Hammers make Klopp contact

KloppWest Ham have been in touch with Jurgen Klopp’s advisers having entered the race to make him the club’s next manager.

We understand that approaches were made once it became clear that the Borussia Dortmund manager announced he was quitting his job in Germany.

We are involved with a clutch of clubs ready to push the boat out big time to get the 47 year old but the club have told ClaretandHugh: “It’s a longshot.”

Our understanding – according to well placed sources – is that co chairman and chief shareholder David Sullivan picked up the phone within seconds of the announcement as he always does when he wants somebody urgently.

ClaretandHugh was told: “The owners love him. It would be a massive coup but our chances, given the competition are about 33/1.

“They are having a go and the are also keen on Rafa Benitez but all the while there is a chance of Klopp there is excitement.

” Jurgen is making his mind up and weighing options. They are trying.”


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19 comments on “Hammers make Klopp contact

  1. If he watched us today he will have changed his phone number so they cant contact him again,lol 😀

  2. Yeah!!! One ray of Sunshine into the darkness…


  3. why not pick him up in the taxi you drop the fat man off in

  4. Would be great to get him.Dont think it will happen though.It makes me laugh on another unnamed site.You have Hamburger there trying to explain to them about Klopp,his mindset,what he would like as a project.But they all think they are so f*cking knowledgeable about everything they would rather spout their crap than listen to someone who is at least in the same country & knows about him a damn sight more than any of them do.What is it they say,a little knowledge is a dangerous thing 😀

  5. I know it is all very much pie in the sky guys. But I am reasonably convinced that Klopp is not the type of manager to join a Man City or Liverpool. Napoli maybe. Or Athletico Madrid.
    maybe, just maybe an ambitious project like West Ham moving into the OS, being based in London and one of the better supported traditional clubs in the Premier League.
    It’s good to hear we are at least sounding Klopp out. He may say No of course.
    But hopefully we can sit down with him, show him the plans for the OS, outline our vision for improving the squad and see where it takes us.

  6. Why not give it a go Hamburg.Nothing ventured nothing gained.I wont be so dismissive of your beliefs on this matter as some,lol 😀

  7. Well i know little about him apart from watching bundesliga highlights & the champions league.I certainly know nothing about his motivations when it comes to managing a club,what makes him tick.But im just an ill educated C&H member so what do you expect,lol 😉

  8. I may be getting cynical but it is no surprise to me the names being banded about when there are season tickets to sell and web pages to write. Also the way the owners ( or one if them)is behaving towards the current manager does not inspire others to join in my view. All these big names are long shots- we may be left with little to choose from but I see more realistically we have been linked with Martinez and Monk both of whom offer premier league experience which I thought we were advised was a key criteria.
    Btw do we still have our attacking coach and what does he do all day?

  9. Making contact is easy selling our club is a bit different,and as already said any manager watching today’s game will want enough transfer budget to buy a whole new team,
    Why are the players so down ?they get paid and a part from BFS boys don’t get slagged off
    Surely they get win bonus,s,they must have some self pride some even want new contracts,
    We need total motivation from some where and BFS AND NOLAN are not going to provide it,

  10. We have teddy but whats the point of him doing anything recently,we only need the midfield & defence worked with.Sam has forgotten what forwards are for.When you have 34% & 33% possesion in the last two games what do you need forwards for,lol 😉

  11. I hope Klopp at least agrees to an interview. Who knows ? Maybe at that poit we will have the Europa League qualification wrapped up through the Fairplay rankings.
    As I pointed out before: Klopp is not the type to take over a complete squad, a finished article and win titles with a transfer budget of 150 million every year.
    He’s never done that before in his career and I’m not convinced he will start doing it now by joining Man City, Real or PSG.
    Make no mistake, we have a lot going for us at this point. Not necessarily on the pitch of course, but I would put that down to the insecurity and state of limbo we are in more than anything else.
    Our squad has a decent foundation already. Bring in 3-4 quality additions, beef the squad up with some more not quite so expensive players to allow for rotation and we should be fine.
    I feel Klopp wants to find a club where he could become a legend like he did at Dortmund. Can he do that at Man City which is a thankless task in my view, because only the title is good enough there ?
    Or could it be West Ham looking for progress on the pitch, performance wise AND results wise ?

  12. It’s a pity our management and team have not got your infusiation Hamburghammer,
    And I am glad you are on our site talking sense and being listened to not mock as on other sites ,
    But no new can be put in place until the old is weeded out,
    The majority now has to be heard as the minority grows smaller,
    BFS must leave now

  13. Longshot?? You can say that again!
    West Ham will end up with someone like Alec McLeish – that’s my prediction!

  14. Big clubs make it terribly difficult for managers to be successful, there are very rare exceptions like Alex Ferguson at Man U or Wenger at Arsenal as the expectation levels are ludicrously high. Not only are you expected to play successfully in the CL every season, you also need to challenge for the title time and time again.
    That doesn’t tie in with what Klopp has done in his previous managerial career, he takes team at a certain level and gets them to a bigger and better level by building a team, developing young players, integrating them into the first team along the way and forming a bond with a club hierarchy and the fans.
    Doesn’t sound like Man City are his kind of environment at all.
    Tell me one other club in Europe at this point that offers the same combination of percet storm inducing ingredients like West Ham:
    Midtable club, huge fanbase, moving into a modern iconic stadium, based in London, Premier League football, big increase in income and transfer kitty expected and a chance to still put your stamp on a team that is by no means the finished item yet.
    If he wants to manage in England, we are in with a decent shot I reckon.
    There has been previous contact with Napoli though, so he might go there if he fancies some nice weather as well.
    At the risk of making me look stupid at the end of the summer: I do fancy our chances of getting Klopp in. If not him, hopefully Bilic, Bielsa or Martinez.

  15. hey Hamburg you know what the problem is with all this banter going around looking for a new manager apparently G & S dont want a Foriegn manager so they have said in the past when there both at the boleyn ground they dont see supporters of a once great football club they see these £££££ as long as West Ham are in the Premier League in over a years time they wouldnt care if Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck were in charge.In years gone by since I was 5yrs old standing on a crate in the old South Bank with my old man grandad uncles watching football like i never knew the clubs colours got me hooked then as I got older standing with my mates on the South Bank watching our heroes whether we won lost or drew we were entertained since the fancy dans took over in 1992 the premier league & skyhave ruined football its not a game for the ordinary man who took hes son on a Saturday or midweek game its now about lets bore you to death with a crap manager no fun no excitement no point I love West Ham in name only never the manager just the 11 on the park

  16. Probably won’t get him but the publicity will certainly put us in the window for a class manager

  17. Btw, if we do get him, are we gonna call him ‘Klipperty’ ?

  18. Just a thought, the way Liverpool played in the semi final , maybe, just maybe Rogers will go and Benitez will take over his beloved Liverpool and then we can sign up Rogers.
    If not Gary Monk appeals

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