Gold challenges critical fan

goldDavid Gold has challenged a Twitter critic to put her  money where her  mouth is before claiming he and David Sullivan are at West Ham to make a financial killing.

Despite making it clear on many occasions the club will not be sold some continue to stay on the co chairman’s case regularly involving the words “rich Arabs” as the logic of their accusations.

For the second day on the trot Gold is having to answer charges the club has a hidden agenda to sell once the Irons are installed in the Olympic Stadium

And  he has denied it, coming up with the challenge to his accusers which thus far has gone unanswered.

A quick fire exchange opened up this morning when follower  declared:  all there looking to do is sell us to rich arabs and lose our identity they won’t be there in 3 years.”

The original ‘there’ should of course be “they’re” as in “they are!”

Gold immediately responded “Talk’s cheap, are you prepared to gamble your house on the fact we will sell to a rich Arab in the next 3 years. dg

He found a couple of supporters on this occasion with A:   tweeted: they won’t, but if they did why is that so wrong ??

And  added :got anything to back that up Gemma? No, didnt think so!!!

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8 comments on “Gold challenges critical fan

  1. I’m sorry, but this website increasingly appears to be in the pockets of Gold and Sullivan.

  2. I think the Daves and everyone involved family, players, manager or otherwise are showing that they are part of a very big West Ham family which includes us and we are merely returning the compliment, there’s a lot of clubs where the directors and such hold a ‘higher than you’ attitude, It’s working in our favour and you only have to watch the body language of the players or the sounds of us fans to appreciate what we have

  3. Can I just take a moment to take notice of the irony of this website pointing out someone else’s typo?

  4. Everyone is entitled to THEIR opinion be they right or wrong,
    Nothing to get uptight about lol, only time will tell if these gut feelings are credible !!!!!
    There’s no proof from both sides for and against !!!
    Its all pointless really !! As what will be will be , even if a rich person did come in it would only benefit the club wouldn’t it , after all the beautiful game is all about money nowadays anyway ,

  5. So that will be 3 years and 1 day,
    The typo workers come here from wetpants to show how unintelligent we are,but that’s the problem when you are just down to earth fans who appreciate football and don’t need unnecessary stats and English lessons,
    But don’t mind a good ginger cake recipe,

    • Bubs … never been to wetpants, at least I don’t think I have since I don’t know what site that is. I just thought it was kind of funny that it was this site that corrected someone else’s typo.

  6. I love it when the grammar police come out to play. My spellings dodgy at best and my grammars awful.. but spell check stops me looking like a complete tit most of the time.

    This site usually does make a few mistakes per article but for me that’s part of the charm.

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