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Hammers ready to hit Sakho hard!

SakhoDiafra Sakho will tomorrow meet  Slaven Bilic at the Rush Green Training Ground and should he choose not to turn up will be fined a week’s wages – £27k.

And that would come on top of the £54k the club will take from him his monthly pay cheque for his trip to France which resulted in two days of missed training.

The club are entirely fed up with the Senegal international’s tantrums and will take a seriously hard line with him after his latest attempt to hold the club to ransom.

He will be told in no uncertain terms that any more issues which see him cross the line will be treated with regular fines and that he should now settle down to securing a new West Ham deal in January or be given the chance to move on should the right offer be made.

ClaretandHugh has discovered the Hammers have placed a £15 million price tag on the striker which is as low as it gets in the market this summer.

But Bilic will tell him that should he play in at least half the games between now and January and score a minimum of six goals the club will honour their promise of a move or new deal.

He will also be told that he has let himself,  the club, but chiefly the fans down and that the time has  come for him to get his life in order and repay West Ham United with the performances of which he is capable.

But any sort of transgression will bow be punished with a fine each time leaving the striker in a difficult financial position.





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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

37 comments on “Hammers ready to hit Sakho hard!

  1. OOOOhhh! That’ll make a big difference to our season. Good on them.

  2. Ooohh! That’ll make a big difference to our season. That’ll show him.

  3. …which will put him in just the right frame of mind to perform…

  4. Big F…ing deal.When put into context its nothing.They are so deluded they think we will let all this inactivity in the transfer market be forgotten as long as they spank Sakhos bottie.What a bloody joke.They have screwed every Hammers fan with their empty promises and i can feel a backlash coming over the next few days not to mention how all this impacts on the team.**** ups and breweries come to mind.

  5. Comically amateurish. Payet throws a strop and we have to sell, but we can play hardball over Sakho, who’s acted at least as bad.

    £25m you do a deal. £9m or whatever it is you wave your p**** in the air, and play hardhat.

    Small man syndrome.

  6. Give this crap a rest Hugh ? Its the transfer fiasco we all want to talk about and the clowns behind it ? Do a poll on the board ! That will get some clicks 😴
    Were all done on the sakho flog ? 😁

  7. Play Toni he earned a chance and Chica should.be in 2 man strike team.
    Last thing we need is Sahkos attitude messing w dressing room AnD sqaud’s frame of mind like Payets did.
    So if they play him if he is just strolling around Bilic has to pull him. We could have bought Perez Mounie Babacar who was keen on wner to Brighton etc and sold him on if stuck w 2 strikers we were supposed to get

  8. Got to say Sakho has been a stick on ‘Le Sulk’ since about day one. A day or two before the transfer deadline and he arranges his own medical at Rennes???!!! What the hell is he up to? West Ham medical staff have finally got him fit and it’s time to repay them by turning into Le Incredible Sulk?! He’s yet another ‘Prima Donna’ who has ‘really got some front’. Berk.

  9. Hughie,Sean if youre still about.Is it true what Sky say that Quina is staying with us now? 😃

  10. 😴😴😴😴😴

  11. He’s made a complete laughing stock of the club today with his antics. We have been made to look like a kid’s club, once again. I really thought those days were behind us. Regrettably, he will play up again. Just a matter of time.

  12. No matt the board has ffs ? Amature,s?

  13. I got to go to bed Laz otherwise the mood im in right now will break my vow of calmness i made on here ages ago 😁😁
    If i read the transfer figures again i might start taking it all too seriously again & if i do that ‘er indoors gets peed off & cuts my rations of boinking 😂😂😂

  14. This is on Sky now


    Sky sources: Sakho explained his personal problems to West Ham and they were very understanding. All issues have now been resolved and Sakho may now be offered a new deal.

    Sakho would like to make it clear that he is proud to play for West Ham, and has total respect for the club and West Ham fans.

    He wanted to move to Rennes because of a personal problem but now understands why he has to stay.

    • New deal ! 😂😂 regardless of it being sky rads I can see sully doing it ! Then there’s bilic 😂
      Go to bed mate , before the men in white knock on you’re door 😂

  15. I cannot remember a more deflating transfer window (and thats saying something).Tomorrow they will be blaming everybody for the lack of signings.Oh we nearly go this done and that one over the line but they moved the goalposts at the last minute.If we lose to Huddersfield a week on Monday the two barrow boys will be carted to Tyburn and hung drawn and quartered along with Bilic.The Carvalho deal hurts in that it sounds like they were never close to concluding a deal and it all stinks and feels like last Summers empty promises.Love to know what they have hoarded in their offshore accounts since moving from the Boleyn.?

    • I said the Carvalho deal was not going to happen over a fortnight ago no surprise there.
      I agree a really under whelming window, Chico apart only 2 players no one else wants and another potential loose canon that can explode at the drop of a hat.

  16. 😂 night night 👪 carefull 👶

  17. There saying he has let the fans down that’s rich. Coming from. The clowns who are running the club

  18. Sky…oh sorry, ‘My Sources’ are saying that nothing is happening, Sakho and Quina are not moving, what they are saying is that Sakho is citing ‘unspecified personal problems’ for his desire to leave, nothing more than that.

    Fining Sakho would seem a bit counter-productive, money means nothing to these guys – we want him to play, we have no cover, you’d think they’d bend over backwards to help him over his troubles and keep him onside!

  19. This is the 14 th article on Sakho I think, the transfer window may have been poor but Hugh has shown the club how to get full value out of Sakho during the window 😉

  20. Sky have reported that apparently Sakho is now happy and proud to play for the club after mention of a new contract from the owners, who knows whats next …

  21. 32- I can tell you mate. A long ******* season…

  22. Does that count as a new signing than ! The new contract after he left the club 😂😂
    I remember saying the other day , either let him go or offer a new contract ,but that was before the strop to force one over the line ? It might have worked ?
    Or its just to protect him from walking in the summer with a buy out clause 😂😂😂 £15 mill is peanuts for him , Gayle is up for 18 at the bar codes??
    Its all finished now so let’s wait for the crap from the barons lol this could get nasty ? 😉

  23. Let him rot and train alone until we can ship him out in January. I cannot see why this ungrateful idiot should ever wear our colours again. What is it about certain French derived players, thinking the world owes them a living when they’re not even willing to put in a decent shift for the club (or am I allowed to say that in these politically liberal and oh so PC times???)

  24. Everyone in a good mood this morning then? 😁

  25. If they are it will be a first Rad lol

  26. All in shock ,Boardette,s even keeping quiet 😂
    Very quiet this morning rads, ? Where’s the board poll , or unfit carvalho shines for Portugal
    In route? 😂😂😂
    Nothing about the transfer fiasco or the limited players available for the battle ahead !
    Not even a picture of noble doing back flips in his new rebuilt v8 turbo scooter 😂😂😂

  27. Exactly mate 🍺🍺🍺🍺😉

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