Half Time Live video show

Claret & Hugh and the Hammers Chat boys are back again with our regular half-time analysis show.

Simply click on the video link below 1 minute after the referee blows his whistle and join the fellas whilst they assess the first 45 mins of action.



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4 comments on “Half Time Live video show

  1. 15 mins gone & I can take no more of the Wetpants matchthread geniuses already,lol 😀

  2. Lol,yep,if we are losing the players are crap,if we are winning they are world-beaters,bunch of bi-polar headcases

  3. Lmao.Stopped using the match thread months ago.It is an open house for manic depressants & the miserable of life to dig out the Irons,lol.It is what it is,will always be the same.People appear on matchdays to have a moan up 😉

  4. Right bunch of grimreapers ain’t they,ha ha.

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