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Sunderland documentary is a warning to us all

Over the Christmas holidays, I have been watching the Netflix documentary series called Sunderland Till I Die. It is very hard not to feel synergy and empathy with the Sunderland supporters as the documentary charts their back to back relegations. In the Summer of 2016 former West Ham manager Sam Allardyce left Sunderland to take his doomed England […]

Strange timing of publication of West Ham accounts

West Ham published their financial accounts last Friday on the club’s official website although the accounts have yet to make their way to the companies house website. Last year they released the accounts at the latest possible date on 5th March 2018 and the year before that it was 24th February 2017. So why release […]

The best is yet to come from Pellegrini

Back in July, I blogged about Manuel Pellegrini joining as the new West Ham manager and warned that Rome wasn’t built in a day. I suggested it might take until December for the manager to turn things around at West Ham and that we should be patient. I signed off the blog by saying: “I for one […]

Arsenal midfielder would be a good fit for Hammers

Aaron Ramsey will depart Arsenal for free at the end of the season after the club told him in person why he will not be offered a new contract. The Wales midfielder is understood to have accepted this will be his last season at the club, having made 341 appearances and scored 59 goals since he […]

West Ham cupboard may be bare in January

Those thinking West Ham have millions in the bank just waiting for the January transfer window may be in for a shock come to the start of next year. West Ham pushed their finances to the absolute very limit in the Summer to commit to the spending of over £100m in transfers Funding for the […]

Stadium silence speaks volumes

The complete silence on the London Stadium Capacity resolution since a joint statement on Monday afternoon speaks volumes of what has really transpired. Both sides are refusing to clarify further or provide any more details, a clear sign that both parties have signed a confidentiality agreement in regards to their out of court settlement, not uncommon in […]

Stadium capacity resolution was a forgone conclusion

Blog by Sean Whetstone Today’s joint statement between West Ham and E20 that the London Stadium capacity issue has been resolved came as no surprise to me despite no prior knowledge of a deal to settle a long-running feud. I have been following the story for nearly two years but the stadium owners were running out […]

Arnie’s brother is the real problem

The news that Daniel Arnautovic could be engineering a move for his brother Marko shouldn’t come as a surprise to West Ham supporters. We all know the routine! As a football agent if you only have one client the only way you properly earn big money is to move him on to another club as […]

Golden handshake – Do me a favour!

News that Richard Scudamore could pick up a £5m golden handshake funded by all 20 Premier League clubs including West Ham has not been well received by football supporters up and down the land. Footballers are not rewarded when they leave the club or retire so why should Scudamore?  Testimonials are now a rare occurrence and even […]

The honeymoon period’s over Pelle – we need more!

By Sean Whetstone The honeymoon period is now well and truly over for Manuel Pellegrini and he should not be exempt from criticism. He is a world class manager reportedly earning £10m per year at West Ham; he spent over £100m in the summer but I was expecting much more by now. His team seriously […]