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Financial details of the transfer window revealed

money_in_footballA senior source close to the club has revealed the true investment this summer spending insisting claimed transfer fees received this summer or wages released have often been inflated in media reports while inbound wages of new players were often under estimated.

Given the chance to reveal the true figures the senior source revealed:

Summer Spending Inbound

Pablo Zabelta Free Transfer on wages £70,000 per week

Joe Hart Season long loan on wages of £100,000 per week

Marko Arnautovic £25m with add ons on wages of £65,000 per week

Javier Hernandez £16m transfer fee on wages of £135,000 per week

Total Spend £41m  Wages of £370,000 per week or £19.24m per year

Summer Outbound dealings

Havard Norveit Transfer fee £4m received  Wages of £40,000 per week released

Darren Randolph Transfer fee £5m received Wages of £20,000 per week released

Ashley Fletcher Transfer Fee of  £4m received Wages of £16,000 per week released

Robert Snodgrass £1m loan fee means all the £50,000 per week  wages is released

Gokhan Tore End of loan releasing £40,000 per week of wages released

Jonathan Calleri End of loan £40,000 per week of wages released

Sofiane Feghouli £3.8m Transfer Fee received Wages of £60,000 per week released

Enner Valencia £5m  Transfer fee received Wages of £40,000 per week released

Alvaro Arbeloa  Retired at end of contract Wages of £55,000 per week released

Transfer Fees in = £21.8m

Outgoing wages released £361,000 per week or £18.77m per year 

Net transfer Spend totals £19.2m

Net increase of player wages of £59,000 per week this summer or £3m per year

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About Sean Whetstone

I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

40 comments on “Financial details of the transfer window revealed

  1. Big deal. That’s next level spending after last year’s fiasco ( err…and ‘saving’) is it? £19m?
    We’ve been lied to about every aspect of the move from the Boleyn, be it seating and the distance from the pitch, the precedence of ‘our’ fixtures, , and most of all the need to do it to move to the ‘next level’. In their defence I suppose they didn’t specify whether the ‘next level’ would be down or up.

  2. Blimey!

    Who does the maths?

    – 21.8m
    = 9.2m

    Where did the extra 10m come from?

  3. £19 million is laughable but nothing more than i expected.What was the tele deal worth to each club ?

  4. What about the 20million we didn’t spend on za za witch was saved for this window??? Even without that ..its not a spend of a club moving forward… Sad and embarrassing

  5. Enough is enough.Its time they were shown we aint putting up with this no longer.They are taking the P out of us all.

  6. It looks like pennies compared with what a lot of sides are spending right now to strengthen their squads.What were we going to use as currency for the Carvalho deal?.Making out its like old mother hubbards cupboard.Anybody we can get on loan B4 11pm for nothing please.Its like something from Charles Dickens.All the promises of moving to the next level when in reality we are in the basement.

  7. Can’t believe Del Boy Grandad and Co didn’t sign anyone at the deadline after the way we have started the season. I seriously think that they had not intention at all as all 3 were supposedly not around at the club today to talk to Sakho. Wouldn’t you think they would be there so they’ve could attempt to put a deal together ? They don’t know how to run a modern day top six club, and I really think they have set Bilic up to fail even a season bad as he has been….. also watched Carvalho tonight for Portugal, can’t believe we didn’t make the deal because in this market and with the tv money, it’s not that much anymore, it’s going to be a long season….

  8. Championship teams will have a bigger net spend than that.Wolves have spent more i bet.Absolute joke of a board.

  9. All of which forgets the cash surplus from selling Payet AND that last years budget assumed buying Zazza.

  10. Calleri made £40k wow.

  11. IF we lose to hudd i hope the fans show them what we think of this spend.Not just take it like the morons they think we are.This has disgusted me when reading these figures.Grrrrrr

  12. what is going on at our club? are the owners blind to the fact the team are pi$$ poor?
    I thought we were aiming to keep up with Everton… this is going to be a long long season & realistically if we stay up it will be successful. Bilic will be gone by Xmas

  13. Is it a 4 million profit we’ve made in the transfer market over the last 2 years, someone at work said it was earlier.is this what we left Upton park for, fans mugged of again

  14. Compared with some similar sized Clubs you’ve got to say that this Transfer Window is very disappointing.

    Fair enough, you’d say that a certain amount of ‘dead-wood’ has been culled from the Squad but only four bodies have been brought in – it’s a question of numbers, we need more players, there is no cover, no provision for the inevitable injuries or suspensions. The Squad is paper thin, there is not enough quality.

    Sean’s figures only demonstrate to me that the investment has not been put in, virtually none of the Television money bonanza – this is probably the lowest ebb for years.

    The Club seems rudderless, there’s no Leadership, no vision, it’s just a mess!

    • At least we have got popcorn Michael 😁

      • Don’t get me going on that – I depressed enough as it is – and I haven’t recieved my Programme Vouchers – bloody West Ham couldn’t organise a pi££ up in a brewery!

  15. I don’t Believe a word of it, and I can’t see how Sean does either unless he is more gullible than he looks.

  16. Inflated etc figures or not – in the biggest transfer window ever, the real ones are frankly embarrassing

    You could double the net spend on wages and fee’s and it would still not be enough

  17. Sean, when you speak to your close source at the club next time, let him know baying for blood is where most of us are now, their promises and actions do not match and if there was one thing we needed that was a DCM and for the difference of £5 million they have left us in trouble. Why give Bilic more time if you weren’t going to back him. They are rapidly losing the fan base!

  18. Wow we are so thin in every position, now it looks like we have only one reliable striker. Cant believe we haven’t signed anyone and them gready basterds couldn’t care less. I can see a bigger exodus than the isaralites or arsanal come January.

  19. It could be worse we could be Chelsea or Arsenal, no one even wants to join them *put’s tin hat on* 😉

  20. It will be interesting also to see if Leicester get a deal done for Adrien Silva from SL they supposedly offered £4m for him which is refused but according to sky have asked for a 2 hour extension, if they can get that deal done then it would suggest that we probably could have gotten the Carvalho deal done.

  21. I appreciate this website as providing the news but sometimes it goes too far in being apologists or worse, a mouthpiece for the club. I appreciate it is difficult to find the right balance but please don’t insult the fans intelligence.

    Whether or not we believe the numbers, how about the wages for Burke, Cullen, Quina and Oxford as well as the loan fees we may have received (not massive I grant you, but significant). Dobson and Spiegel also left on undisclosed fees, again not massive and we save on their wages too.

    And as many have said above, the whole purpose of leaving the Boleyn was to take us to the next level. We leave ourselves massively exposed up front with only Chico and an unfit AC and a deeply unhappy Sakho (surely any decent management could have predicted the fass of today?). And if they couldn’t, they simply are not communicating. Why waste £9m (and wages) on a player who I guarantee now will be uncommitted and start the whole process in January. I know there was no one available at such late notice but we left ourselves wide open.

    All in a year when the Sky money has massively escalated. I gave the two Daves the benefit of the doubt for a few years but like many others, I think they may finally realise their chickens have come home to roost.

  22. I suppose were not getting shelves for our beer then miss piggy ? What with no finances and b&q taking the piiss on the price of shelves ! Moving the isles about so you could not make a purchase ! Oh well looks like the off cut section then and hold them up with sky hooks cheers , 🍺 😂😂

  23. Here’s a theory. These souvs have wanted to sell up from day one but to do so would cause a sh*t storm of epic proportions. Not just with the fans but nationally. What if the were hounded out though? They could then take the moral high ground by saying that they did everything they could for the club but the fans just didn’t want us there. Job done. They are acting as if they want the club to fail.

  24. That’s ‘spivs’*

  25. Well, that’s the maths sorted out. Now, to get back to playing until January without a credible defense. I can’t wait to see the results – not !

  26. On another day green man ,the boardettes would attack you for comments like that 😉
    I said they were not to be trusted years ago mate , false , liars and totally full of bullshyte, the brand and greed to accumulate money is a disease , a drug , they don’t ,/ can’t spend it ,
    Maybe they are just gathering the loan in before departing because the job is to big for them !
    Neymar has shown exactly what these muppets are all about, big time Charlie’s , 😈

    • I was told by someone at by beginning of last year’s window there would be no marquee signing and the owners have no intention of spending money,they will be happy to just avoid relegation for a few seasons and then they will sell up for maximum profit.Part of the deal for stadium was if it is sold within a few years the taxpayer will get part of it so our owners are waiting this out,it’s the same as any other business for them all about maximum profit

  27. We’ve been lied to so many times it’s scandalous .
    Carvello transfer a joke from the start.
    HUGH and SEAN should be ashamed of themselves being the feed from the inept owners
    We do not have the squad to make the the top 10. Several unhappy players already, we’re bottom and have a very slow defence . To many promising players out on loan when we could do with them here. A crop of youngsters that the manager will not use.
    A totally confused team,I really can’t see us having a succesfull season.
    Other teams like WBA and Swansea doing better business than us.
    We’ve been sold a lie and I’m embarrassed.

  28. Ha ha spending like a top six club that we aim to be!
    Would like to see a nett spend table, any ideas where we are?

  29. And the new 3rd shirt is rubbish

  30. Maths isn’t my strongest suit, but even by my reckoning new wages of £370k per week minus old wages of £361k per week gives a £9k (or approx. £450k per year) differential🤔

  31. I don’t knock the site as you can’t bite the hand that feeds…
    However every year we fall for the same bs-noisy dealings lead to nothing and we generally end up with players no one else fancies. The problems are obvious in our team- my one surprise with our owners is how they are prepared to flirt each season with relegation. Sadly avoiding that, will now be our goal this year.next window will be the same I just hope we all wise up. Birmingham fans called it,we thought as ‘fans’ it would be different. They need now to be careful- our fans won’t stop caring but they aren’t mugs either.

  32. It’s a carrot and stick approach to running a club. You can talk until you’re blue in the face but things aren’t going to change soon.
    Voting with your feet and not buying tickets to the London Stadium is the only way to change things but is there going to be a sufficient number going to do that? I don’t think so.
    The owners know there are people waiting in the wings to purchase season tickets not taken up by those current holders. They can then string along those newbees for a year or three until they feel mugged off and then they’ll be more to replace them.
    The owners aren’t mugs……….too right!

  33. Considering all the revenue streams and especially big broadcasting deals this is hardly the next level……especially in comparison with other similar if not much smaller EPL sided.

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