Irons give £12.5k to the Tories

WestHamGiftWest Ham have decided to swim in some murky political waters.

It emerged this morning that for reasons of their own they have donated £12,500 to the Tory Party which frankly seems bizarre at best and totally out of order at worst.

The explanation they have given via a spokesman is that as a private company they “make donations to whatever causes they see fit.”

Whether or not many fans would agree that this is a worthy cause can be judged by this cut http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/inside-tory-black-white-ball-7335521

Ok, in the great scheme of things £12.5k is nether her of there and let’s remember that Karren Brady is a Tory peer, David Gold is a regular donor to the party whilst David Sullivan once described himself as a moderate Conservative.

Whatever one’s politics, and I readily admit I don’t share theirs,  it’s a strange and odd decision given the tribalism involved in politics.

It should be added – for balance – that the club supports many other charities but gifts to political parties? That will attract a lot of criticism at a time when they are auctioning club memorabilia off to support the Hammers academy.

Frankly, it wouldn’t matter to me which party was the beneficiary of a £12.5k gift from a football club. I would consider it ill advised, unnecessary and wrong because it is divisive.

Surely if they want to hand cash over the the Conservatives it’s best done out of their own pockets.

Not sure that our manager – an avowed Socialist – will be very impressed either!


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22 comments on “Irons give £12.5k to the Tories

  1. Personally I couldn’t care less.This is one for the Football Forum Politicians 😉

  2. I think I will stick to football matters.Bagpuss the red had this covered yesterday on the other site.It almost feels like old news now.

  3. The shareholders can spend their money where they like. They own the club. I’m more interested in the football.

  4. I guess Bilic won’t give a flying f***
    lets talk about football…..
    who do you think might be the new Manure manager??? 😀

    • Given the very refreshing and extremely popular integrity displayed by our manager I wouldn’t be so sure of that on a personal level, as it doesn’t appear it would sit well with his apparent philosophy of being a genuine and honest person. It’s this quality in him that inspires a collective, inclusive and productive approach which has already delivering huge improvements and a pleasant change from the ‘me-first’ brigade…

  5. Oh dear Mike Gapes wasn’t consulted. Why on earth should this no mark think that he should be? If i buy something in a privately owned store, should i then have control over what they do with the money i’ve spent? Any excuse to pop at West Ham will do.It was corporate entertainment for our main sponsor. Get over it ffs.

  6. This is one for Johnsey on Wets,he can manage to turn an article that has nothing to do with politics into a Tory bashing thread lol

  7. Give me strength ! paying the going rate for a table at a function like this is NOT a donation in itself ! Yet another attempt by the media to put our club in a bad light with yet another misleading headline . Rubbish story anyway lets concentrate on football .

  8. I didn’t realise this story was top news on WHTID.Bagpuss the Red will have a field day.Easy way to make me have an afternoon nap,if someone starts talking politics on a football site.

  9. Bagpuss The Red,like it lol

  10. no foot ball club should donate to political partys,especially brady telling us to vote to stay in the eu,we decide wether we stay or not my family is voting out only the rich want to stay in.

    • It’s mostly the rich conservatives that want to come out Sibbo. They want us all to work like slaves and be able to hire us and fire us, with poor working conditions and human rights whenever people think back to Britain before we were part of the eec later the EU things weren’t that great we just didn’t know any different and thought due to propaganda and our historical empire we were the bees knees but we weren’t not since Victorian times were we truly Great Britain (at least for the upper classes) and that was on the back of slavery and colonisation. IMHO when anyone chooses to vote basically ignore all the propaganda and manipulated statistics on both sides because both sides are full of it and vote what’s best for you not only now but in the future because we won’t always be on top, we have sold all our industries out and are almost completely reliant on the financial services industry to prop up the economy and that is a ticking time bomb, apologies for droning on I am bored to the high teeth of this Eu referendum drivel

  11. Hi All – Been lurking here for ages in the background as my ‘go-to’ West Ham site and of course enjoying the banter from visitors and regulars alike!

    Had to register and comment on the aforementioned article…

    If the complete facts are as presented above I’m absolutely disgusted and cannot emphasize my disbelief at the attempt to crudely associate ‘MY’ club of 50 years with ANY political allegiance…

    Sorry for a negative first post but even if the £donation is trivial in amount the principle is paramount and beggars belief. Of course West Ham appears to be ‘their’ toy and although many excellent developments have and are occurring thank you VERY much, this attitude of privilege isn’t welcome and like a lot of folks I enjoy football as a positive distraction from the daily grind of double standards, inequality and non-delivery of promised expectations…

    I hope that this post will not be removed due to proprietorial concerns lol…

    • During my emotional tirade I missed out the essential word ‘OVER’ between ‘cannot’ and ’emphasize’. Perhaps I should have lined up my ducks more carefully before pulling the trigger!

  12. Zzzzzz,Someone wake me up when we sign someone lol

  13. Certainly brings out the know all EF all brigade , when political issues are raised , its them that don’t vote and take an interest in the political elite that has put us in this dire place in the first place. Some say ignorance is bliss , me , I say they are just plain ignorant , this has always been a working mans club through its entire history , for me it leaves a stench to be associated with the self serving torys , don’t forget Brady saying that benefits should be cut for the worse off , then on the other hand boasting about west ham helping the community ?
    ******* !! I hope her ***** ****** *** ****** !!!!!! .

  14. I wonder how many other clubs have given donations to political parties.I might be wrong but it bet it is a fair few,seems naive to believe its not the case.With regards to political discussions on a football site,i really cant be bothered with it,im not particularly interested in knowing all your political leanings or feelings toward Labour,Conservatives or any other bloody party.Brady will probably ***** *** ***** ** *** ****** once she has pulled it out of your *** John lol

  15. So people start a comment saying that politics shouldn’t come in to football & then spend the next ten minutes being political. Mmm
    can’t we talk about football? If you want to talk politics log on to a political blog.

  16. Good to see the stars have come out.Didnt realise the use of ‘Stick a dildo up your’ were now deemed to not be useable.Though shall not say anything about Brady on C&H,capital punishment is the result.Funny when Gold & now his daughter are the biggest dildo sellers in town lol

    • Like in all business it’s a supply & demand. Nothing that is sold is illegal & if everybody was honest the majority of adults have seen, watched, used or have friends that have done, had personnel experience of items that can be found in their industry.

      • I know,i have no problem with it.I was on about the censoring stars that replaced my reply to Johnboy who hoped that Lady Brady broke her teeth on one of the said lady pleasers lol.

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