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Hammers go cold on striker


baccaSlaven Bilic will make no further moves for Carlos Bacca.

The manager believes that with Andy Carroll, Andre Ayew, and Jonathon Calleri and Enner Valencia on board he has enough strikers.

However, there could be a new arrival in the winter window should  the Ecuador inernational move on.

There has been much speculation on social media that the club is planning talks with Bacca’s agents – as soon as tomorrow – but ClaretandHugh has been told that despite there being a board meeting today (Tues) Bacca is not on the agenda.

We were told there has been no contact with the player for several weeks  from the either from the West Ham end or Bacca’s representatives.

Our best source said: “Our understanding is that he continues to look for a Champions League club and in the meantme Slaven has decided he now has enough strikers.

“Ayew was always his priority as he can play several positions and with Diafra Sakho not gone and Callieri coming in he feels we have enough forwards.”

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • WakeTheWolf says:

    Hmmmm so with the Diafra Sakho situation.
    He’s staying… And will he even play?… After what has happened, do you think they can sort it out?
    I like Valencia as a professional… I think he tries very hard… But as we all know, his ability isn’t quite there.
    I honestly feel.. Sakho and Valencia do need to move on… For completely different reasons.
    Sakho is good enough, his attitude stinks.
    Valencia isn’t good enough, yet he’s a top pro and goes about his business in the right way.

  • Roman says:

    My information is that Bacca had turned his bacca on us some time ago.Anyway he is no longer required as Slav explains.

  • RickHammer says:

    Personally I don’t see Sakho playing for us again.I think he has burnt his bridges with Slav.

  • noaksey1 says:

    Well we finally got the message-don’t want Bacca and don’t need Bacca and he’s never wanted us.Leave him at AC where there is no CL and where it appears that AC don’t want him either.I agree Sakho should go because of his attitude and I thought Valencia was on his way to Turkey.We still have Tore to show his colours,but with Feghouli,Antonio,Carroll,Payet,Tore,Ayew and Lanzini,we have enough guys who can score goals.Better watch out for Barca though,they are hovering around Calleri.

  • danielson79 says:

    Finally an end to this ridiculous sideshow. Its the best story Ive read for weeks. See ya chew bacca.

  • johnboy says:

    Sakho will play ! Carol and him are our only true C/F’s , like him or not he is a top player !
    Fans were all saying that carol is a bit part this a bit part that ! Have people changed their view now ? Carol is a twenty if he stays fit , been saying that all along and got negative replys about his fitness , Valencia is not man enough imo but lately has been showing great willing ! I would have sakho over Valencia all day long ! I’m thinking football not a vendetta ! Big deal he had a bust up , who hasn’t at work ,
    Forgive and move on , any more trouble then send him to Coventry , everyone deserves a second chance in life , that includes footballers ! Paedo’s exempt !!!!
    I hope they make a go of it ,
    We are a better team with him in it?

  • Antman says:

    How can you not expect negative comments about his fitness John.He himself has admitted his injuries have been a curse on him.Why wouldnt fans feel negatively after three seasons of constant times in the treatment room for Carroll.Sorry mate but a 20 a season striker he is not.I know some of our fans think he has diamond encrusted balls but his injury record speaks for its self.Will he avoid a few long-term layoffs this season,i hope so but doubt it.

  • baddowhammer says:

    As soon as a player says he doesn’t want to play for you,that should be enough for you to jog him on.How would he have got on with our fans after this disrespectful performance. COYI

  • johnboy says:

    You’re missing the point ant ? I said if he stays fit ?? And do fans now have a different point of view ! Should he stay or go then , should he be counted as reliable for Bilic without a back up ? Is calleri coming for sure 100% ? Is ayew another moses as some swans are saying , he evidently went missing in games , and he isn’t a loan we paid 20mill ?
    My point is sakho is better by far than Valencia and deserves another go , I remember going to Blackpool and getting beat in the FA cup and mooro and a few were on the juice until the early hours !!! Does that class as disrespect and taking the rise ! Of course it is ! But we all moved on !!

  • johnboy says:

    So baddow does mooro come into that bracket when he wanted to move to the spuds ?
    Was that the time to get rid of him ?
    Get real lads , what’s good for the goose is good for the gander !!
    Its totally OTT with sakho !
    But I respect everyone’s point but don’t agree with most .

    • NESTACRES says:

      I have to say you may be the most deluded person I have come across. Sakho threw his toys out if the pram when dropped when his replacement scored a hat trick. Then said he was injured, has been trying to leave all summer, not trained, then failed a medical and is now training on his own on France and hasn’t reported back to the club since then. Let alone coat the club £16m and a chance to get a new striker. You think that’s acceptable? If that’s the case I’d love to work for you. I just wouldn’t turn up and get paid every week with your support!

      • johnboy says:

        Deluded ? Save the personal bulls#ite , if you can’t have a debate without being personal don’t post , all you do is mug yourself off .
        Time will tell , let’s see what happens with sakho , I say he’s going to play a part when fit, that’s me done ,

  • bubs says:

    Why would you pay that sort of money on him when Bony is £13 million ?
    Just don’t understand what’s stopping us getting Bony he is better for us the Valencia who others want for £12 million,
    Don’t get me wrong I agree he Ian a great Pro but looks even more light weight this year and just does not fit in our team,
    Slav has given him every chance
    Still think Sunderland will come in for Sak or even Palace,
    Better to get someone in now because there is a good chance someone is going to sneeze any second now and be out till January ( sorry not trying to jinx us )
    If not Bony then get Ayew Junior at £8 million cheap,
    Calleri still needs permit and does not fill the current criteria to get one so not a slam dunk ( please don’t say he has a Italian Passport ) because it’s in the post,

  • frankiemacsjockstrap says:

    If Sak HAS played his last game for us (a shame imo based purely on quite a few of his past performances), my big worry is losing out on Calleri to Barca.
    That’ll leave us with AC, Fletcher and Martinez. Ayew’s a goal-scoring mid, not CF imo. And Enner’s, well, Enner.
    Good shout on Bony, bubs, especially at £13mill. Didin’t Citeh want £20-odd mill not too long ago??
    Proven record in the prem, but always looks a little lazy/dis-interested to me. Wouldn’t say no to him though!

  • RickHammer says:

    No one really knows what has gone down with Sakho & that’s good that it has generally been kept in club but how the **** can some fans show so much tolerance with Sakho when they wanted Amalifitano out the door asap.If what’s good for the goose is good for the gander it works both ways.You can’t want one dismembered but be sympathetic for the other because he is better.Do we now have a forgiveness table based on a players ability? Lol

    • johnboy says:

      Absolutely , there is ? Everyone of us are hippocrites to our preferences , that’s why the mooro point matters , its because he was mooro , class ,
      Amoltifano was crap ?? Football is a dirty game of politics , and dosh ? That’s an obvious statement of fact ? Who in their right mind thinks football is about morals , it does not exist.
      Some need to have a reality check ,

      • Stan The Man says:

        Well Johnboy if Sakho never plays for us again then Slav clearly does have all players on a level playing field.I don’t see him treating any player differently from another if they are troublesome based on their abilities.Time will tell.As Rick stated,none of us know the real story,we are just speculating which normally leads to our opinions being base on bull**** lol

  • Dalkirst says:

    I’ve said it before gonna say it again,if we sell one of the above where’s all this 100m TV cash?

  • pabloonechop says:

    No issue about Carroll or Sakho’s ability- the reality and likelihood is that they will both spend large parts of the season injured. Carroll is much more effective off the bench which also reduces his chances of injury.
    The strategy is interesting-we were told that we needed a 20 goals a year striker as that was the difference to moving to next level. I agree with that.Now we have gone for another r/sided attacking player and looks like the budget is spent as we cant shift players.
    Our 20 goals a season player is still missing-with it we could win the league in my view-certainly qualify for CL. Look what Suarez did at Liverpool…

  • Tone says:

    Cool down fellas.The reason I like you bunch of rogues is because you dont take yourselves too seriously.There are plenty of other sites where it seems all they want to do is out do one another with the self held belief that they are the most knowledgeable on the site.Keep enjoying your football & each others banter.Its much more fun than bickering or trying to score points over one another.

  • Michael Miller says:

    When he’s got his head straight Diafra Sakho is a good player – far better than Valencia, if Sakho has some chronic condition that prevents him passing a Medical then our options are pretty limited.

    We can get try and persuade him to retire on Medical grounds – and presumably get some compensation from Insurance – or we’re ‘lumbered’ with him for the period of his Contract and would have to make the best of a bad job.

    In the best of all worlds we would have got shot of both Sakho and Valencia and replace them with quality players – Valencia is a liability and has never fitted into the Team, hopefully we can offload in the next couple of weeks.

    Sakho is a more complicated case, whether Bilic is prepared to work with him, if his presence would be detrimental to the rest of the Squad, whether he can get fit etc etc – a very awkward situation!

  • JMan43 says:

    Sorry guys but think the club is still very much in for Bacca; why the tweet from DS jnr last night otherwise. I hope so as well because he would guarantee the goals the others don’t. We have the money and maybe for once the club is being guarded about its activity. Bacca or a player of that ilk on top of what we already have could make all the difference between a top 5 finish and mid table.

  • bubs says:

    Bacca and Calleri not coming or Ayew junior,
    No more players arriving up top and Enner going,
    We need Fletcher to step up or we I’ll end up with
    Peter Poorwingie,35 and rubbish,
    Banks empty now the sale starts,
    Obiang,Valencia and Poyet maybe Reid could go
    Just my opinion

  • rafaelabertolini says:

    Bacca is overrated and expensive. Only a really good season ENTIRE career.

  • JMan43 says:

    If you look at his scoring record over the last few seasons that would tell a different story.

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