How I got it wrong with Moyes decision


Moyes Soucek decision was bang-on

Credit where it’s due to David Moyes. I have been critical of him on many occasions and was ready to do so again on Sunday.

As West Ham toiled against a Nottingham Forest side who were clearly fitter following a week’s rest, Moyes made an attempt to win the game by introducing Michail Antonio to the attack. The substitution meant that one of the midfielders had to be hooked, and I, like many others in attendance, wanted that player to be Tomas Soucek.

Tomas Soucek proved David Moyes' decision right

Moyes decision to keep Tomas Soucek on against Forest was proven correct

The Czech midfielder had not enjoyed the best of games, so when Edson Alvarez’s number came up, I was less than impressed. I was convinced Moyes had made the wrong call by replacing the better of the two players up to that point. How wrong I was. Soucek not only scored the winning goal, but he also hit the bar following the sort of well-timed run which used to be his hallmark.

So, credit where it’s due. I’m happy enough to criticise David Moyes’ substitutions when he gets them wrong, but this one he got spot-on.

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  • Dodger01 says:

    People are to quick to criticise DM and other certain players be careful what you wish for, because get rid of moyes and that spells big big trouble . Who you going to replace DM with sone numpty like potter or that will still or whatever his name is don’t make me laugh

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