Galatasaray’s cheeky swap request for Payet


payetarmsoutCheeky Galatasaray have responded to an inquiry about taking striker Burak Yilmaz on loan by saying they want Dimitri Payet to go in the opposite direction.

The tongue in cheek request from the Turkish side was met with a firm response.

Galatasaray want £7million for Yilmaz, who has scored 81 goals in 140 appearances for them. They are not interested in loaning him out.

Yesterday, the Boleyn insider revealed “The Club have also been linked with a move for Galatasaray forward Burak Yilmaz, but I have been told there is no interest in the experienced Turkish striker.”

We understand he was under ‘consideration’ at one point but was never our number one priority.

Nice try Galatasaray but you can keep Yilmaz, we are just fine with Dimi Payet.

You don’t understand!!!

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  • johnboy says:

    Its a normal reaction lol, we wanted their best player on LOAN to use him as we saw fit !
    So they wanted to repay the compliment ? No big deal , I’m sure we would all be up in arms if that situation came up !! They made a good point IMO.

  • billyfury says:

    Anyone got a spare ticket so we can we invite lawrenson to the boleyn to watch a game of football don’t think he quite understands the game he reckons 2 0 to Liverpool Saturday think its about he hung up his boots sorry pen.

  • Roman says:

    I think it was a typing error.They mean JOB.( no offence intended Joey)

  • bubs says:

    It should be our reaction every time someone enquirers after one of our not for sale players
    For instance when the spud want Kouyate again ask for Ali plus cash,
    But be careful because when Man U ask for Payet they don’t have anyone worth swapping
    The main reason we need to beat Liverpoor is Lawerson,or we will never here the last of it,
    Please don’t mention that name until after Saturday now Oxford has left and fingers crossed Tomkins is now fit but we will probably have him on the bench,
    PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE Slav do not put him on the pitch we need to out score them the same as their game last week there defence is rubbish but we can’t afford any week links at the back now their keeper has decided to turn up,
    And Paco of Everton SHAME no Scouce final could not catch Aguerro to kick him out of the game

  • sparrow says:

    Can’t help but admire their sense of humour. As Bubs says, it is a good response to an unwelcome offer for one of your own players.

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