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How dare the PL put players lives at any sort of risk?

Fabian Balbuena’s admission that there are various West Ham players who are unhappy about going back into action is a welcome revelation of what’s going on behind the scenes.

He is reported as saying: ““At West Ham, there is a number of players who don’t want to play. Imagine if you play and a few days later they do a test and it comes back positive. You’re endangering everyone you know.”

ClaretandHugh had been told several days ago by its own insiders that a number of players were nervous about playing.

Various  others Premier League players have spoken out publicly including Troy Deeney,  Glenn Murray, Sergio Aguero, Manuel Lanzini. Yet the League is pushing on with its plans under possible government approval on June 1.

We have looked at the situation many times and as a site are against the plans as the Premier League is overlooking one incredibly serious but blatantly obvious point .

This is not about players themselves becoming infected necessarily but the danger of infecting others and that’s why these plans and the decision to look at relegation models is so wrong.

The players and only the players – like the rest of us – must be allowed to make the decision on whether they want to  play at the risk of not only being infected but of losing their lives!

How dare the PL do that for them?

At a far less important level should they be told they are relegated and losing half their wages at the whim of the self same people at the PL who have made so many errors of judgement and seem ready to use an iffy model on the subject.

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

9 comments on “How dare the PL put players lives at any sort of risk?

  1. Football is just a game and footballers are merely entertainers nothing more nothing less, and just like any other members of society they should not be coerced into working against their will, the real issue here is money and greed! Most sensible followers of the English game will acknowledge that Liverpool should be crowned champions, insofar as relegation and promotion are concerned there are many arguments and varying plans and proposals all of which will be supported and argued against depending on your perspective. The one proposal which may pacify the majority is that we have no relegation, end the season now and that the premier league extends the 2020/21 league to 22 clubs. The main argument against this will be MONEY! The pot will have to be shared for one season amongst 22 and not 20. This will mean that the premier league and all of it’s members and affiliates will have to take a long hard look at themselves and re-evaluate their positions. Players wages are absurd, agents fees are disgusting, the whole sorry mess and paraphernalia around the league is just about how much money the different interests can extract from the game.

  2. okay don.t play if you want but don,t expec t to be paid

    • What a pathetic attitude to have john clark. Let’s say you have a very good paying job and your employer told you that you had to fly out to New York City tomorrow to collect something that wasn’t totally essential but would make them an awful lot of money because the shareholders said you have to, would you still have the same attitude.

  3. It’s so obvious, cancel this season as null and void, extend BT/Sky’s deal to cover the missed games.

    Its sad but Corona Virus has massively impacts and disrupted people business and lives, football is just going to have tk suck it up.

    • Oh and if clubs can’t afford the players salaries then furlough them, I’m sure they can survive on a couple of grand a month for a few months.

  4. What makes anyone think things will be better in the fall? That is when the second wave will come and burying our heads in the sand wont change anything.
    There will be no vaccine. We will all get the virus. The vast majority of us will live and return to work. Including football players who are among the group at lowest risk.
    Don’t force them to work. Don’t pay them to hide.
    I want businesses, including footie, to survive. To survive their people have to work.

  5. Are the PL forcing players to play?

    I think the players are big enough and powerful enough to stop any restart if they don’t feel comfortable.

    Talks are taking place with all parties and if it’s not at least as safe as life in general then I’m sure the restart won’t happen.

  6. Isn’t it just as well that we all had this attitude. Everyone is concerned but if we all decided we shouldn’t work then the whole country would have come to a standstill. What about all our bus drivers, shop workers, police, doctors, nurses, carers all at higher risk than these overpaid pathetic prima Donnas. We all carried on. All West aHam are worried about is being relegated. Get on with it

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