possession of a half and half scarf alone. Those […]

London Stadium security balance must be right

Getting the balance of London Stadium security checks is difficult but it is something that the Stadium operator needs to get an urgent grip on. Yesterday I was delayed getting to the stadium because of various train strikes and engineering meaning I didn’t get to the security checks on the bridges until 2.45pm. I choose bridge […]

FA probe: Irons can’t escape security responsibility

West Ham are still awaiting the outcome of the FA charge brought as a result of the events of last season’s incidents during the Burnley clash on March 10. Since then we have seen two instances of smoke bombs at London Stadium in games against Spurs, both of which could bring further charges against the […]

Night of hell at stadium as trouble breaks out everywhere

By Sean Whetstone Everything that could go wrong at the London Stadium went wrong last night and I am not just talking about what went on the pitch. Searching on bridges was disorganised and caused many supporters to miss kick off. That was also the reason singing could be heard during the one minute’s silence […]

Why I resigned from WHUSIA

By Sean Whetstone Former committee member of WHUISA I was planning to remain quiet over my resignation from West Ham United Independent Supporters Association (WHUISA) but since the association published the news on social media and own their website and that has since become a news article on KUMB.com I thought I would pen some […]

You don’t know what you’re doing!

A football chant usually reserved for referees of ‘You don’t know what you’re doing!’ could be said of London Stadium owner E20 and the LLDC. Yesterday, London Assembly members at City Hall heard that the LLDC don’t even understand their most basic costs at the London Stadium never mind their losses. On 27th September LLDC […]