The clubs are largely in agreement with Friday’s decision but pressure will begin to mount in the coming week as the enormity of the situation begins to unfold.

The report says that Income streams will dry up but wages still need to be paid. Most Premier League clubs can survive a prolonged layoff but many EFL teams will become vulnerable in the coming weeks.

Many sources fear that scores of lower-league clubs could go out of business without regular matchday income, which makes up a much higher percentage of their revenues. This is one reason why the EFL were said to be particularly intent on finishing the season, for the welfare of their clubs.

Players whose contracts expire in June are placed in a difficult situation, and dealing with the transfer window becomes a much more complex issue.

Uefa are in a position to take the initiative and impose a uniform programme across the European leagues and Tuesday’s meeting will be crucial in mapping out the immediate future.

This is also why Tuesday’s Uefa videoconference is crucial. The fate of the 2019-20 season – and issues like whether Liverpool are declared champions – is almost entirely dependent on whether the governing body decide to annul this Champions League season or merely postpone it.

If postponed, it gives all domestic competitions breathing space to try and complete their own seasons, as all would fall under that umbrella campaign. If annulled, it would mean all issues have to be decided before the planned start of the 2020-21 Champions League, which could create some tough decisions about league placings.

Respite appears to be a long way off, however. Some medical projections suggest that the virus may not spike until midsummer. That would leave football struggling with a huge number of questions and very few answers.