Hammers “excellent” midfielder deal

Havard-Nordtveit-629624ClaretandHugh has learned that West Ham did an extraordinary piece of business in convncing midfielder  Havard Nordtveit to join the club on wages of around £35k a week.

The former Borussia Moenchengladbach man joins the club on July 1 with the Hammers reportedly beating off off competition from several top European outfits to land their man.

Nordtveit, 25, signs on a five-year deal and returns to London six years after leaving Arsenal to join Monchengladbach.

However, to have picked him up on such “sensible” wages is a coup for the Hammers who did a great job in selling the club to the player.

And it’s another indication of the club to ensure that they get true value for money with a source saying: “He’s a genuine utility player and to have picked him up on the sort of wages we are talking about was excellent business.

“He can play as a defensive midfielder which is his strongest position but is also capable of slotting in to the defence at right back or central defence.”


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  1. Well my Norsk buddy didn’t rate him too highly,but we shall see.I seem to remember one of my mates in the UAE also told me last summer Lanzini wasnt worth the effort haha.Unreliable sources,i will have to sack them.Sorry I can’t be more detailed but I have better things to do than sit bullsh*tting on forums all day.Sorry Wetpants,i promise I will try to devote more time to it in the future haha.Maybe when I am in my 80s with p*ss soaked pants 🙂

    • Be careful Rads there watching us when they make there daily sabbatical over to C+H to find out about what’s going on at the club instead of political debates and you tube talent spotting.

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    • I look at some of their articles but don’t read all the comments, when did they say that about those on here? I don’t get this between the 2 sites,arent we all West Ham?

      • Yes we are all West Ham Just Saying which is why it makes me laugh that some of them originally thought it was fine to call us this crap but now have some strange loss of memory & just don’t get why we dont like some of the idiots on there.Anyway it appears that the lads on Westhamonline have an even worse opinion of them so it clearly isnt just us thinks some of them are pr*cks haha.Just Saying Just Saying 🙂

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  6. Thats harsh Rick,wow.Seems you guys ain’t alone then.Makes you wonder why dont it lol

  7. I think we will have to see with Nordveit, quite mixed messages about his ability and best position, fingers crossed he turns out to be another gem.

    • Yeah I’m hoping my Norwegian friend has had a shocker on this one but when I told him we had signed him he wasnt over excited.He just said he will make a good squad player in the Prem but couldn’t see him as much more than that.I guess next season we will discover the truth one way or another 😉

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  19. Yeh , I’m pushing 70 . Seen more than a lot of you at Upton Park . And clever remarks by some don’t matter a jot to me . Reckon I’ve earned my right to an opinion without the stampede to belittle every comment ..
    Just Want as ever , to see The Hammers up there where we belong . It may be hard for some( younger ) people to understand the frustration of supporting a team of Yoyo’s .
    Maybe Now , maybe , things are looking up . … But the same supporters who love to criticize honest opinion are really getting on my tits .

  20. As a Norwegian I figured I’d share my opinion…

    Nordtveit is definitely not a bad player but doubt he will take Nobes or Kouyate to put it like that… He is a very good defensive midfielder and versatile enough as a CB. I see him fighting with Obiang for 3rd central defender and a cover on CB if needed. Unsure how he would sit there compared to Ginge and Tonks.

    He has done well at Monchengladback the last years. and he is a player who works hard and gives his all – we all appreciate that sort…

    He is a guaranteed player for the National team, but will not feature in the 3 games coming up now, agreed restitution.

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