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Gold fury 48 hours on

martin-atkinson-620David Gold is still angry with Aaron Cresswell’s sending off nearly 48 hours on from the incident

And he makes a very good case for the anomoly – some would call it stupidity – within the existing rules.

Everybody across the land who saw the events leading to the red card have roundly condemned referee Martin Atkinson (above) but the only way the red card could be rescinded is for the official to admit he made a mistake ….it’s not going to happen is it?

But Gold who has been a regular advocate of technology in such critical circumstances as red cards has made another powerful point in the argument.

Over two tweets he said: “A ref makes one mistake and gives a straight red it can be challenged. A ref makes TWO mistakes and gives a red you can’t challenge. dg

“There isn’t a single person in football that believes that Aaron Cresswell should have received a red after two wrong yellows. dg

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4 comments on “Gold fury 48 hours on

  1. Identifying a problem with the way something works and complaining about it is one thing, but taking positive action to resolve the issue is another. I totally agree with him, but moaning isn’t going to make any difference. Is he going to write to the FA? Set up a meeting with them to establish the case? Canvas support among other high-profile people in the game for a rule change?

    I love that he is passionate about the injustice, as are we all, but nobody likes someone who moans about a problem but does nothing to fix it. Go get ’em, David!

  2. Well serve the F.A with a writ the Dave to get this rule changed. If someone gets convicted of a crime but later evidence is found to prove them 100% innocent you don’t leave them to rot in jail,you release them immediately. Cresswell is innocent and no poxy rule will change that. I’m also sick of these officials suffering no sanctions when they nause things up. They should be made to pay dearly too.

    • Forgive me if I’m wrong , Green man ; but aren’t referees on a points system that reflect Thier management of a game ?, thereby qualifying for duties on bigger occasions !!.
      If I’m right , then this ref should have a serious amount of points deducted . If you see what I mean .

  3. Two offenses is more punishable than one ,, rule of thumb for the walk of if life .
    But you are , of course , in this instance completely right David .
    There should be an appeal system for such injustice ; but there isn’t . The ref will not rescind the yellow card ( cards) because it brings into question his own personal judgment , which was human without the benefit of instant heads-up display repetition .
    Everyone agrees it was an awful sequence of refereeing decisions and something needs to change . The fact it was Creswell returning from injury , and a player we were missing dramatically makes it even harder to accept . But , those are the rules . .. Champion a rule change of appeal , David .. we are all behind you . 100% .

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