Hodgson snubs Hammers for England squad

HodgEngland Manager Roy Hodgson has announced his picks and standby players in the provisional England Squad at 11am ahead of the last friendlies before the European Championships in France. Once again there is no room  for Hammers Mark Noble, Andy Carroll, Michail Antonio and Aaron Cresswell.

England provisional squad: Forster, Hart, Heaton; Bertrand, Cahill, Clyne, Smalling, Stones, Walker; Alli, Barkley, Delph, Dier, Drinkwater, Henderson, Lallana, Milner, Sterling, Townsend, Wilshere; Kane, Rashford, Rooney, Sturridge, Vardy

After the squad announcement, England will play three friendlies, against Turkey (22nd May), Australia (27th May) and Portugal (2nd June), before flying out to their training base in Chantilly ahead of their opening group stage match against Russia on 11th June.

Slaven Bilic challenged Hodgson for Antonio’s inclusion last week but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

One West Ham fan, Kris Johnson tweeted England saying “If it’s without one of Noble, Carroll, Antonio or Cresswell I’m supporting Payet and France.”


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24 comments on “Hodgson snubs Hammers for England squad

  1. I have said it before and i will again , glad none of ours are involved . If we do make the Europa League we will be starting the season early again , albeit a little later than last year
    and we need the squad rested and injury free . Shame we came up just short of qualifying in our own right but it was still an incredible improvement on the last campaign and i am sure if we had been offered 7th place at the start of the season we would have taken it for sure .

  2. Although I totally agree with petebonds,it’s the principal of the matter for me. This mug should be most unwelcome at our new stadium, if not barred completely. Hope you get sacked of these euros,Woy.

  3. The only man who went to UP last Tuesday and thought that Rooney, Smalling and Rashford performed better than our English players? What a ****ing joke.. We had more players picked when the fat turd was in charge!!!

  4. Lol,Well our players will be nicely rested come the new season,our English ones anyway.Won’t stop me supporting England,I’m English,it’s what I do 😉

  5. Wilshere? Henderson? Townsend? What a complete joke…

  6. why Nobes is not in there I do not know. Townsend “run run cut inside” is useless. don’t rate him at all. Whiltshire showed so much promise but just seems to go missing.
    Ah well, France as my second team 🙂

  7. haha…the only difference between Hodgson and Allardyce is that the first one has an owl face, while the second one has a hippo face… you English have great players, but a poor manager, we Italians have a good manager, but a crappy team… IMHO lol 😉

  8. Lol Matte,well I feel sorry for Nobes but thinking Carroll,Antonio or Cresswell should be in is a bad case of Claret & Blue tinted glass wearing.The same as our fans find it so easy to slag other teams players in the squad while thinking ours walk on water 🙂

    • I’ve not argued for any of “our” players being in – but “slagged” the choice of “injured all season Wilshere”, currently injured Henderson and the relegated Townsend not good enough for Spurs. I say that with my England glasses on, not my claret and blue tinted specs.

  9. lol.. trust me Rick, we Italians haven’t a generational turnover… we walk on the s#it… lol… Totti, Del Piero, Maldini, Pirlo, Baggio, Cannavaro are just a wonderful memory 😉

  10. Great news, our players need to rest…

  11. Whilshere has started ONE games all season & that was yesterday, how in gods name has he been included?? Hardly the saviour of english football is he. Liverpool have been average all season but have 5 players selected, that is half their 1st team. We outplayed them on 3 seperate occasions this year. Rooney has been terrible all season whilst Rashford is only 18 & has played for half a season in PL… what a farce. Townsend has looked good in a terrible barcode team (not hard as I would look good playing for them). Imho Cresswell has been outstanding this season & is no worse than any who have been selected, he is young & has proved himself over the course all season. Play for West Ham & you have no chance of an England call up as long as Hodgson is in charge. Player crap but for one of the ‘big’ teams no problem here’s a ticket to France.

  12. OK well when I first saw the squad, I like everyone else could not beleive that he has overlooked all our players. What made things worse was seeing Wilshire, Townsend and Delph included.

    I would have not minded if he had stuck to his initial thoughts about picking players based on form and not who they play for!!!

    I mean without going into much detail, the Keepers look all right (personally I think Ruddy & Foster should have gone instead of Heaton & Forster).

    Defence – Again this is the best of a bad bunch. We used to be known for our strong defence. Maybe I would have swapped Stones for Jageilka (experience) as Stones has made a few mistakes lately. We also seem a bit light on numbers. Cresswell should have been a strong contender but Rose and Bertrand have both had good seasons so no real complaint.

    Midfield – Delph, Dier, Henderson & Drinkwater all play the same role??? and Noble is better than all of them. He is in form and has experience both as a Captain of WHU and all those England U-21 caps. Serious questions need to be asked here.
    Delph is Sh*t and Henderson will get injured!
    The other 2 perhaps deserve their place.
    Alli, Barkley & Milner I would take and Wilshire is a great player but how can you select someone who has played 3 games all season??
    Lallana (form) & Stirling (fitness) have to be worries but I agree with Townsend. He has done it before and has really found form. Deserves to be picked.
    Strikers – Kane (form), Vardy (form), Rooney (experience) & Sturridge (form) should be on the plane (or maybe train) but how can you select Rashford based on just a handful of games. Firstly, Defoe should be in front following a good season. Other than that, why would you not think about options and different styles of play. Carroll would offer this and even if he got 15 mins over the whole tournament, this would/will have end(ed) up being more than Rashford.

    For Antonio, it’s 6 month too early. Yes, he has been immense but my rules apply to everyone and whilst he can offer attacking and defensive options, freeing up more spaces in the squad, he just does not have a second season to show he is not a flash in the pan.

    Anyway, I have thought long and hard about this and I have decided to go Green and I will be following Ireland this year!!
    I feel sad not being able to support my own country but I cannot bear to bring myself to saying I told you so when we get knocked out with not a single inspirational display.
    I also agree that the man is a hypocritical *******. How can you make statements, offer incentives (form over who you play for) and then throw all that back in peoples faces.
    It’s just plain wrong.

    I agree that we should ban him from the OS until he explains why we keep getting overlooked.
    Why has no one questioned Woy over this selection?
    Fingers crossed that the opposition go to town on us and that a few injuries force Woy into begging for Nobes to cancel his holiday and save the day.


  13. Im not too disappointed. We still have ginge, gandalf and dimi to cheer!

  14. I will still be supporting England with my mates no matter who is in the squad.Any excuse for a p*ss up 🙂

  15. When you think back to 1966**sir Alf Ramsey picked Geoff Hurst instead of Jimmy greaves?? And that didn’t go down well with anyone** but what happened???

  16. What pi**es me off is that Woy justifies not picking Noble by saying that he can’t pick players just because they’ve had one good season. Then he picks Drinkwater, Alli, Rashford, Bertrand, Rose and Vardy. All of whom have had “just one good season”. Can’t argue with Vardy but… Hodgson is a hypocrite of the worst kind.

  17. Surprised NOT,
    When you fail Woy be a big man and take it on your shoulders,
    Start writing your letter of resignation now,because BFS is waiting for his job to become vacant,
    Then I can take up residence in another country,Matte can I join now,

  18. An unimaginitive selection from a man incapable of an original thought, probably still has lubricant around his nether regions from the FA using him as a glove puppet !

  19. Ha ha,that’s an ugly image 32.I don’t have anything against Roy Hodgson,he is only going down the same route as every other England manager for a couple of decades.If they wasn’t yes men they wouldn’t get the job.We ain’t had a manager who wasn’t a 100% yes man since Venables.To be England manager you have to be dull,have no imagination & do what your told.The big wigs in charge are the kn0bs we need to change.It will never happen though they will always rule the roost & do their stupid ****ing Masons handshakes as they meet in their covern to count their money.They are no less crooked than FIFA.

    • True Billy, all the FA’s seem like they are corrupt and in cahoots, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out the Old Trafford thing was staged to give them an advantage, if we had drawn or won they would know they only needed a draw or a win, now its all unneeded of course, I would even question that our famous great escape match with them wasn’t a set up so they could buy Tevez, it was certainly very fishy and they have a lot of pull within the FA.

  20. Maybe we could put a mobile phone on the stadium pipe and ring it in and then we would know the results so we could play later to gain advantage,
    But that would only help if we could win a league game,
    Just can’t see that squad winning anything,

  21. Always thought teams were picked on current form. Apparently not.What is Wilshire and Hendersons current form? Don’t know cause they ain’t played. We’re taking 3 forwads who all play the same way. We have no options to vary our strategy. How does Milner get a spot? Average at best and losing any little pace he used to have. What has Delph done this year to deserve inclusion? The whole selection smacks of favoritism. Liverpool have had a poor season yet have 5 players in the squad. The sooner Woy goes the better because he ain’t been vewy vewy guud for us.

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