Gold confirms Noble contract

NoblegoldDavid Gold has confirmed that Mark Noble has agreed a new contract with the Irons.

ClarertandHugh revealed a couple of evenings ago the loyalist midfielder was set to sign a new five year deal over the next few days and that is now the case.

Gold tweeted: “I am absolutely delighted to announce that two time Hammer of the year Mark Noble has signed a new contract. dg”

It means that the player has taken several steps closer to achieving a lifelong ambition of remaining a Hammer until he ends his career as this deal will take him into his 33rd year with the club.


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4 comments on “Gold confirms Noble contract

  1. i know its not”fashionable”to slate noble but i refer you to a tweet from my cousin about nobles new contract to david gold.and i quote”david gold wants champions league football??gives noble a 5 year contract but he can’t even take a corner”a truer word has never been said average player at best.

  2. Well thats it then,someones cousin tweets that noble cant take a corner so he is useless.Better cancel the contract Davids 😉

  3. do you actually watch the games tyson?or are you in the camp of he’s from our way he must play?grow a pair and admit he’s a nice bloke but an average footballer,by the way my cousin obviously understands football more than yourself.

  4. lets be honest i love the 2 davids,i think they are brilliant for us,does anyone think that dg seems to be getting a bit doddery?saying that from what people are saying its a great deal for us to have a player until he’s 33 not getting any better than he is now(average).but hey who am i to question the legend mark noble!wait till we become a huge club,you won’t even give him a second thought.

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