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Fonseca – Potential Candidate?

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West Ham United’s hunt for a new manager takes another turn with Paulo Fonseca emerging as a potential candidate, according to Give Me Sport.

West Ham’s hierarchy seems to be considering Paulo Fonseca as an alternative to their initial target, Ruben Amorim. Fonseca’s impressive work at Lille, particularly his experience in various European leagues, has caught the eye of the Hammers.

The Premier League’s managerial merry-go-round continues with Fonseca’s name appearing for both West Ham and Liverpool as a potential successor to their respective managers. Both clubs seem to view him as a viable alternative to Ruben Amorim.

West Ham is reportedly impressed by Fonseca’s profile. His successful tenure at Lille, coupled with his experience in France, Italy, and the Europa League, makes him a strong contender to replace David Moyes, whose departure seems likely.

While Fonseca is the latest addition, he’s not the only manager on West Ham’s radar. Gary O’Neil, currently at Wolves, and Julen Lopetegui, a former Real Madrid and Wolves manager, are also reportedly under consideration. However, O’Neil appears settled at Molineux, while Lopetegui’s availability and suitability remain questions.

A final decision on West Ham’s new manager is likely to be made in the summer. In the meantime, the club is exploring various options, with Fonseca joining Lopetegui and O’Neil on their shortlist.

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  • West Ham Fan no 32 says:

    Certainly be an interesting choice for the fans if he arrives, lets be honest no one believed we will get Amorim, it was a pr stunt on both sides, Amorim gets interest from the bigger fish and Sullivan might have got a few people to renew their season tickets. It’s one of Sullivan’s patterns at this time of the year, put the press out that we are buying talent that will never come to West Ham so it looks like the club is ambitious, keep it in the press for ages because lazy journo’s love to recycle an old story and a few people on the fence with renewing their st will renew.

    I suspect Fonseca, Amorim, Lopetegui and Tuchel are just the last in a very long history of those used purely for mercenary reasons.

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