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Fonte responds to Sullivan slur

Fonte4Jose Fonte was asked for his reaction to comments made by David Sullivan that his children begged him not to sign Fonte or Snodgrass. He replied: “It’s ignorance. I’m not going to say anything. It’s not going to change who I am. It’s not going to change what I do. I’m going to keep being the good professional that I am. I am going to keep working hard to try and help my team-mates and the manager. What has been said has no effect on me or who I am.”

Asked whether he could leave West Ham as a result of Sullivan’s interview, Fonte added: “That decision is not for me. I am 33 years of age. I have 500 or 600 appearances. I know what I have done in football. I know how hard I have to work to be in this position. It makes no difference to me. I will still continue to be the same guy I have always been.”

David Moyes avoided the issue of whether or not Fonte is upset with Sullivan’s interview by saying: “I’ve not seen Jose yet. I didn’t read the article, but I’ve picked up on a couple of bits of it and I haven’t got a lot to say on it if I’m honest.”

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13 comments on “Fonte responds to Sullivan slur

  1. Class response shows his character & like he said he is a professional

    • It just goes to show the gulf in class between our owners and our true professionals. They may be good at business, but that doesn’t mean you’re good at PR…

  2. Interesting that the general consensus on this site, and fans in general was that both Fonte and Snodgrass were rubbish for us. Funny how the fans tune had changed once Sullivan has spoken.

    • Their performance is hardly the point here. Yet again Sullivan has chosen a national newspaper to criticize employees of the company.
      He has made it virtually impossible for Snodgrass to ever return at the expiry of his loan and has hardly enhanced his sell-on value as a consequence.
      Fonte is currently recovering from injury and his form had turned a corner before he was sidelined. He has not played those 500 to 600 games at the top level, and been a consistent fixture for Portugal if he is useless. To the best of my knowledge his commitment has never been in doubt even if he took some time to get up to speed. He deserves the respect of the hierarchy and may well be needed before the season is out with Reid’s injury record and Collins ongoing absence.
      Brady’s weekly column in the comic called The Sun, and the regular interventions of Sullivan and Gold are embarrassing. This is no doubt a consideration when any serious manager or player decides whether they should join.

      • Agree Fonte was arguably best CB on form this season before injury.
        And I’ve never had anything against Snodgrass but was bought to replace Payet & was a RWer was never going to feel Paget’s boots. But shows past few windows we have bought players w no idea of how they fit in.
        I don’t think we can recall Snodgrass in Jan
        But even if Moyes wanted his countryman back but he def wouldn’t come back now – like u said hurt the value we will get for him.
        He can fee that way & talk about with kids but saying it publicly & slagging off your employee while still there not great for moral.
        Fans say things & that’s one thing but owner coming out publicly saying shouldn’t signed two players who are still West Ham players is ridiculous. Fonte is a professional & had a good career work hard & worked is way up & we can see now w a lot of players who left that are doing good how hard it was to come in here fit in get organised know what your supposed to do etc.

        But Even besides all that if I was a player and read that I wouksnt want to come here!

        So def won’t help w future recruitment!

  3. I hope this doesn’t happen but can anybody else see notes getting us out of trouble and turning us into a good team only to walk away after getting sick of the Muppets in the board room sticking their oar in all the time. Moyes is a bit old school. I can’t see him putting up with interference like this when he is in a stronger position at the club ie not a 6 month contract.
    It beggars belief that they think it’s a good idea to keep going public with this drivel. The same in the last season at the Boleyn ground, were in 4th place beating all before us and Muppet Sullivan opens his gob to the papers to tell the world bilic was 4th choice for the job.
    Someone really needs to have a word with this lot before they really start to **** things up.

  4. I haven’t seen or heard the interview. However, I don’t see the problem given what little I have read on fan sites etc. Sullivan said that he signed those two players despite his kids saying ‘don’t sign them’. In my mind, Sulivan has moreorless told his kids that he thinks they are good players and has signed them. He doesn’t appear to have had a go at these players.

    • Shouldnt be made public no other chairman say stuff like these they keep queit & he was saying they gave them grief for backing Bilic to sign them didn’t give impression he thought was good have impression was a regret same the same about not sacking Bilic bc the Spurs result & family gave him grief.
      Tho I was one who thought Bilic should have gone in summer & they did back him except WC but 4 out & not bad sold too many.

      But this things shouldn’t be made public bad for Moral & also shows maybe decisions aren’t being made fr.professional POV
      A conversation you keep in house

    • It’s very simple really – Gold and Sullivan need to learn to keep their mouths shut when it comes to things that should remain private – and this is one such thing.

    • Started early on the sherry Stratford? What other club has owners who spout this shyte at their own players? Unnecessary rubbish from owners who will never learn to zip it. And frankly who gives a flying what their miniatures think!

  5. A classy response from Jose Fonte as opposed to David Sullivan shooting his mouth of before engaging his brain, can’t he see the negative response his casual remarks can cause. Crass from Sullivan and typical I’m afraid!

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