Frozen out at West Ham


Johnson & Mubama frozen out at West Ham

West Ham’s two contract rebels, Divin Mubama and Ben Johnson, seem to have been completely side-lined by David Moyes. Both players have hesitated to sign new deals with the club, with the management citing their high salary demands as a stumbling block.

Whilst Mubama’s negotiation details remain undisclosed, reliable sources within West Ham have disclosed that Johnson is holding out for £50,000 per week. With both players’ contracts expiring in the summer, Johnson, in particular, has attracted interest from three Premier League clubs.

What’s intriguing is how both players have slipped down the pecking order at West Ham. By December, Mubama had emerged as the preferred striking substitute over Danny Ings. Similarly, Ben Johnson often got the nod ahead of Aaron Cresswell when Emerson was unavailable.

Frozen out at West Ham. Johnson has lost his place to Aaron Creswell

Frozen out at West Ham. Johnson has lost his place to Aaron Creswell

There’s a valid argument that Johnson was among West Ham’s standout performers during January. The academy graduate delivered consistent performances across defence and midfield, displaying good form. However, for reasons unconfirmed, he has now fallen out of favour, raising questions unrelated to football.

It’s likely we won’t see much of either player before their departure. Danny Ings has become a viable substitute again, especially after his standout performance against Burnley, while Mubama’s chances seem bleak. This shift in policy is intriguing, given the relatively small size of the Hammers squad, highlighting how swiftly players can lose favour.

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  • 75Hammer says:

    Why do we keep seeing posts like this. Cannot anyone see a repeating pattern with Moyes’ management style ?

    1. Is he a youngster , a home grown player , don’t play him , too much of a risk
    2. did I want him ? No ? Give him 3 games in the wrong position then bin him.
    3. flog the 11 players I did want into the ground until they crack with injury, tiredness or shear dis-illusionment.
    4. the players I did want , make sure they are “big name” players , make sure they are cheap and have been ejected by “big name” clubs
    5. moan about losing Declan Rice (see item 3)
    David Moyes has been lucky , Arnautovic , Bowen , Rice and now Paqueta have kept him in a job. winning europes 3rd tier cup is not sucess for the 14th richest club in the world. It is abject failure.

  • Slater says:

    They need to go to managers who can man manage and pick players who earned it rather than favourites. Mubama was set up to fail, such is the spiteful way Moyes manages the squad.

  • hammerpete6 says:

    Agree this is the Moyes blueprint, it is intentional and horrible man management. Sadly the effect on the young players will be tangible. So not West Ham.

  • Michael Stone says:

    No youngsters given a chance at West ham under Moyes. To send out Callum Marshall a full international on loan to a place where he doesn’t get a game is another Moyes joke. Moyes should be on gardening leave with Potts and Keen left in charge. Because Mumbana got sent off in an academy game what games should he have missed?

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