Gold: West Ham to sign 7-8 players this summer

GoldWest Ham co-chairman, David Gold told 100 guests at Top Meadow Golf Club in Upminster last night that West Ham would most likely sell or move on 7-8 players this summer transfer window but would look to sign 7-8 players to replace them.

Gold was speaking at the Essex event arranged by a West ham fan called Dan in which Hammers Tony Gale and Phil Parkes were also guest speakers.

Gold tweeted last night “Just returned home from a great evening at Top Meadow Golf Club hosted by west ham fan Dan. Speakers Tony Gale and Phil Parks were great.dg”

One of the guests, a West ham season ticket holder called Russell Pedrick posted “David Gold says West Ham will sign 7-8 and sell 7-8 players this summer.”

Russell told Claret and Hugh exclusively  “Gold praised Slaven multiple times during his talk,  he also talked about how the Man Utd  coach should have got to the ground early. Generally he spoke very well and got a good reception from the 100 or so in the room. He was very insistent though that we would be aggressive in the market and buy the best available”

Russell added that “Tony Gale said Kouyate was his player of the season while Phil Parkes chose Antonio as his player of the season”


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19 comments on “Gold: West Ham to sign 7-8 players this summer

  1. Anyone know why this site isn’t optimized for mobiles phones, I can’t be the only one who use a phone to view the site? If you want to know how it’s done check out WHTID.

    • Is there a technology expert on there now as well then AOI or is it just you on your usual wind up.Sorry not biting.You must be disappointed.

  2. 7-8 players leaving is quite a lot I would think. Our biggest asset this season has been team chemistry and togetherness, so I hope we don’t lose that.
    Who could be going ?
    I’m sure Song, Emenike, Valencia, Moses, Lee will definitely be off, so that’s five.
    Plus maybe Randolph, Sakho, Tomkins and Obiang.

    I don’t think our squad needs a massive overhaul, just minimal upgrades in certain positions.

    • Tomkins? are you kidding? Dont we need a cover at the back? Keeping Europe in mind. And im not mentioning the fact that hes by far better than Ogbonna.

      • H when he says 7-8 players out he is more than likely including some squad/youth players like Lee for example as you say.It ain’t going to be wholesale changes of the first team or main men is it.Just saying,no dead badger on the pillow pls 😉

      • I didn’t say I’d want to lose Tomkins, but maybe he won’t be content to stay with limited prospects of starting games regularly. In that respect club and player may decide to sort out a transfer for the benefit of both parties.
        I’d love it if Tomkins stayed and got a bigger role to play for us next season.

        • He will stay he is a West Ham boy,he will want to go to the OS as an Irons player.Stranger things have happened but I don’t see him leaving us if I’m honest.

      • Maybe those are just rumors, but if they were true I wouldn’t sell Obiang, Randolph and Sakho. I agree with you Hamburg that those 5 names you mentioned above will be sold, but instead of Sakho I would sell Carroll, he doesn’t fit with Slav’s philosophy IMHO. Bilic was forced to use AC, but if WHU buy Lacazette or Batshuayi and other strikers I think he’ll not be a regular, but only a bench warmer. This is my personal opinion. 😉

  3. So Joey O’Brien, Alex Song, Moses, Emmineke and Lee are 5 – thoughts on the others (one of the forwards perhaps Enner Valencia? and Obiang?) Valencia and Obiang if they go will get good money (although Song, Emmenike, Lee and O’Brien are all on frees and Moses returns home to whatever) Looks like it will be an interesting window with a new right back, new holding midfielder, new forward, new quick right side player to build and strengthen the squad.

  4. If or when Song goes Norveidt will be his replacement I guess.I think Obiang may stay though.Just a feeling,I obviously know jack sh*t to back that up 😀

  5. Hmm will be interesting to see who goes. Obviously Moses, Song and Emenike, then JOB, Valencia, Doneil Henry and Stephen Hendrie? Not seen much of the last two so can’t really comment, but I agree with the rest. Now for the exciting bit. Who comes in?

    I’d like Redmond or Townsend (or both?), and hopefully we can get them at a decent price. Lacazette would be great, of course. If Hendrie goes I guess we’ll need cover for Cresswell. Right back is an interesting one. I wonder if Slav could work his magic with Micah Richards? Apparently he has a £5m clause (or so says the Telegraph) so might be worth a punt? I like the idea of players like Martial having to go up against Antonio AND Richards on the right. And obviously Nordveit is coming, too.

    I do hope we are giving serious consideration to another attacking mid. France’s squad look good so if they end up going all the way in the Euros, I don’t think we can expect Dimi to have the same season. You only have to look at how long it took Alexis Sanchez to get back to his best after Chile’s success to see what could happen. He’s also a top player and incredibly naturally fit so it’s nothing personal, it’s just how demanding the PL is. And given how thin we looked, creatively, when he and Lanzini were out, the thought troubles me a little.

    I’d love to believe the German paper saying Gotze might be available for £16m, but something tells me they might just have been trying to fill column inches with that one. If he is, though, he’d be a cracking signing! If Mo Salah doesn’t stay in Italy I think he could be a good addition too. And then my wildcard goes to Andrija Zivkovic. Has done some great stuff at younger levels and in the right hands might end up being a genuine worldie. He’d possibly be available, too, given his current situation.

  6. I would have a go for Redmond meself & leaving you can perm any 7 or 8 from the 3 loan buggers who have offered sod all,Joey,Henry,Hendrie,Obi,Vallie,Daffie plus some nippers
    Carroll is the interesting one for me.This summer will tell us how much Bilic rates the bugger.

  7. We can’t sell Song,Emineke,Moses,so they can’t be in the 7 JOB will be out of contract so can’t be sold,
    So out of 7, you might have to think about buying 3 or 4 to replace some one
    ie Sakho – Bony, Valencia – Gradel ( not my choices)
    I do think Hendrie,Henry,Tomkins,Reid will be looked at because are they good enough and have they a value,Ogbonna,Cresswell ,Byram,Ginge,Antonio,Noble ,Obiang unless we get a high bid,Noble ,Lanzini,Kouyate,Payet,Oxford,Burke will be safe and the backbone of the team,Samulsun,Callum,,will be for the future and unsold,
    If we get Norveld free,and we are looking to bring in 7 we will have to sell as our budget of approximately £50 million will go on 2 forwards and 1 winger,
    That leaves 3 defensive players to come in possible ( I am guessing ) we will need at least £20 million more, so Sakho,AC and Valencia Reid and Tomkins are the value players that could be replaced with better players,

    • Hi bubs, where have you been? I started to think that maybe you were one of the shooters of Manure coach and you’d run away… lol 😉

  8. Mrs B needed to visit UK for flying visit,not there Matte that day I was traveling but don’t understand the big problem,the players on the coach were actually enjoying themselves,
    Not under any strain,just another club we were better then over the season,
    The old bill learn nothing every season,
    Then Hippo became strictly come dad dancing champ which took a lot of beer to get over and I am never go near a church again,
    Some God of Football is trying to hold football back in the NE of England,
    Big game Stoke hope the players turn up,
    Old School Matte don’t run mate ( can’t these days ) I would have been in the boozer looking out of the Windows

  9. Back to it Matte after 4 days of Guiness and Pear Cider ( did the trick ) I need the stuff of the Gods,plus I am skint how these poor people in England can survive with those prices,
    2 Beers in London is enough Euros to get happy for a weekend in Spain,
    And they think Tapas is expensive as caviar,
    Rads the roundabouts ain’t the same either,no long white boots,
    That coach problem would never have happened either,we would just let a couple of Bulls loose in front I can assure you the road would have been clear except for a couple of old Ladies about 85 slapping the Bulls in the arse as they passed ,

  10. Tomkins is very unlikely to be sold due to the Hown Grown requirements for european comps. Must have 8 players minimum from the home nation and at least three that have played more than two years in youth teams/reserves between 18-21years old. So we have Nobes, Tomkins and Burke and I beleive that Oxford despite being younger will still be counted as home grown. But as good as Oxford and Burke will be having to rely on them in the groups stages of Europe should we qualify would still be very questionable and with Tomkins ability to play right when needed he wont be leaving this season.

    I think you’ve got most of them covered with Hendrie, Henry, Valencia, Ginge, Reid, Obiang unfortunately, Poyet and Randolph.
    CB is the one area which will be fascinating given Ginge’s improved form this season and the recent contract extension. Reid’s injuries have affected him and his form this year, but has for many seasons been our bedrock at the back so it will be a big call to sell him. Oxford and Burke will be pushing hard for spots but our habit of shipping goals in the second half of the year has held us back and not all of that can be due to Antonio ar RB, all of this with Dragovic from Dinamo linking himself to us publicly for around 9million euro is interesting .

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