Exclusive: DS on late signings speculation


David SullivanDavid Sullivan has admitted to ClaretandHugh the Irons are virtually certain to leave the summer transfer dealings where they are.

The co chairman  – in a morning conversation with us – explained that late signings are generally not great signings and that although nothing is 100 per cent certain that probably looks like it for the summer of 2016.

CandH was the first media outlet to tell you that Slaven Bilic had made his mind up between Andre Ayew and Carlos Bacca who had become unlikely to join the club.

Now David has confirmed that the likliehood of any new arrivals is only a very distant shout whilst being careful not to close the door completely. Should a decent possibility come along then we could be interested but a late swoop is not high on the radar .

Speaking to us this morning DS said: ” YOU NEVER KNOW, but we are probably 90 per cent  done. Last  minute buys are usually bad buys.”

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • bubs says:

    No super star 25 goal a season forward then ?
    Or a reasonable Right sided defender then ?
    Oh well no top 4 place then ?

    • Tone says:

      We were never going to finish in the top four anyway.Especially if we qualify for the EL as well.No one has us down as a top four team.Only a few of our fans.Rome wasn’t built in a day.It was only 18 months ago we were descending down the table at a rate of knots.Have patience bubs 🙂

  • JagerChugger says:

    The squad is good enough I reckon. Would love to see a RB come in but think Bilic and co have looked at Byram, Burke and Antonio and think they’ve got it covered.

    Up front is fine. I truly believe we’re not going to get better than what we already have. There are class strikers out there but they just won’t come to us.

    It’s a damn fine squaf better than last seasons.

  • Max Willow says:

    If DS really means what he has said to C&H, then I think he needs a full cerebral MRI and a full psychiatric examination.

    We have a clear problem remaining- the situation of a quality RB.

    I’m sure we have enough dosh to splash on a RB (and even another striker).

    Why is Bilic forcing Antonio to play at RB? It begs belief!
    First, he was one of our best players last year in his role as an attacking player.
    Second, he is not naturally inclined to play as a defender.
    Third (and perhaps most importantly), the poor guy does not want to play at RB and has made his feelings apparent to the gaffer,

    We got Byram in for a good reason; we must allow him the opportunity to make the RB position his, allowing Antonio to move further up-field, where he has made his point very well. He wants to prove he could be one of the best right-wingers in the EPL; given the opportunity, he could easily make the England WC qualifying squad.

    • Ray1962 says:

      i seem to remember the trainers really banging on about the pitch isnt big enough for Antonio as you know loves to run and run perhaps this is the reason slav is trying to mold him in this role to give him more room to run just a thought

  • sleepswithdafishes says:

    It’s not perfect but we are definitely stronger than last season.
    Jelavic, emenike, Song, Moses all replaced with somewhat better players.

  • johnboy says:

    Until a centre back and right back come in then I am sure we will conceded pointless goals?
    Cracking squad though , byrum and Antonio working together down the right will cause Chelsea problems IMO. Antonio’s pace would cause hazard a problem and give byrum much needed backup , I don’t see fenguili doing the same job defencively ! We need to be solid at the back !
    Payet and lanzini will be a big miss to the squad , as payet isn’t 100% fit .
    I wonder if Bilic is about to pull another tactical masterstroke to prove us all wrong !

    • johnboy says:

      Chelskie 2 – us 1 ????
      9 out of ten cats can’t all be wrong lol.! Aaaarrrggghhhhhhh. Ffs , sort it , get the check bookout , C/H and r/b to cover byrum or vice versa !!!
      And cover for the 20 mill moses signing ? At least Antonio will get his place back ? Won’t he!!!
      Might be being hard on ayew , but swans fans said he goes missing !! Wish him a speedy and come back and prove me wrong , lol.

  • RickHammer says:

    I see that Slav wanted to go big game fishing but the board didnt.Too be balanced though he also said he was happy with the squad…

    “I said it openly, we tried to get at the beginning one of the top strikers of the moment and they opted for a bigger club and also better money of course, but at the end we bought what we wanted to. I’m happy,” the Croatian coach said.

    Slaven Bilic says West Ham want to sign one more player after they completed the deal for Jonathan Calleri
    “I said a few weeks ago to the chairman and (chief scout) Tony Henry that if we want to go big game fishing, there are two conditions for us to compete with the big clubs – if we go early or if we put more money in.

    “Then we might have had a chance, on paper, with those great ones.

    “But we didn’t do that. Then it is almost impossible to get the player.”

    Lol,the trouble with Sully is he sells our transfer activity with big glorious statements which should be reserved for promoting his crappy films not our business buying players 🙂

  • djsteves says:

    The squad has definitely improved but I think the chairman have missed a trick. For me there were three benefits of a big name striker: obviously the goals, there’s the commercial side of things, but then there’s also a psychological side to things. A marquee signing (even if it’s not a striker) can add a real sense of anticipation and excitement to the club. Look at ibrahimovic at Utd (neither he nor the team are playing that fantastically but you can see a supreme confidence in both of them which is why they are still winning and have that Man Utd smugness back).

    Slav is a great manager too, but I’m sure last season when the older players saw the likes of Dimi and Manu for the first time in training it gave them all a real lift as they knew we were on to something bigger and better. Perhaps this year, with a few high profile rejections, the confidence might not be as high, so that marquee signing could still have a very important role to play.

    Also, DS, Antonio was a last minute signing and although he needed a little time, he turned out to be one of your best!

  • RickHammer says:

    Yeah I thought exactly the same when I read that.How to make Antonio feel good lol

  • eddie 666 says:

    i reckon by saying this sort of thing, DS is telling the world that we are in good shape now and we are no longer in desperate need to make signings.
    So if we do make an approach for a player then we can say, take it or leave it, and not get our pants pulled down over the price, Dave’s butt cheeks are still a bit sore after the Ayew deal.

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    I think you would have to give the chairmen 8 out of 10 for the business so far, we have signed some really good players, if Joe Hart is available and affordable we should try to sign him, our distribution from the keeper is woeful and as well as being a good shot stopper he is also good at getting the ball forward quickly and accurately. I think in Fletcher we have a player that with experience could save us a fortune on a striker, hopefully he will get some game time, likewise Oxford and Burke as well as Byram at right back. Hopefully Slav will give youth a chance and we can have s team that this season can do well but next season could challenge the top 4, not sure how tonight will go but looking forward to it COYI!!!

  • eddie 666 says:

    than he is actually worth

  • eddie 666 says:

    Firstly he is English, so we’d have to pay between 5/10mil more than he is actually worth,
    secondly, im not at all sure he is that much better than Adrian or Randy. the Euros are still too fresh in my head.

    • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

      He is an upgrade on Adrian and or Randy there ability on the ball is not very good too often they give the ball straight back to the opposing team, I don’t think for a minute we will get him just an opinion 🙂

  • eddie 666 says:

    sorry about the premature posting.. What about getting an edit or delete button Hugh?

  • Fish N Chips says:

    Nearly every comment is asking why no RB.
    Why didn’t you ask him, Hugh? Were you told not to ask?
    FACT: By NOT asking, you have basically let the majority down.
    Antonio has very gently said that he is not happy at RB, and now this back handed insult to him from DS as regards last minute transfers, the club have essentially given him little option than putting in a transfer request. If not, if Antonio wants to progress in his natural position, just what other option has he got exactly.
    The only time I have ever felt this sick in my stomach, was when the crowd booed Scott Parker.
    It is the complete betrayal of Antonio’s exemplary attitude, and the nightmare wastage of one of the truly greatest talents this club have ever had, and potentially leaking several unnecessary goals.
    If so, I won’t be blaming Antonio.
    Come on, Hugh, WHAT IS THEIR THINKING on this? How long can DS / Bilic go on without explaining themselves?

  • Bob says:

    Hugh has let the majority down??? Give it a rest turbogob.You are really good at speaking for others.Yesterday it was ‘everyone’ when the sakho article came out.Today RB situation.Tweet DG,email the club but don’t tell Hugh he has let the majority of us down Medicine Man!!!

  • jonnyd says:

    Byram has been one of our best players preseason – and that is played out of position at LB. We need to give him a run rather than continually ask for a replacement. This issue is not should we make an an extra purchase – the question is whether Byram should start or be second fiddle to Antonio. There may be times when Byram should start at RB – for instance when we are defending against Hazard tonight. There may be other occasions when we can afford the luxury of Antonio running from deep against lesser opposition. If needs be Burke can fill in there to so why splash more cash.
    Same up front. We are not Barcelona or Real Madrid. We are not in the Champions League. We will therefore not attract every top forward in Europe. We are building a very good squad that has massively improved with the acquisitions over the last few years. The needless moaning at the foot of every article by the same few sad people using words like ‘betrayal’ and suggesting DS has a ‘need for a full psychiatric examination’ make a lot of you look like complete XXXXX.

    • Radai Lama says:

      Yep you are right Jonny,the question is why is Byram not playing there,not why haven’t we signed someone.We also have Nordy who can play rb.I think you are right,horses for courses.Unless I have missed it I have seen no ex hammers pundits questioning why Ant is there,which is strange if they think it is such a big deal.As for you F&C,speak for yourself when you say Hugh has let the majority down.You better keep off the blue M&Ms,they make you sound like a c*ck.

      • Bob says:

        Why didn’t you ask him, Hugh? Were you told not to ask?
        FACT: By NOT asking, you have basically let the majority down

        Comments like this really pee me off.Not FACT.Is f&c suddenly the fan spokesman on here.What a joker.

  • johnboy says:

    Fish n chips ! You ain’t the chef from the python sketch about the dirty fork ??
    Watch it Hugh !! He will be cornering you in a windmill with a baying mob with pitchforks and torches !!!! Hahaha.
    Chill fishes ! Go and put a big carrot together and listen to some dark side !! Lol.

  • Fish N Chips says:

    Nice try guys, but if you look at all the comments above – before you appeared – they all are questionning why Antonio is being played at RB…There are loads of us who don’t want Antonio at RB – even some of you admit the same, albeit in a restricted way, proving rather than disproving my point…
    I would like to see 2 NATURTAL RBs: 1 x 1st choice, and 1 reserve.
    FACTS: We have Byram, and no-one else.
    Antonio is a natural winger.
    Nordveidt is a defensive midfield/CH
    Burke is a natural CH (and is not even listed as 1st team member! = Dev squad).
    Are you guys REALLY happy that we don’t have a natural reserve back RB?
    Byram, I think, has NOT played even 1 game pre-season at RB. He appeared once, and that was at LB. What sort of preparation is that for 1st game v Hazard? Clearly, you guys think it is perfectly fine. Well, I don’t. I think it is weird. Bilic has used Antonio for the great majority of the time, so, why would Bilic do that, if he was NOT intending to play Antonio at RB. I hope he pays Byram, but I bet its Antonio.
    You can have a pop at me as much as you like, but as usual, you prefer expletives over reasoned arguements.

  • RickHammer says:

    Well maybe if you stopped talking bolloxs about Hugh or this site FAILIng THE MAJORITY people might not think your a prat.Maybe if you didnt come on here shouting out garbage about handing out medicine we wouldn’t think your a prat.Does it sink in to your head that when user old & new on here are p#ssed off with you maybe,just maybe you are the problem for f#ck sake!
    For the record Nordtveidt has played rb for monchengladbach on numerous occasions.I have watched him play there with my own bloody eyes!!
    With regard to expletives I should go back through a few of YOUR OWN comments,they are littered with them from last week when the big boy was dishing out medicine,lmao.
    If you read people’s comments their issue is with you being the bloody fan spoken gob on legs!
    Ffs we ain’t all obsessed about the rb position,you want answers go to the OS,ask Bilic because you are boring the f#ck out of me!!

    • Fish N Chips says:

      Thx for agreeing that Nordveidt is not a natural RB, but only plays there on occasions (as witnessed by your own bl00dy eyes!)…
      So much for Byram starting v Hazard…
      As you are an expert on me – I’m flattered – then you’ll know that I consider the rest of the team in front of defence is fantastic….

  • johnboy says:

    F/me , give it a rest ?
    Youve gone from 0-00 in twenty two ink cartridges ! Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend who can give you a cuddle , or buy some batteries or something ???
    Blue B&B’s weren’t wrong rads !!!!
    More like blue microdot ????

  • kevin says:

    Wouldn’t say we’ve improved much after watching Chelsea dominate us for nearly the whole game .
    Too many wayward passes and lack of ball control . The squad is as it is , so now it”s a question of getting it right . Chelsea deserved their win , no quibbles . RB is a serious problem . Antonio got mugged and Ginger was spun around . We can only get better . But on that performance don’t count on a top 6 finish , let alone a top 4 .

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