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Zaza produces an outstanding stat

zaza2Simone Zaza produced an outstanding stat during his performance against Palace at the weekend.

For the frst time this season the Italian striker drew some much needed accolades from the Hammers fans as he attempts to show he is worth a Β£20 million move to the club.

And the Daily Mail highlighted his performance as their first call in a feature described as 10 things we learned this wekend.

Ralph Ellis wrote: Italian striker Simone Zaza is coming to terms with the physical side of the Premier League after giving a tireless display helping Slaven Bilic’s side achieve their 1-0 win at Crystal Palace.

West Ham’s previous away trip at West Brom ended with the 25-year-old on-loan Juventus striker getting hauled off at half-time after fighting only one duel for the ball.

At Selhurst Park he proved he’s learned from that by winning 16 of an astonishing 26 duels, the most fought by any Premier League player this weekend.


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

58 comments on “Zaza produces an outstanding stat

  1. Much of the press,pundits,media were saying similair about his performance.That he is starting to get to grips with the prem league now.
    Its too late for him with some of our support though,they have decieded he is useless & thats that.Mind you i can remember last season fans wanting to send Antonio back to N.Forest because he was rubbish.They clearly have an eye for a player πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve read a few comparisons between Zaza’s start for us and Bergkamp’s at the arse, where it took him a few games to settle into the style of play we have in the PL.
    The main difference as I see it is that Bergkamp had the luxury of time on his side, being a permanent buy, whereas we don’t have that with Zaza. In hindsight, I wonder whether the ‘probationary period’ of 17 games (I think) was such a good idea, as he was required to hit the ground running with very little time to acclimatise (something he appears to be doing after Saturdays display). Perhaps a standard season-long loan may have been better as it would have afforded him more time (hindsight and all that).
    With Ayew and Mr. Glass returning soon, I wonder if we’ll ever see the best of him as I don’t think he’ll get much game time if he doesn’t start finding the back of the net sharpish.
    I called him a lemon a couple of weeks ago, and really hope he proves me wrong.

  3. incredible how so many of you are clutching at straws. Comparisons with Bergkamp? LOL Bergkamp may not have scored in his first 8 games but you could still see his touch and class. Zaza wins some headers and some of you are lauding him for it. It’s incredible. Zaza is slow, has little to no movement, poor control, awful shooting, falls down a lot and no end-product. But whoopee! He wins a few headers. You can’t make this up!

    • Are you a gooner Jimmy ? Although I wouldn’t compare him with Bergkamp, the rest of your statement is completely devoid of reality, take a look at his stats, take a look at his heatmap, open your eyes and have a cold pint of optimism with the glass full to begin with.

    • Well if he is you must be 7 or 8 by resorting to calling someone Dumbo not their real name on here.Are you sure youre not one of the pupils instead of a teacher…

  4. Oh & you are a scout for a top european team i suppose Jimmy.
    Or maybe just a loud mouth supporter who thinks he knows it all but knows jack..
    For a start no one compared him or Bergkamp.Bilic only said it took Bergkamp a while to adapt to the league.That was it.The rest has become incorrect crap from fans claiming Bilic said he is on the same level as Bergkamp as a footballer.
    He never.Some of you grumps do my brain in sometimes.

    • Nope, I’m not. But doesn’t mean I don’t know more than some of them do. I’m actually a teacher but I concede there are people out there that aren’t teachers who would be better than me. Anyway, I never said Bilic compared him as a player to Bergkamp, but it was still a silly comparison to make. I’m not being a grump, I’m being a realist. People seem to think because Zaza played for Juventus he must be quality. Niclas Bendtner also played for Juventus. I’m not going to completely right Zaza off but so far the proof is in the pudding. If you can’t see that he has been pretty awful so far, even yesterday, then I feel sorry for you. Lets see who has the last laugh at the end of the season, shall we?

      • For the record JJ, I didn’t say I compare him to Bergkamp, just a comparison I’ve read on another site with regard to being given more time. I just think that a full seasons loan may have removed some of the pressure from him, that’s all, although I am aware (cheers Carrera) that we didn’t appear to have much control over the terms of his loan deal.

      • Teachers should know it’s a “write off”

      • Whats to have a laugh at the end of the season about.He plays for us,we have him for the season (possibly) so why seem to gain some apparent delight from tearing a player to pieces or hope you have the last laugh because he bombed.
        Ok fair enough you dont rate him but digging out others because they havent written him off is a bit out of order.

        • Listen. We’re all here to give opinions. I never boo a player or give one stick. I think it’s a bit childish for a grown man to be doing that. During the 90 minutes I give every West Ham player my full support. The point is people are sounding ridiculous praising a player for winning some headers and putting in some effort. He’s valued at Β£25 million and has played for Italy. And basically, some people are pleased that he’s almost getting to the Iain Dowie level of performance. If he turns things around I will hold my hands up, but I just can’t see it happening. Get real people!

          • If you are a teacher Jimmy I would advise you to do some revision on what constitutes a good performance for a lone striker, he put 100% in, if Slav says we wouldn’t have won the match without his performance that is a great endorsement, Cresswell also picked him out for special praise, a lot of those runs he made when he covered nearly every blade in the opposing half, did nothing for him but everything for his teammates, every time he ran one or more of their defenders had to move, if you are a lone forward that is your job sacrificing yourself mostly to benefit your team and if you get some goals all the better, those aerial duels he won 9 out of 14 against experienced PL defenders mostly mean’t that we ended up retaining the ball unlike Carroll, I personally think when Sakho is back if the play together they will both score more goals as for who will be laughing at the end of the season, if you were a proper supporter you wouldn’t be laughing if one of our players fails, sort it out JJ COYI

          • Slav is just trying to encourage a striker who is under pressure, a striker he invested in. No problem with that. I’m not denying he put in a lot of effort or that he improved or that he did well in the air. But is that what we want? Just another striker who wins headers and doesn’t score goals? I would advise you to watch the game again closely. Notice how often he picks the wrong pass. There was one moment when he could have played Lanzini through on goal but instead passed it backwards. His movement is minimal. Sakho, despite some of his faults, does work the channels and defenders find it hard to pick him up. That’s even when he’s playing as a lone forward. In terms of shooting Zaza had 3 opportunities to test the keeper v Palace and failed each time. I’m not surprised, he has around 50 goals in 150 games and many of those were in the second tier of Italian football. Even the few goals he scored for Juventus came courtesy of playing for a dominant team in a weak league, coming on late in games against tired legs playing alongside quality players.

          • I will say it again look at his heatmap, look at his statistics, you say he isn’t mobile but he was making curved runs drawing defenders, making them work, the goals will come, first he has to get the first one, working hard will get him that goal and then will come the confidence, you seem to be of the opinion that whoever we sign should hit the ground running, no matter if English isn’t their first language, they have come from a league where the build up play is a lot slower, he is used to playing with more intelligent players, that can pass the ball better than we can etc… it seems pointless replying to you because you don’t want to support him doing well…

          • where is this heatmap then? Heatmaps can be helpful but they can also be a bit pointless, doesn’t prove the quality of a player. I’m sure Iain Dowie’s heat map was amazing. Does the heat map prove how many of these Zaza runs were intelligent runs? No, it doesn’t. As I said before, I do support Zaza. I would have preferred it if he had scored the winning goal rather than Lanzini. I encourage all West Ham fans to support and encourage every player during the match, but I don’t see why we can’t criticise any of them after the game.

  5. Juventus wanted the money from a sale and dictated the terms.With Ayew,Carroll and Sakho out long term and the end of the transfer window drawing close we were in a weak bargaining position.
    Let’s hope he doesn’t take sevenths to a score a league goal as Tevez did.

  6. I thought he played well yesterday…

  7. Lol Bergkamp… when he played for Inter here in Italy he was regarded as rubbish… then he went to Arsenal and he did well… so, who was the real Bergkamp? This also applies to a huge number of players… Shevchenko was a god here in Milan, but when he played for Chelski he seemed like another player, Falcao was the best striker in the world before Manure… Zaza is not Messi, Ibra or Suarez, but when he joined WH I was happy… young, skilled and with a growth potential. I don’t know if he’ll improve or not, but I think he needs his time and he should play with another forward as in the past years… but ehi, that’s just my personal view, I’ve not a crystal ball and I’m not a manager, what’s good for Slav is good for me. πŸ˜‰

    • Well you have seen more of him than the majority of us Matte.I know you liked him as a player.
      But you have crazy fans as well.Inter fans cheer when their own captain misses a penalty lmao πŸ™‚

    • Thierry Henry wasnt such a big star in Italy either was he Matte.It was only when he came over here he became this superstar footballer he turned into.He was a winger for Juve i think.
      Anyway its not blind faith i have in Zaza but i still think he could yet stick a few opinions up a few jacksies lol

      • Lol yes Rads, when Henry played for Juve was not a superstar, but in that case I have to say that Ancelotti wasn’t exactly a genius… Henry played winger and even left back… loool πŸ˜€

      • Henry was almost 5 years younger than Zaza is now when he was in Italy. And he had already proved himself in helping France to win the world cup in 98. Try again!

        • Ok jimmy, you’re my guru… I apologize… loool

        • Anyway guru, if you read carefully what I wrote, I said that it wasn’t Henry’s fault, but it was Ancelotti’s fault… try again…

          • matefumi – easy fella. I was responding to Radai Lama’s comment, not yours.

          • Yeah & i asked Matte if Henry was as big a name in Italy before he came here because i didnt think he was.I thought maybe Matte would know being Italian.
            So if you were saying ‘try again’ to me i didn’t have to try again,i asked a bloody question i didnt make a statement of fact πŸ˜‰

        • Bloody hell jimmy i was just asking Matte a question about Henry in Italy.I couldn’t give a sh*t about your arguement upstairs lol πŸ™‚

    • Well said Matte, everything is perspective, none of us have crystal balls but we should want our new signings to be successful, I like you was glad when we signed him COYI !!!

  8. Lol Rick, I can’t wait… one week and then we’ll have to wait 6 more months till the Unbreakable Andy will rejoin us mortals… lol πŸ˜‰

  9. lol Rick, we all can’t wait, Carroll is a great option if he is fit but we all know we never get more than 10 games a season from him, who knows maybe Carroll and Zaza can be like a slower Cottee & McAvennie, hang on where are my meds πŸ˜‰

    • Quick get them down your throat 32 lool πŸ™‚
      Matte it makes me laugh so much.There is some guy that can never stop praising Carroll & he seems to get all put out because other users might dare to rate Sakho as a good player or better option.Its really funny.Though shalt not doubt King Andy loool

  10. Which is going to happen first..
    Zaza scores a goal
    Carroll leaves the pub
    Sakho remembers he used to play football for a living

  11. Zaza was immense against palace at the weekend
    Just needs to get himself a goal ! Sunderland up next and I’m predicting the lads first goal in a claret & blue shirt βš’
    He was a late arrival & cant wait for him and Carroll play
    It’s been a slow burner ! hopefully that win away to palace will see the teams confidence restored and we can start moving up the league table.

  12. I think zaza shows a lot of promise. You can see he is adapting to the pace and physical nature of the English game. I thought calleri looks promising too in his cameo appearances off the bench for the last few minutes of a game. Fletcher shows promise but not even scoring for the under twenty ones by the look of it. All of our strikers need a goal for confidence if nothing else. Obviously Carroll is a big miss still though. Im hoping it’s like waiting for a bus and as soon as one striker starts scoring they all will.

  13. Just for the record boys – Jimbo (that’s me) has no connection with jimmyjizz (thats him) other than the obvious similarity in the name! Lol

  14. So Zaza puts in effort so he should the money he’s on but he’s another Carlton Cole. He missed 2 headers which most forwards would have lapped up . He is to slow when on the ball and in contrast to Payet but like Cole he makes the wrong pass or kicks and hopes. And as for fans waiting for Sakho I think like Valencia he has no interest playing for West Ham. Anyway we will wait and see if i am wrong on both counts

    • It always amuses me when someone deciedes they are the ‘REALIST’ & everyone else are numbskulls Lol.Cant beat having a high opinion of yourself can you!

    • Haha, a lot of presumptions you’re making about me, good luck with that. I seem to have tripped over a little clique here. Sorry about that. I’m not calling anyone who disagrees with me a numbskull, but it’s pretty ignorant to call someone a gooner or negative or to sarcastically say someone is an expert just for voicing an opinion. If I were to make any presumption it would be that I’m talking to a bunch of teenagers here. Good day gentleman.

  15. darkhorse another cheerful expert in the ranks πŸ˜‰

  16. No pal,no clique because i havnt been here for long myself but your still getting on my t1ts squealing away like a little kid.
    You want to use forums & tell others they are numbskulls,Dumbo or similiar then expect to get some back.Dont cry like a baby because you dont like the replies.

    • Well said mate what you said in a few lines it took me an eternity to drone on about.

      • Are you lot still going for it hammer & tongs.
        This is a first for sure,32 angry & getting involved in a war of words.
        I might have to frame this article.The first time i have seen 32 ****** off with someone on here & steaming into them lol πŸ™‚

        • Lol Rads, yeah it’s all quite funny, I need to listen to some Jazz to calm down and I don’t mean Jimmy πŸ˜‰

  17. Yet more posts disappearing?!?!

  18. Whats with all the comments being taken down?!?!
    No one had sworn it was just blokes having a disagreement.
    Who keeps coming along with their dettol wipes sanitizing the place.
    Keep it real not a Ken & Barbie area…

    • Lol… the Big Brother doesn’t forgive… we’ll have to communicate in code soon… no more rabid dogs, time to become scented and polite poodles… lool πŸ˜‰

  19. Has the bun fight finished then? Or is there going to be another instalment after the teachers finished marking the kids homework πŸ™‚

  20. Reading all the above I’m glad I went out last night.
    Hand bags at dawn lol πŸ˜‰

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