Hammers lay down law to Lisbon on Carvalho

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West Ham are today playing a Β waiting game as Sporting Lisbon consider their latest offer from William Carvahlo.

The Portuguese club have been regularly moving the goal posts throughout negotiations and the Irons have laid down the law saying they have made their final offer..

The Hammers have twice believed the deal is about to be done before the Portuguese negotiators have pushed up the ante by demanding additional extras to those agreed.

But the Hammers have now made it clear this is the final offer in a bid to show the club that such brinkmanship can become a two edged sword.

They have made the biggest offer the Portuguese club has ever received for the player – 30 million euros plus add ons which could take the bid to around Β 42 million euros.

Now they are waiting for a response following the Tuesday night Champions League first leg play off game which saw Lisbon draw 0-0 with Steah Bucharest.

ClaretandHugh was told there was still confidence a deal would be doneΒ but that there came a point where a “line has to be drawn”


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53 comments on “Hammers lay down law to Lisbon on Carvalho

  1. So not happening then πŸ˜† At least we’ve still got Captain Marvel to fall back on πŸ˜†

  2. Im not fussed which one of Carvalho or Danilo Perriera we get.They are both top notch.As long as we get one of the two its happy days.
    Sporting are taking the **** it seems.Its easy to say just pay the ****ing money when it aint your own lol

  3. Ah , the smell of Money . Greedy buggers .

  4. Including the add-ons its pretty much his buyout fee if the rumours are true so not sure why we don’t just pay it… Sporting are like Lyon or the Spuds to deal with, they just take the p1ss until offers get dropped, they don’t really care whether we take him or not and they don’t need the money so they are in a position where they can do as they like.

  5. Β£39 mill buy out clause. Terms agreed with player , buy him?
    Money in the kitty no problem? So who made this a problem ffs
    What goal posts were moved ? Someone needs to explain to the supporters because they were expecting this to happen ! Big blow IMO if it doesn’t !! The player needs to get involved if he wants to come ? Someone is gonna give the sugos a bashing if this doesn’t happen as there is no excuses on this one , floods 40 days and nights.
    Personally , I’ve been expecting this for a while now , about the time we offered 30 mill euros when he has a buy out clause of Β£39.5 mill for a potentially 50-60 mill player !! Pay the money , we took the pesh not them , they just said go do one 😈

    • Thanks for the information. Its great that we have someone here to pass on every detail.

      • What a post ! Don’t want to knock it Stratford but its lacking a bit of substance try the Hegel formula it might help ! Just saying πŸ˜‰

  6. Why were we expecting it too happen Laz? No one at the club has told us it will happen.Its only reading press stories that made us think it might happen.It still might but no one at the club should be expected to sanything or apologize for something the media have built up.
    Why should anyone take a bashing because you have taken everything you have read in the press as pukka.Have a word.If he is a 50-60 mill player why havnt any of the bigger teams not signed him.You need to calm yourself sometimes lol

  7. It’s a bit like buying a house: it’s down to the seller to state their terms and to decide whether there is in room for haggling.

    The only difference is the response of the player himself, if he is psyched up to move to the PL.

    Football is a business and it is no longer possible to hang on to a player who has made his mind up that he wants to be elsewhere – Payet, Coutinho, Costa etc.

    Sully said he’d have liked to have stopped Payet leaving and let him rot in the reserves, but objectively, that’s simply letting an asset depreciate as his contract runs down.

    I’d like to see a Carvalho, or similar come to us because the Mancs game showed that our current defensive midfield isn’t inadequate, but it’s basically down to Sporting.

  8. * any room
    * is inadequate

  9. If its true then fair enough if they keep asking for more when the deal is supposedly done then f!!!em one final offer which is a good offer take it or leave it …if a few deals have broken down at the end before and he wants to come I reckon he will sy something to get it done IMO I think tomorrow they will accept it ..hopefully..πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜±

  10. Buy out clauses are usually millions over the true worth of a player.Thats what they are there for.To put off possible interest or make a club pay it and bag an over the top deal.
    I like Carvalho but it isnt my money and its a lot for whoever is spending it no matter what the WilliamCarvalho experts say.

  11. How many times do we see this,the 2 Daves like to feel they are getting a bargain.
    It’s simple pay the buyout amount get him a medical and get him in the team
    A part from Hart every single signing this year has take 3 weeks to a month
    All the other teams get their man and move on
    Very frustrating as a fan
    The problem is we don’t have enough time to sign any more players or off load the dead wood if every deal is like this

    • And now they want to shorten the summer transfer window.Bubs seems 12 months wouldn’t be long enough for Steptoe &son to get a deal through Lol

  12. It is as simple as that Gareth ? That’s why its put in place and that’s the way it works ?
    Its when the selling club don’t want the player to go and the clauses are not met like buy out clauses , sigurdson is an example , what the club should have done was offered the going rate and if they started being difficult then we pull out instead of dragging on and on when we could be looking and negotiating else where. Sporting put the buy out clause in before the inflated prices took hold recently , they will know they have missed out and being difficault.
    Going in under the asking price was never going to happen IMO , this bloke is worth every penny , let’s hope it’s not dead in the water !

    • Exactly what I said the start of all this Laz ..if the buy out is 39why did we waste our time offering 32 we wouldn’t take it if it was reversed… Especially as we know they are hard to deasl with ..if we offered the full amount there’s not alot they could argue about ..

      • Pretty much kip ? Others have a different view and good on em but that’s the way i see
        It . you and a few others as well more than likely .

      • Even if you offer the buy out fee, there is no guarantee the player will want to sign for you, accept the money your offering or even want to leave the club he is at. We are led to believe he wants the move, but I have not seen any proof of that. We are also led to believe he has agreed terms, once again no proof of that either. Let’s be honest with ourselves and accept the fact that after Sunday’s debacle he may no longer want the move even if he was considering it before.

  13. I said it yesterday, I have no reason to change my mind …….it isn’t going to happen, Jesus said so, and it’s taking too long. Another Bacca saga…….please please let’s just let the club do the business (or not ) and tell us after it’s done.
    It’s becoming Depressing and boring now

  14. Aint seen too many clubs go striaght in with a buy out clause figure or meet the selling clubs valuation of the player straight away.Look how long Swansea & Everton have been grinding it out over Siggy.
    It would be dopey to go straight in with that figure,especially buy out clauses that are always hiked up.
    Most of the talk has been from the media.So far we have been signing him for 27 mill,then 34 mill then we aint.Most of the journos dont know their arse from their elbow when writing about transfers so why take it all so seriously.
    Anyway he will either sign or wont.Aint worth losing sleep over πŸ˜ƒ

    Im sure my grammar is not precise enough for David so i send my sincere apoligises for any mistakes πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • very true mate. If it happens it’ll be good. At least there’s a bit of truth in this one unlike most we read in the media during the summer. Personally, I’d rather we spent big on a CB as this lad’ll have to work his socks off to break up play

  15. Is it safe to say anything or are the grammar police still on patrol πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

    • He seems to have retired to the Bullingdon club studying up on the oxford dictionary to come back and spell check in school teacher mode waving his slipper like tom brown spanking little boys who can’t defend their self while bent over his knee?
      More worryingly is when he comes across bubs and JRS πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  16. I’ve been a follower of this site for a long time, even if I rarely post. I use it as one of many sources of information, religiously reading just one journal is rather blinkered. Football forums such as this are an opportunity for us all to give our opinions although on occasion it seems to spill over to vitriol, even amongst fans of the same team.

    I don’t particularly care if the odd word is spelt wrong or an occasional punctuation error creeps in, I’m guilty of it myself every day at work. But I object to name calling and overt passive aggression. There simply is no need. Opinions can differ but surely we all want the same thing which is for an Irons victory at St Mary’s on Saturday?

    For what it’s worth, my opinion is that I’m not convinced the best part of Β£40m on Carvalho is the solution. I AM convinced that Chicharito is not suited to a one up top formation. I’d rather have two strikers playing, perhaps Sakho if he’s ready to start, especially as Lanzini is still out. 442 and adapt as the season and player availability allows. For me, the money proposed for Carvalho could be spent elsewhere. That said, if he does sign, he’ll get my total flipping support!

    • good words ifbb, agree with everything in your post πŸ˜€

    • We are singing from the same song sheet ifbb, no need for abuse or swearing. We are all supposed to want the same thing WHU as high up the table as we can get. However opinions are varied and long may that continue, but, on this one I do agree too much money for what is a very good player, but, is he what we need. I still feel a creative, player is more of a priority. As much as we al feel Payet did the dishonourable thing, we don’t carry anywhere near the same threat, unless the Jewel is on the park, and my real worry is that the Scouse might pinch him.

      • Think we need a creator too Lanzini does better with only 2 assists last season.
        I think not bidding on Ryad Boudebouz who went for Β£6.5m and was top creator in Europe over Dimi Eriksen KDB Ozil. 11 goals 9 assists at 27 we wanted Gylfi closet to that but good on RW as well was a big miss.
        I think Ajax’s Hakem Ziyech would be great 48 goals and 50 assists in Edervisie league at only 24 in 140 so Apps. Incredible Top creator in league and Europa league. No CL so could get him for Β£20-Β£25m probably and we have only spent net Β£6m.
        But if we get another creative player will probably be Jota who i like mostly a RWer but had 2 assists in 1 game he played and wants the move here. Β£6m-Β£8m should get him which isn’t much in this mkt.
        But Ryad think was big miss.
        Carvalho and Jota i would be ecstatic with and Push Toni up to first squad he should be our 2nd choice striker if not buy.
        Mounie who we were linked with was another big miss at 22 6’3 and fast and Athletic started Premier debut w Brace and Lovely header and then nice left footed shot

  17. Welcome if πŸ‘‹

  18. Laz you’re coming across as a little kid throwing his toys mate

    deals are Never done til they’re done. Why are costa and sanchez still at clubs ? why hasnt Ox left yet ? Coutinho to Barca….done deal ? All deals take time. Sporting are playing hard ball, and thats why 3 moves for this player have broken down in the past. IMO Danilo P is a bigger and better player. Real star in the making. If we ended up with him I’d be happy, but as much as I want the Dave’s to spend, we can’t let teams mug us off over fees.

    • What toys munchie , people dig and say nothing ! People get personal with a word or two and say nothing ? Toys out of the pram is a personal dig mate ! If you don’t agree fine say so but don’t get personal, look atwhat you just wrote ! Its preaching youre pov you know jack like me but preach it ,what you say ain’t gospel and neither is my spiel which mostly is half hearted stuff with some belief. I don’t knock people and their views , so get off the get laz wagon and concentrate on you , believe me you ain’t heard me rant , and you never will , that was long ago when i was a naughty boy ,humour is much better, 🎭

  19. Reckon we should go for Delph and Barkley instead.

    • You mean the Barkley with the torn hamstring, & out for at least six weeks?
      Think we have enough crock players already-being re-named BUPA Rovers Utd next year!πŸ˜‚

  20. Buy out clauses are generally set well in excess of a player’s market value to protect the asset, not as an invitation to bid, so why would anyone offer that as an opener? It just happens that over time, inflationary market values sometimes catch up with a player’s buy out clause. I expect when Neymar’s buy out clause was agreed it was on the basis that no one would ever offer that amount and if anyone was stupid enough to do so then Barca would happily take their money.

  21. The Carvalho thing is looking like a classic West Ham. We were so close. We offered an enormous fee etc. Next day Spuds/Saints/Leicester/ pay up. But haven’t got the heart for a real moan- the owners have done ok. Maybe they couldn’t resist a bit of a tease lol. Old habits die hard…It may still happen, who knows?

    Missed most of this spat on here about grammar. What’s all that about? Mine is ok but I don’t ( normally) go around bragging about it or trying to score points off others. This is a blog not a flipping (sorry old boy ‘wretched’) English exam. Also this is the twenty first century. Write proper English in letters & your jolly old university thesis, but in emails, blogs etc perfect grammar is not essential. Hammer 64 hath spoken.

  22. When 64 hath spoken the whole world stops & listens 😁

  23. And then starts to take the p***!!!

    • Lol its the only way to do it 64.Im just googling some Open University courses,im not sure whether to go for Advanced English Language or Advanced Somalian 😁

      • I wouldn’t advise paying for the advanced somalian course Rads you can get a Somalian Pirate copy rrrrrrrrrr !!!

  24. There’s probably one in Football Studies. That might be the one for me. Then I might be able to make sense of how 4-5-1 is what you need to deal with Three at the Back & why man for man is better than zonal marking. And why the rules say handball has to be intentional, but it doesn’t really mean that if your hand is in an unnatural position ( I think I just got a slap round the face for that in my day lol).

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