Howe’s miracle journey nears climax

EddieEddie Howe rarely gets prolonged mentions when it comes to considering a new Hammers manager – perhaps he should!

For tomorrow night he could all but complete a miraculous journey in management which only those who have stayed close to his reign at Bournemouth will be aware.

The Cherries meet Bolton in a match which if won will see them all but promoted but it’s the history which needs to be studied to see the magnitude of such an achievement.

Six years ago this weekend the then 31 year old manager was in charge of a side which beat Grimsby Town to avoid relegation from the Football League in a year when they had started with a League Two 17 point deduction!

Now he sits a heartbeat from a place in the Premier League and whilst most Hammers fans are looking at big time bosses, one highly important Boleyn insider told us: “This young man could become an absolutely fantastic manager …but can the club take the chance at this stage?”

Former striker Frank McAvennie has no doubts about it telling ClaretandHugh: “Everything he does is class and the football his team plays is pure West Ham. He’d get it down and really play.

“To deal with the pressures he has had along the way, shows me he is a man of character who can deal with the Premier League – I hope the club goes for him.”

Howe heads into the match against Sam Allardyce’s former club saying: ” I feel a lot older than 37 in terms on management. The ‘Great Escape’ aged me about 10 years.”

And of the match against Bolton he declared: “Look at the legacy the players could leave this club. We have never been in the top division – never been in the Premier League.

“They can become famous around the town of Bournemouth and that should be their motivation.”

Bournemouth v Bolton

Sky Sports

Kick Off 7.45 pm





About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

71 comments on “Howe’s miracle journey nears climax

  1. I doubt that he would leave Bournemouth after getting them to the EPL….

    • You never know, Hoddle left Swindon for Chelsea pre Abramovich project after similar
      Levels of success!
      Btw, the coach at Bournemouth is Matty Holmes, a Redknapp disciple, no wonder they have become everyone’s second favourite team!

  2. Will be watching that for sure.Love watching Bournemouth play,proper decent team,play some great stuff.Really hope they get promoted,they deserve to on the strength of their style of football alone.

  3. Really good manager, young, with modern ideas and entertaining football. Exactly the opposit of the Dinosaur…


  4. This made me laugh on friday Matte,in The Evening Standard column hippohead does.He was on about tickets prices & value for money for the fans- ‘they follow their team regularly, they demand value.
    It’s like any other area of entertainment. If you pay top dollar in the theatre, you expect a high standard.’
    Pity the dinosaur doesnt give us this high standard of entertainment he talks of,lol πŸ˜‰

  5. Is this a chat about anything (and nothing) post or one about Eddie Howe? I think all but three of the comments above are relevant to the story.

    Anyway, been saying for ages I’d like to see him as our next boss. Anyone who’s achieved what he has deserves a go at a bigger club. But full respect to him if he stays
    where he is.

    • It’s frustrating isn’t it, Pennsylvania? The quality of comment on here at times is on a par with Sam’s football and too often never gets beyond the one track or inconsequential.

      Back to Howe: I really don’t see him as a greater risk than any of the big names being bandied about. He has huge potential and a track record of consistent success. I have watched them often this season, his team plays great football, just the way we like it at West Ham. He is clearly a talented coach and I believe it is harder to get successive promotions through the lower leagues (at what was a bankrupt club, with transfer restrictions, in a tiny stadium) than it is to manage a mid table PL team with a mid level budget and a sold out stadium every week. To do what Howe has done you have to know how to really MANAGE AND COACH. I would be more than happy to see him at the Boleyn next season and given time to formulate a real development project for the long term.

  6. Agree with pennslyvania. Let’s try to stay on topic. This is about Eddie Howe

  7. Yeah lets all be right misrable b*stards,never interact with eachother,never have a bit of banter & just talk bournemouth & a manager who wont come to us anyway!

  8. Lmao,yeah how dare you go off topic & have a little chat as friends having banter as well as talking about Eddie Howe,lol.Talk about the article only or not at all,got it!!!!Jeez there are some grumpy sods about in life!!!

  9. Haha,tell me about it.Didnt realize you could only talk about the article & not chat to your fellow Irons friends as well.Better not ask Bubs,Matte or the other lads how they are doing today,might be off topic.Wow.

  10. Hugh, I’m sorry if sometimes we are not on topic, but I like talking about football using always irony. That’s true, yesterday Tyson and I talked about Real Madrid- Celta Vigo, but I mentioned this match saying β€œGreat match, Celta Vigo plays entertaining football; there are hundreds of managers in the world who train clubs poorer than West Ham; I can’t believe Allardyce is the 12th highest paid manager in the world, it a shame. BFS GIVE YOUR MONEY TO CHARITY”. Ok, I was not focused on Howe, but I am merely offering food for thought.
    With regard to your comments (Sparrow and PennsylvaniaHammer) β€œIs this a chat about anything (and nothing) post or one about Eddie Howe?” and β€œIt’s frustrating isn’t it, Pennsylvania? The quality of comment on here at times is on a par with Sam’s football and too often never gets beyond the one track or inconsequential.” … ahaha… well, I don’t think I should say anything else… in life there are always a few problems, football is not one of those. Apologize for upsetting your deep football sensitivity…

    • I watched Madrid game as well,cracking match,guys on wetpants were discussing it earlier as well.Is the football we all enjoy watching Matte.But sorry i digress from the topic.Dont want to upset others,pfff.Shake of the head!

  11. I have no problem with any of you although sarcasm doesn’t impress me. I just ask that we stay on topic to a greater rather than lesser extent and that we can find it in us to actually discuss the topic itself rather than something totally unassociated.. As for Tyson far too bitter. Not everything here need be about Allardyce who I think it’s fairly clear we all dislike.

    Cheers lads

  12. Not bitter at all.But if you cant have a bit of interaction with fellow irons supporters & friends then whats the point.If i wanted to be so serious about West Ham all the time i would go to wetpantstillidie.I used here because it actually isnt as heavy & boring as places like that.

  13. As for sarcasm Hugh,you are the king of sarcasm,lol,or do you call it irony? πŸ˜‰

  14. This is not an argument – a request. No one is stopping interaction. It was noticeable that on this occasion the subject was virtually ignored. It would be nice to get feedback. Were it on the plank we call a manager I doubt very much whether it would have been ignored.

    Hope you all get it and don’t feel the necessity to continue this. Request lads – feedback perhaps on something other than the tosser, Ta!

  15. Ok,feedback-Howe wont come to us-Bournemouth will go up tonight.Job done πŸ˜€

  16. He did not poll much support 8% but if you want a English manager he fits the bill,
    But there are better candidates then Howe,
    The problem without mentioning BFS is at the moment there is no job vacancy,
    And that’s nor sarcasm just a fact

    • I agree Bubs, without mentioning BFS we have no serious matters: what about his football? Pathetic. What about his attitude? Pathetic. What about his subs? Pathetic. What about his interviews? Pathetic. What about his excuses? Pathetic. What about his treatment of youth? Pathetic. What about his salary? Pathetic.


      This is my feedback about our manager… lol πŸ˜‰

      • Oh dear lads,have you been naughty boys in my absence away yesterday? I went to the coast,needed some clean sea air to rid myself of the Loftus Road experience saturday,lol πŸ˜‰

  17. Fact,Howe will stay at Bournemouth,they are a good fit,made for eachother at this time.He went to Burnley,had a bad time of it & went back to where he is comfortable.Bournemouth will win 2-1 tonight,callum wilson & harry artur will score.Now i am bournemouthed out because i support the irons & what bournemouth does is inconsequential to me,lol πŸ˜€

  18. The point of the article was to point out what I personally feel is an extraordinary story in the modern game. From 90 mins away from extinction to the PL in six years is worthy of mention given he’s been linked with us. It’s as worthy of mention as games R Madrid may be involved in. As far as Allarydce’s position is concewrned I think that is way beyond speculation

  19. As for being bad boys now you really are getting daft

  20. Oh relax Hugh,only having some fun.Too much crap in the world to worry about a few comments on here.Allardyce will be gone soon,mission accomplished,nothing left to talk about then,only Carrolls next injury in august or september,lol πŸ˜‰

  21. Oi Oi,what going on here then.Well thats me buggered then.Im a bit of an old soldier,long in the tooth compared to some of you whippersnappers,but i come on here on my lads account to talk about west ham & enjoy a little general banter as well with my fellow Irons & C&H brothers in arms.Shame,never mind.Will just have to watch more Emmerdale & Corrie instead πŸ˜‰

  22. Chicken don’t run there is no problem it’s us lot blaming BFS for everything,which of course he is at fault for most of our problems,
    The problem is most articles start off about some subject or another but every time it turns back to BFS,
    The problem is most of the problems do involve him for instance Burke,BFS has held him back all season so in the end you hav to bring him up,
    Adrien and the penalty if BFS had selected the best team then we would not have sat back and defended in most people’s opinion,
    Mrs Brady every time she comes up normally involves BFS,
    the 2 Daves normally involves BFS
    Even seat prices because of value for money and the crop we are playing involves BFS
    he is the devil and we can’t hide from him

  23. Rite oh,i gotta ya Bubs.So this article is about what is a great story about Bournemouth,think it will be fantastic if they get promoted.But it is on a west ham site because Allardyce is rubbish & Howe is being looked at as a replacement.Back to BFS again then i guess
    I have learnt this OT- off topic i believe.Guys on other sites use it to talk about things other than the article or thread of the moment.Maybe you should use OT in future at the start of your comment to stop Pen & Sparrow being frustrated by your social chat,poor lovies.Just an idea πŸ™‚

  24. I have seen the ball played along the ground to feet more in the first 35mins of the Bournemouth match by them than i have in an entire season at The Boleyn by our mob on the tactical say so of the most flexible,sophisticated manager in the Prem πŸ˜‰

  25. 2-0 Bournemouth at HT v Bolton. They are just 45 minutes away from becoming a top flight team for the first ever time.

    The football they play is fantastic, on the floor, passing, attacking football with a clear will to win.

    Howe is doing a stunning job.

    A manager to be proud of rather than what we have, a manager to be ashamed off.

  26. When i see Bournemouth play football like they do it just makes my dislike of Allardyce grow,lol πŸ˜€

  27. Our dinosaur can had back to Bedrock & manage a FlinstonesXI,thats where he belongs with his antiquated tactics.Toss*r! πŸ˜‰

  28. Don’t let the anger get to you Rads that will be us next year,don’t forget they are playing one of the best managers ever to walk the planets old teams and they probably use his tactics to this day,
    Howe won’t leave now he won’t get the freedom at our club like he has there,

  29. Haha,i know Bubs,but when you see football like this it just makes me realize what crap i endure every week.Trouble is the genius hasnt even got the ability to get a team to play like Bournemouth.He is getting shown up by a 37yr old who is showing what a dinosaur Allardyce is with his view of how football should be played.He is so out of touch with modern day football its embarressing! πŸ˜‰

  30. Anyway,congrats to Howe & Bournemouth,got promoted playing football the way it should be played,they deserve to go up for playing football i can only dream about The Irons playing atm.

  31. Which despite all the rather odd comments was possibly the point of the story in the first place πŸ˜‰

  32. Well i wasnt here yesterday so it is fresh for me to read it & applaude Howe & his team πŸ˜‰

  33. OT (thanks chicken) – the beauty of football is its entertaining and aesthetic side: a great play, a fluid action, offensive tactics, quality players, dribbling, ball on the field, etc.
    Does Allardyce show these things? Please Sam Lovers answer to this question: What in your view is the fun in football?
    What were we saying? Howe yes great manager, congratulations, you play the real entertaining football, you can be called MANAGER. πŸ˜‰

  34. Dont think you were OT matte,what you described was Bournemouth so very applicable to this article.Damn how i would love to see us play like Bournemouth.One day we will i am sure,just cant happen soon enough for me.4yrs of Allardyce means to an end football is all i can take πŸ˜‰

  35. Today is a great day for ‘football’ not ‘hoofball’.Congrats to Bournemouth going up doing it the right way,the way football is ment to be played,both for the fans enjoyment & them as a team.Im sure many of our players would look like stars again given a chance to play the Bournemouth way,not have their talents surpressed & negated by a one dimensional hippo πŸ˜‰

  36. I’m sure West Ham has a bright future, the fans deserve it. it just needs a little push… πŸ˜‰


  37. OT Matte,i went to wetpants earlier to see what news was about.Anyway someone had written a stupid article about Hamburg,making fun of him,ars*holes.Anyway i read the comments & Bubs was getting the blame for it,haha.Anyway a couple of lads on there were defending bubs,lol,it got taken down in the end.Ffs,they moan about us be ignorant pigs but they are no better πŸ˜€

  38. OT yeah but it wouldnt have been bubs,he was just getting the blame for infiltrating their site & writing this thread by ‘BerlinBeefburger’,lol.Their idiots,Hamburg is really looking forward to his trip & they were taking the ****.Nasty people πŸ˜‰

  39. Hey guys, I didn’t even know they took those comments about me off on WHTID. To be fair though, some of you guys and also some from WHTID supported me there which is appreciated from my end. There are a lot of good people on WHTID, but some right tools as well. The majority there is definitely not nasty.
    And of course I’m looking forward to my trip (I can see though that people may get sick hearing about it from me all the time), most of you folks can go whenever you fancy, I haven’t been for ages. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning.
    Hope the present on Saturday will be worth it…

  40. Nah,im pleased for you Hamburg,hope you have a great time.I do pop over there very rarely & know you are really excited so i hope you have a top day & a win to celebrate.Just ignore the fools,they get everywhere.I know there are good lads on there,i just never signed up or commented.Not my sort of place,too much heavy discussion.I dont have the time & sometimes the patience for a couple on there,lol πŸ˜‰

  41. Cheers Tyson. It’ll feel good to be surrounded by fellow Hammers again in a sea of claret and blue, not many West Ham fans around where I live. Also will try to have a look around Sratford and the Olympic Park on the Sunday. Apparently they have started to bring the retractable seating in, I thought they wouldn’t put that in just yet prior to the rugby…

  42. Hamburg those comments I made were weeks ago and made in humour,
    That show you why these idiots love ke BFS because they are so behind times and living in the past,
    Thanks for the defence Tyson I know I try and be humorous most of the time but I only mean offence when I mean it,
    If what I say is taken as bad taste I apologise to those to stupid not to see through it,
    Have a great time Hamburg I know you are a true fan because you still go back to that site even though you are treated better on this one,
    You will not beat them because they think they are right and not intelligent enough to see what right in front of them they so led go abroad but think the world is flat and can’t spell Christopher Columbus ( no matte he does not play for Valencia )

  43. No worries Bubs,but i didnt defend you on there,im not signed up to the site,i would end up in a war with a couple of the idiots on there,lol.Some other guys were saying it could be nothing to do with you.It was just one of their guys who had done it & was trying to lay the blame elsewhere.Silly boy,lol πŸ˜‰

  44. No problem BUbs. This was a new post though yesterday from the account Beefburger Berlin. I suppose that’s NOT your account on WHTID though, is it ? Your first comments indeed were quite funny, but with this latest post yesterday it got a bit pathetic.
    But anyway, hope we get to see a decent performance on Saturday.

  45. Lol,it aint him did it Hamburg.Bubs said Berlinbeefburger once here then one of that mob over there took to creating account didnt they,lol.Just easy for them to blame someone else from another site for their pathetic idea of humour.Bubs likes a laugh,joke & leg pull but he wouldnt have written something like lastnight.Try looking closer to home,maybe one of your nemisises on there i think πŸ˜‰

  46. Ahaha… Hamburg bubs is with you not against you! Lol you say you have sense of humor, you seems to be intelligent, so you should understand who are your “enemies”… πŸ˜‰ lol

  47. * seem not seems

  48. Haha,i saw the post lastnight.I can tell you now Hamburg,it wasnt bubs,it was far too articulate for him,lol,only joking Bubs πŸ˜€

  49. Oh dear,sorry,i went OT,sorry Sparrow,sorry Pensil πŸ˜‰

  50. Ray I am very articulate just can’t spell very well and I am not Berlin or anything connected to Germany I am not going to say who I am because I want to visit at times and play,
    But I will let you know if you don’t guess,
    But this is getting all to serious and off subject,
    See you all soon

  51. Haha,i dont want to guess who you are,it would be too scary.Better that we just know you are bubs i think.Sorry Sparrow,OT again πŸ˜‰

  52. F*ck ’em Bubs,i wouldnt worry about a few idiots on another site.Their just fools.The day things get too serious on here is the day i jog on.Dont come here to be miserable & talk stats all day.Just to have some banter thrown in with the Irons talk πŸ˜‰

  53. I agree Tyson, I like this site because we can talk about football (not world hunger) through irony. The day things change I jog on too. Sorry bogus football’s philosophers… πŸ˜‰

  54. Well that’s unanimous we all think you got to be a dice to go regularly to wetpants.com
    And here comradeship is important and you gain more by brainstorming then stats,
    So we hunger for real entertaining football with a new manager in a new stadium but we don’t want to wait another two years,
    So its get rid of BFS and his family give the old ground the best send off we can and unite the real fans for the start of the new world ( it is round isn’t it )

  55. For me bubs this is such an important thing about the last year at The Boleyn.To think of having Allardyce style football played on it in its last year is sickening for me.What a sh*t way to say goodbye to UP with his crap being played on it.It will make me so p*ssed off.

  56. I agree Rads I want my memories to be of good things you don’t builds statues to people like Bobby Moore on sacred ground and leave it with the stench of BFS sand his football,
    They do not know BFS,Nolan,Carroll,O,Brien because they are not part of it now,
    They were part of WHU folklore after bringing us back from the Championship but this last 2 years has spoilt that,
    We need to try and remove that smear on our legacy even DG and DS if they are real fans from the past must realise enough is enough,

  57. Just popped on wetpant.com what a sad bunch,the post was boring and full of rubbish,
    And one prxt had the nerve to say it was full of cockney humour,
    Looked back over there subject for 3 days they are lost today cheap seats yesterday new blogger not from England,but it was full of crxp and the most boring interaction,
    Everyone is avoiding the only subject that maters to all of us,
    Is BFS going or not, we are not interested at the moment who will take his place,who will join us for next season the cost of tickets eft ect

  58. Haha,I avoid going there these days Bubs,seemed like some good guys on there but there were one or two who i knew i would butt heads with with regards to our great leader so i gave it a swerve πŸ™‚

  59. This site is open to all kinds but with one thing in common the good of football and the club,
    There site is full of the walking dead they are lost and that is they brought the whole BFS
    Package and now are scared to admit they were wrong and don’t want to look more stupid then they do,
    Some times it better to say I was wrong,
    So for those on wetpants.com after me BFS deserves the bullett we need total football we pay for entertainment we can’t take anymore
    BFS MUST GO NOW ( see not that bad ) now welcome to realty

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