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Hammers must halt the hugging and handshakes

West Ham’s squad and all others will come under the spotlight tomorrow (Sat)  as the government’s patience is believed to be running thin with over the top celebrations.

David Moyes has made it clear that players remain nervous of taking covid back to their families after training and games.

Now the  Premier League and English Football League are determined to ensure that players ensure they keep all celebrations within the limits.

When the game re-stared last season celebrations were kept to a minimum but this campaign physical contact has clearly increased.

We understand that the Hammers squad, probably like all others, has been told to ensure there is no  hugging, shaking hands or swapping shirts when they meet Burnley tomorrow and going forward

The top-flight last week issued new protocols, including instructions for players to avoid mass celebrations, hugging, and they are now set to write to referees to instruct them to remind captains before games to stick to the guidelines.

EFL’s new chief executive, Trevor Birch, has written to his clubs to warn of “extreme governmental pressure if we continue to flout rules and guidance”.

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

4 comments on “Hammers must halt the hugging and handshakes

  1. Seems weird to stop them celebrating together, they already spend all their time together and football is a contact sport, it surely wouldn’t make a difference. I will be really disappointed if I see the players hold back on celebrating, would be such a shame. Some of the fittest and healthiest lads in the country, they are the last ones that should be worrying about COVID

  2. Hugh you have the ear of people who matter at our club. So, I appreciate you thought piece. May, I also ask you to get our players, subs, managers as well the visitors not spitting on the pitch or on the concourse or in the tunnel whilst waiting to come out. In an average match, you are likely to see 23 gobbling average. I am like you a season ticket holder and I’ve counted it as it is a disgusting habit and at this particular time could spread the deadly virus.

    These same people would not spit in their Arden or front lawn but is is ok to spit on or near a football pitch.

    Furthermore, the Borough of Newham bye laws prohibit spitting in public places. It is an offence to spit in a public place.

    In 2011, Newham became the first borough in London to ban spitting in public after receiving complaints from residents. All London boroughs now have the power to fine people £80 for spitting in public.

    Technically, the stadium might be a private property but it is a place which in normal times is cities by the public…..the club’s supporters.

    During televised matches, the cameras catch players spitting. At the same time people watching the match at home are eating their meals and can do without repeated images of gobbing by millionaire footballers.

    Not only such behaviour undermines the local regulations and also sets bad example for young children.

    Can we get our stadium to be the first stadium to be a ‘spit-free stadium and enjoy watching out team in company of children and enjoy sharing some food togather?

    I understand the physiological need to bring up phlegm up from chest. The same urge occurs when doing exercises in a gym. People do not spit in the gym, or do they?

    No tennis player spits on the court despite the fact that they are often longer on the court than the footballers.

    Pls consider and please help take some action. Let us make our club the first to ban spitting on the pitch or areas surrounding the pitch.

    • My long-held sentiments exactly! So many viruses are passed that way, and although footballers are supposed to be top athletes, they seem to have an issue which other very active sportsmen don’t! I put it down to a version of ‘mans playing’ where it started as a macho sign but now accepted as ‘normal’ in MENS football!

  3. Absolutely no excuses. No ‘lost in the moment’. There will be slips and people will need reminding. We cannot justify unneccessary and inappropriate (for these times) actions and contact. Would also be better if the TV tried a lot harder not to show us these indiscretions when they occur. We can do without examples of how others do wrong. We are trying to save lives, keeping some space in our hospitals and trying to get on top of this so that we can all go back to work and provide for ourselves and our dependants. It’s not about making a TV news programme, causing chaos and bringing down the Government. Give the people at the game a chance to do the little things without showing them on the TV screens.

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