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Swansea “go missing” as Irons look to seal deal

ayewWest Ham have had made an improved offer of £20 million bid for Swansea’s Andre Ayew which is what the Welsh club demanded after our initial bid of £15 million was knocked back

However, the Swans have “gone missing ” over the last 24 hours after we decided not to haggle towards a conclusion but offer precisely the fee required.

Bizarrely, we have learned that the club is blanking calls from  the player, manager and agent although the Irons are still hopeful  the deal will be done.

ClaretandHugh has been told within the last few minutes by our top source: “The deal is in place with player although Swansea gone missing for 24 hours. We have now bid the 20m they want.

RR Very High“We would want to complete the switch next week –  but the refusal to answer calls is odd.”

Forward Ayew was linked with West Ham last summer when his deal ran out at Marseille but we refused to pay his wage demands.

Now , however, we are prepared to offer around £70k a week for a striker who can also play wide and offer real variety to our attack.

Although he lost a little form last season, Ayew still managed 12 goals and the 26 year old’s arrival will allow the Hammers to look at moving Diafra Sakho on.

The Irons are also hopeful of competing another striker deal over the next seven days with Jonathon Calleri arriving on wages we believe to be around £40k a week.



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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

51 comments on “Swansea “go missing” as Irons look to seal deal

  1. 15 mil sounded a Steal and it was ! – I went to the Welsh website and they really don’t want him to go , Personally I think Sakho is as good but if he wants to go then he must !
    This guy is a good ball player around the box and scores goals so should link up well with Lanzinie & Payet . I still think we need another top notch out & out striker as 30 Mil will be coming in from Sakho & Valencia and we were saying we were going to spend big before ( that’ was the reason Sakho & Valencia are going in the first place ! ) .

  2. Calleri’s been ‘about to arrive’ for at least a month now. I think our owners should go into politics, as they seem masters of delaying deals

    • Calleri agreed to sign.He holds an Italian passport but is waiting on a work permit.But let’s not let that stop a good whine eh.

      • There you go again. Slagging of other fans. Change the record it is getting very boring. Go troll somewhere else Ray.

  3. Slimani ? Aboubakar ? Jonathas ?

  4. Knocked back not nocked

    • I have never understood why fans like you use sites.You are just one in a long line who correct spelling on sites but can offer nothing with regards to the subject matter or our club.You are idiots.Perhaps i should say idiotz.Go on correct that silly little boy!!!

  5. a lot of fan sites are reporting Barcelona sniffing around Callieri as a back up striker to their 3 hopefully he is more ambitious than that. As for Ayew £20 million the price for average players is going up, what I will say about him is that he does tend to put a shift in and maybe he will score more goals this season if we create enough chances for him, all this assuming the reports are correct and a deal can be done.

  6. What a shocking piece of business, another player up top with no pace. I am beginning to wonder how we are going to penetrate teams and score this season with no pace in the team up top. A panic buy if there was ever one – if he was any good Swansea would not be selling. Disgusted by this deal, this transfer will prob make us a top 12 team not a top 4 team. Just cannot understand it, certainly will not excite the fans.

    • Agree, if this is true then it is a shocking signing. Ayew is the kind of player a newly promoted team tries to sign. Not a team claiming to have top 4 ambitions.

      Everyone else has turned us down so I guess they have gotten very desperate.

      Also he has a very poor attitude and is not a dressing room favourite

    • You are the fans spokesman are you John.It excites me if he replaces Valencia I promise you that.

      • I was only joking about the fans spokesman comment by the way.I am just confirming that before I get called a troll as well lol

  7. I disagree,**better that bacca charade.

  8. Oh stop it Johnham.No pace??? It is fans like you who are never ****ing happy!!!
    All this from the man who thinks Valencia should be a regular starter ha ha haha

  9. JB, he has no pace, awful body language and yes I would love to see Valencia up top instead of players like AC. I love the way we played with two pacey players up front. I want us to go back to that and not to where we were before with players who have little r no pace. This is a poor deal but if it goes through I will be delighted to say I was wrong if he proves me wrong. From what I have seen unfortunately I do not see it.

  10. I think Ayew is a very good player.You have short memories if you dont remember his display against us at Upton Park at the end of the season.
    Anyway keep grumbling lads,its what you do best.Some of you are absolute shockers.

    • Or some just have other opinions than yourself. Seems as if all you ever actually do is slag of people for their opinions. Guessing you are a troll.

      • Troll,i have supported this club for over 50 years.Which is why reading the constant pathetic whining on forums ****es me off.Some of you sound like blue rinse,bingo wings.Never happy no matter what the club does.I said the other day I dont understand forum users,i dont,9 out of 10 users only come on to criticise everything the club does.Why do so few fans use them.I will tell you why,because if you ask them why they don’t it is because they can’t stomach the negativity!!

        • Do you not see the irony in every one of your posts then Ray?

          If you clearly cannot not stomach people having a different opinion, or the fact that not every football fan is a glass half full type, plus the fact you clearly seem to hat footy forums. Then here is an idea. Stay away from them.

          Personally I doubt very much you have ever seen a West Ham game live, because if you had then you would know that the fans that come across as the most negative or as you like to put it (moaning the most) on the forums or in the pubs, bookies or at the actual games tend to be far and away the most passionate football fans going.

          Reason? Because they are the ones who care the most and have their own club in their heart the most.

          For example. many fans may have their moans on places like here, may vent their frustrations on places like here, but when at the game they are the ones leading the chants, cheering on their team as loud as they can and are there through thick and thin and always behind the team the most.

  11. Ayew will also miss games early next year as it’s likely he will be called up for his Country in the A-C-O-N.

  12. He has a point Stinger lol forums,sites,blogs,whatever you want to call them can be bloody negative sometimes lol
    But still I think Ayew is a good player & would happily take him. If Jordan Ibe is worth £15 m after about 10 first team games for the bin dippers then Ayew is worth £20m & he is a millions time an upgrade on Valencia.If we can get £10/12m for him then Ayew is worth £20m.My opinion & I’m sticking to it 🙂
    The day we sell Valencia I will do the chicken dance,lambada & birdie song all at once lol

    • Antman, see my last post above to him.

      I think a blind man ,with one leg would be an upgrade on Valencia.

      • Yeah I saw it Stinger.I don’t dislike the lad & hope if he leaves to go abroad he has a great career but he stinks in the premier imho 🙂

  13. Ayew is a good player , but then again so is Sakho . Does he really want to leave or is it a internal problem ? . Shame if it is cos he was exciting and full of potential . Same goes for Valencia . Callieri is not the great player he is being pumped up to be in my opinion .
    Dithering over players has cost us the loss of a few I’m sure . Thought we had a strong unit last season . It only needed fattening out , not thinning out .
    But , one must suppose West Ham and Biliic know what they’re doing .

    • Kevin im sure buy the windows end our squad will have been ‘fattened out’.Valencia isnt functional in the prem & Sakho has gone Mr.Moody.Im still puzzled by the Sak situation.Fans I saw telling us Amalifitano should be booted into touch for having a bad attitude now saying Sakho should be allowed to stay & give him a kiss & a cuddle lol
      It’s strange logic isnt it or am I losing the plot lol

      • Agreed it is very strange.Amalifitano was castigated for his actions from here to eternity.Sakho kicks off & he should be given a pay rise for it.Yet another situation I am perplexed about.Is there one rule for one,one for another based on ability?
        Surely it shouldn’t work like that.As fans we can’t say something is ok for one player but not for another because he is a favourite of theirs.No,one rule for all I believe.If not you end up with total anarchy & chaos in the club.

  14. & I dont have a Scooby why some guy on Wet Pants keeps comparing his value as the same as Kevin Gameiro.He has just cost AM between 28-30m.Oh well.

  15. Reckon most of us are confused , Antman . A bit frustrated as well . You’re probably right about getting players in before the window shuts though . Let’s just hope they are good enough to warrant the fee . Anyway , new season ,new home , new dreams and new hope .
    Come on you Hammers .

  16. Transfer fees have gone crazy.It is exactly what you would expect to pay for him in this day an age sadly.As someone said,if Bournemouth pay 15 million for a player who has a handful of first team matches under his belt in Jordan Ibe then it shows the transfer market has gone mad.
    Ayew would be a huge upgrade on Valencia & the Valencia sale will balance the books to make this pretty inexpensive as an upgrade.Sorry but I am still at a total loss as to why fans still rate Valencia.It is perplexing to me.

  17. Why is there so much talk about Ayew being the ’20 goal a season’ signing on our sites.He isn’t even an out & out forward,he is a left sided attacker not an out & out front man.He will surely be the replacement if Valencia goes wont he.I dont think his signing has anything to do with the possible striker signings or a replacement for Diafra if he were to go.I think some of our fans think he is ment to be the mystical ’20 goal’ forward.He ain’t haha 😀

    • Correct Sams.He is a left sided player,can play as a winger or on the left side of the park.If this deal goes through then I expect to see that waste of space Valencia out of the door asap.If of course we can find some mugs to buy him.Ayew most certainly isn’t the 20 goal a season striker.I expect that move to be a completely different signing.Though the 20 goal a season mantra is bull****.There are very few about to buy in the first place.Sullivan did himself no favours with that comment

  18. To become a top 4 team we need top 4 forwards,
    AC,Valencia,Sakho,Moses and Emineke got us as high as they had the skill to go
    We now need better players Tore and Feggolui are a start
    Calleri would be a start,
    Ayew,Gomez,Jess,Bacca,Barahino would all be an upgrade
    The cost is down to the owners
    It’s not the fans getting restless it’s the information we are being fed true all false and you get a reaction,
    But weather you are a season ticket holder or never seen 1 game live you are entitled to your opinion as a fan,
    We should be positive at this moment and hoping the club goes for every trophy
    But at least the fans are showing their passion again through these forums

    • Yes it is good to have the passion back mate.I think mine had evaporated under Allardyce.I had got to the point where I was totally disinterested.So yeah we might disagree,might argue but we are all doing it for the right reasons really,the love of OUR club.

  19. Reckon Ayew at this stage of the transfer game is an improvement on both Valencia and Sakho even if they did wanna stay with us. Ayew scored more than both last season. Even his brother at Villa scored more than Enner and Diafra. I would keep both Valencia and Sakho but cos the club shot their mouths off about signing someone for 30 million they now want out as fear lack of game time.

    I dont get why so many people think we can bid 30 mill for someone, click our fingers and get him. Then when we don’t sign them they have a whinge. Unfortunately we’re now trying to compete with Champs League clubs who need back up and or competition for strikers. Or other top clubs who have been in the Europa for a while now. So it’s always going to be difficult.

    I’d rather see us sign full backs ahead of a 30 mill striker. Reckon that once the season starts and if they’re fit and still on the payroll then Carroll, Valencia and Sakho will weigh in with enough goals over the course of the season. Supplemented with the two young strikers we’ve already signed for the season ahead, to me it looks a better strike force than most premier league teams and am sure Slav would make it work.

    Desperate for some full backs tho! Not sure what Slav and co are doing here at all. the other night with Byram at LB and Antonio at RB it just wasn’t going to work. Balance wise the team was all wrong which is the main reason we were so poor. We never recovered from the imbalance nor did we try to change it.

    Cresswell loss is going to hurt us bad! The lads are so used to him making himself available on the left. Byram did ok defensively but could not physically swing his left foot to put a cross in or even simply pass it without stopping and controlling it first.

  20. Sorry for the long message I’m just soo peed off that we sold Tomkins, let O’Brien go and sent Hendrie out on loan without getting anyone in first. Just makes no sense! Gaaaaaaad!

    Antonio at RB at the end of last season is going in to this season. Play Byram, he’s eager and can defend. Lack of back up for Cresswell oh wait we have Hendrie nahhh it’s fine loan him out. Oh Page ye he has played LB for years as a youth but no don’t bother playing him….play poor Byram there cos Antonio is our RB! Gaaaa!

  21. Hahaha think that’s what got me ranting I the first place.

  22. This is poor business, we missed out on ayew for free last season because we wouldn’t pay the 70k a week he wanted. Now we will except it’s going to cost us 20 million on top, great way to run a business. Why do we need him, he won’t get a look in wide and as strikers go he’s not really much better than we already have, even if we let sakho and valencia go the idea is usually to bring in better or much better not the bloody same

  23. Na he’s better than both Valencia and Sakho. Just look his record for last season. Plus he didn’t have a Payet or a Lanzini serving them up for him or to work with on the pitch.

  24. We need some of you as Head of Recruitment,sack Henry,Bilic should go,some of your knowledge of this players & whether it is good business is far superior.*smh*

  25. I wanna be Head of Full Back Recruitment and Deployment Tone. That’s surely a thing right?

  26. I like him, he’s not our ghost 20 goals striker, but he would be an improvement on Valencia IMHO. He played along with Payet in Marseille and that could be a plus. 😉

  27. Calleri is surposed to be our 20 plus goal score,
    Ayew would give us something different but I did think there was history between him and Dimitri ?
    If we bring both of them we still need to replace Emineke in the squad so we can carry on bartering to keep our owners happy,
    Just don’t get the midfield players keep being brought up as we are over covered in those area,s,
    As for defenders we need to chose who we want like Ginter who would give us the cover we need on the right and go and make him feel like we can’t do without him until he signs,
    Same with Left Back cover the Swede at £5 million is a snip and Cressie will be back in 3 months I am sure,
    But we need to be honest with Fans and players,
    Poyet,Obiang,Collins,Cullen,if they are not part of our plans let them go on Loan or leave and bring in the cash,
    Sak and Enner are now history for all the wrong reasons so we need to get the best money we can at least £27 million for both, that would cover Calleri Loan and Ayew purchase,
    Do we keep or Sell AC big issue ( not the magazine )
    Myself I would sell him why he is fit and use the money to buy Jess or Ayew junior
    That would give us more movement up top and with Payet Lanzini Antonio Tore Feggolui Samulsun Fletcher Martinez
    We would have such great talent and skill we could build a great top 4 team with age on our side,
    It’s going to take 2 years min to make the OS our own and a fortress
    Our defence is still our weakness only Ogbonna and Cressie are world class,Norveld,Burke,Byram and Oxford could be but Collins,Reid and Page have reached their limit good pro,s but no better,

    • Dimi was fine with him from what I understand.I would be surprised if we signed him without anyone asking Dimi about him having playd together.It was Gignac who didnt get on with him.Mind you Gignac is ment to be a bit crazy himself.
      Calleri excites me,he is a real upgrade on Emma,but will not be seen as any 20 a season forward,only a nice back up option IMO.

  28. If Sakho & Enner want out let them go, having players who dont want to be there will cause problems in dressing room. Enner will be no great loss tbh, has never shown that promise we know he has got he just isn’t strong enough for the PL & he can’t seem to be able to hit a barn door from 6 yards. Ayew wouldn’t have been top of my most wanted list but is an up grade on what we go. LB & RB signings are a must we must & we have a healthy buget left as we have spent very little in fees so far. A lot on wages i guess but if both above go that should bring in another £30m & free up more wages cash. A busy final few weeks i hope.

  29. What about a new GK? Is Randolph staying or going

    • I think Randolph will stay for now,but who knows while the window is open.I can still see us do a fair bit of business so I personally really dont have the cold shivers about the window.It has been said many times by many but it really is all about patience during the summer window 🙂

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