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How we rated the Irons v Brighton

Hughie hands out his marks

Fabianski: Ok. Obviously had no chance with either goal but my biggest problem is how slowly he releases the ball given we are SUPPOSED to be a rapid counter attacking team 6

Coufal: Looked badly injured when subbed. Reasonable defensively but can’t cross a decent ball to save his life 5

(Photo by IAN KINGTON/AFP via Getty Images)

Kehrer: Horribly out of position when conceding a penalty and after that looked the type of player you get for £10 million or even less. All is forgiven Arthur? 2

Zouma: Obviously the most effective of a dodgy central defence  6+

Cresswell: No problem with Cress. Did well getting forward and defended reasonably well 7

Rice: He’s not up to the same level this season but playing in a team going backwards certainly isn’t helping 6

Soucek: Got forward a lot more and had one great chance but often halted by the highly effective Seagulls midfield 5

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Benrahma: Missed out with an early chance but always looked threatening before Moyes did his usual subbing job on him 7

Fornals: Ran around a bit 3

Bowen: Worked hard and looked to be coming back to his best at times on a poor day for the team 7

Antonio: Strange to see him starting ahead of Scamacca before the new man came on when he was and  was then sent to the left side before incomprehensibly being subbed after five minutes out there. Moyes at his most bizarre which is saying something 5

Subs: Scamacca: Never involved, Lanzini: Made little difference, Cornet, No impact

Moyes: He will blame the penalty for starters but he did absolutely nothing to change things and showed his usual predictablity in making the substitutions at more or less the same time. For me he is past his Use Before date and may have reached theDon’t use after2

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

14 comments on “How we rated the Irons v Brighton

  1. I’m willing to give Kehrer some time to bed in and adjust to the PL, but I’m counting the days until Oggy is back on the pitch. What you say about Coufal is true of so many: they can’t cross the ball and even more they can’t move the ball up the pitch. Soucek is one of the worst that way. Ball movement has never been our strength, but it hasn’t been this dreadful in quite some time. It was also discouraging to see how much worse we played after Scamacca and Lanzini came in for Benrahma and Fornals. Moyes does seem utterly bereft of ideas doesn’t he.

  2. That was bad today. Can’t see how you give anyone over a 5 for that shambles. Zouma was just as culpable for the penalty as Kehrer, losing the ball up the pitch and leaving the rest of the defence completely wide open.

  3. Sorry Hugh but i can’t agree with your remarks and score for Zouma.
    He got caught in the the Brighton half and then found himself out of position to get back which led to the first Brighton Goal.
    He is another player who doesn’t look the same this season.He’s gone from slow to snail like slow!

  4. Well Hugh, if someone as loyal to David Moyes as you, says that he has reached the end. Everyone, including the Board should listen. We need a new Manager and fast. One who is a good Man Manager and capable of getting us out of this trouble and back up the league.

  5. I was shocked to watch how poor we were today,but for DM to blame it on the penalty,is pathetic.My opinion of him has changed since i read the comments that he was surprised at Flynn not being nowhere near premiership level…a bti like Vlasic ect.Are these signings sanctioned by him?

  6. The problem we have, is we have been found out. Towards the end of last season, now this season four teams – one Danish, simples – know how we play. We always pass the ball wide near the half way line, it goes back or forward then forward or inside.
    Teams have sussed us. They position one player near the half way line on each side of the pitch. The position of these two players means we can’t play forward or inside, so it goes back. Sometimes they have another player just inside them – that’s what Forest did. The opposition start pressing, the ball goes further back. It goes across the pitch to the other side – same again. This pushes us with the ball into the middle. Someone has to tell Mr Moyes – please. Eventually, the players change tactics and start lumping the ball upfield. That’s the sign Mr Moyes, when our players get frustrated, the opposition know we don’t have a plan B.
    Also today, as each time we play Brighton, we ended up lumping the ball upfield, it doesn’t work. They have a defence of 6′ 6″ tall players and a 7′ tall goalkeeper. Michi looked like dwarf today standing next to them.

  7. Back in the days (only last year in fact), Micky Antonio was a powerhouse player who turned defenders, out-sprint them, run over them or just bounced them off for fun. Nowadays, he wrestled and grappled an awful lot. He’s in the wrong sport.

  8. We can run down the players but moyes is instructing them look at how other teams close teams down we are 5 yds away let teams play at the back etc Fabianski slow out on the 2nd goal what is the point of having new signings if u don’t play them until the 60 th minute try two strikers ? Mike on the wing we pass the ball back so often try passing it forwards try looking to pass forwards at all times we are in a hole here we have a manager who having not scored a goal in 3 games is looking for a defender ffks

  9. After saving the ball, Fabianski many times attempts to release the ball quickly only to find players are slowly walking out .
    Although Moyes has done well he does lack when to change the game by substituting players.
    This was apparent last season 2-0 up against city when they brought
    On 3 substitutes but Moyes didn’t react. Again against Arsenal we were doing well then Arsenal brought on subs. yet again Moyes didn’t react and Spurs another example.

  10. Arthur ?
    Why mention him at all. Clearly a wind up.
    Moyes should of played Kehrer against Viborg for an hour in Ogbonnas testimonial.
    Ogbonna is a long way from fitness. If he comes back anywhere near how he was playing this time last year it’ll be a bonus but I doubt it.

  11. What a disappointing game, we were hopeless – Rice looked distracted and was a shadow of his last season form, Bowen likewise, Antonio was his usual bustling, ineffective self, the rest just made up the numbers! 🙄

    There’s something missing, we’ve got too many ordinary players and not enough quality. We urgently need reinforcements, and a sensible playing style – we’re bang in trouble! 😳

    • Aye, Michael Miller, I’m getting worried too. We needed an awful lot of new signings in this window – far too many in fact for our own good. The signings that were made were, on the whole, fairly near to the start of the season and seem to lack something (fitness?) to get a start in this lethargic team. I’m not sure that I’m understanding what the problem is – but I refuse to accept that it’s either something simple or quickly remedied.

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