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Irons: Bacca deal is not dead

baccaWest Ham are tonight refusing to give up hope they will sign Carlos Bacca from AC Milan.

Stories have been doing the rounds all aftenoon on social media that the 29 year old Colombian has turned his back on a move to east London but the Hammers remain calm in the face of that speculation.

The club’s own ‘Insider’ appeared to suggest the deal is not as close as has been suggested over recent days when he claimed: “The media continue to link the Hammers with a move for AC Milan striker Carlos Bacca. Most of the stories this week have surrounded the future of Bacca who looks set to leave the San Siro and move abroad.

There is no deal with anybody just yet and negotiations will continue with our top targets.

Bacca has made his Champions League ambitions public over recent days but our top source explained that the deal was not  deade.

He told ClaretandHugh: “I would say it is still 20 per cent alive. He has other offers to consider but we are certainy not at the end of things at this point. It’s not over, we are still talking and in those circumstances we remain hopeful”

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

13 comments on “Irons: Bacca deal is not dead

  1. If the deal is dead that will make some on here & WHTID delighted.It will give them something else to moan about.

  2. You ain’t wrong Ray.

  3. No site & I mean no site will ever have the amount of grumbling,moaning supporters on it as Wetpants.It is unrivalled in that respect.Its a grumpy *******s paradise lol

  4. We will end up with a striker who wants to come to us not just for money but because we have a new stadium, a brilliant manager , some extremely talented teammates and he actually believes in our project….all these players that think they can do better than our great club can frrrruck right off because we dont want them here…we want a player who only considers money to be part of the equation…..not belguims 3rd choice striker whos had one decent season and wanted CL football then joined chelsea, not a player who couldnt even get into the french international squad for the euros and cant get any other club to bid for him in the CL and ends up staying with the club hes with because nobody thinks his talent is worth the money being quoted , and not a 29 year old journeyman striker who despite him scoring 20 plus goals at every club hes been at , all think they could manage without him when a decent bid came in …..

    • Well said Aykay the Dave’s have tried to sign these supposed top names, there are not many still standing for one reason or another. Like you I would rather have a 20 – 25 goal player willing to put it on the line for the shirt than someone who doesn’t want to play for us, they may not score a hatful of goals but both Valencia and Sakho really put a shift in for the team every time they play so if we can’t get what we want at this time of the year then keep what we have buy a quality right back maybe another semi defensive midfielder (Joe Allen) if we are not going to use Burke or Oxford this season buy a genuine right sided centre back because Reid is hopeless in that position and save some money to buy a top forward or invest elsewhere in January.

      • I don’t understand you people. You complain about the likes of Bacca or Lacazette not wanting to play for us, yet you’re happy to keep Sakho or Valencia. Have you forgotten that BOTH of these players have put in transfer requests…And therefore BOTH of these players DON’T WANT TO PLAY FOR US? Sakho for one, wants to leave because we want a better striker, so in other words he either doesn’t even have the confidence or is too lazy to even try and compete with whoever other strikers we sign and therefore would rather just leave, he really loves the club doesn’t he + refusing to turn up to training, arguing with the manager, being hell bent on leaving despite Kouyate telling him to stay. And then let’s look at Valencia, his agent is going on about how Valencia has desires to play at the top level in Europe (i.e trying to reverse it to the media to make them think that it’s not us trying to sell him because he’s rubbish, but it’s him wanting to leave because he’s too good for us). Great idea, let’s stop our striker search and keep our two below average strikers who are injured half the season because they “want to play for the club” despite that fact they’ve handed in transfer requests….SMH. Carroll is the only striker we currently have that I have any faith in.

  5. If the rumours are true and Swansea have out bid Lazio for Valencia then it’s time to do a deal and bring in Ayew in a swap,
    Sak in a swap for Barahino and bring Bony in on loan with a deal to buy out right next year ( the Daves favourite deal )
    I wonder can you go to Ann Summers loan a bit of tackle and buy it next year if it does the trick or if it slows down like Moses send it back ?
    It is frustrating but you can only watch and follow what’s happening,
    As for our favourite friends they will always moan always know better then us mere mortals
    Our hopes are back to crossed fingers AC still has Velcro shoes and is wrapped in bubble wrap

  6. Who would have thought a little Hobbit could have caused so much crap , Ffs.
    Seems the ring is on and has slipped the net !
    Anyone know where he is to explain everyone’s concerns ?
    There’s still 6 weeks to go and loads more media crap to come , even payets man is in on the act , obviously pound note signs in his eyes ,
    Let’s see what pans out , enough is enough for me personally , something will happen for sure , let’s hope its a thumbs up ?

    The little fellow wasn’t in turkey last night was he ?

  7. l was labouring under the false impression that Sakho wants to leave because of his salary which quite frankly at £27 000 a week for a player of his calibre and value to us is an insult .

    But thanks to DPayet (who clearly must have heard it from the horse’s mouth judging by the way he puts it)…l now know that the reason Sakho wants out is because we want a better striker and he simply isnt confident enough, or is just too lazy to compete. Apparently he quite satisfied with his £27K a week and that has absolutely nothing to do with his disgruntlement.

    And apparently too, judging by the patronising comments on this matter, Sakho has no right to be discontent

    • Why do you think Sakho suddenly went AWOL before the Arsenal game? You think it suddenly dawned on him that he was only on 27k/week so decided not to turn up to training? Or maybe it was because he saw that Carroll had been selected instead of him and therefore got jealous and decided not to turn up? Hmm…
      It’s a known fact around the club that Sakho is not happy with competition and he does not like all this talk of getting a new striker. He may also not be happy with his wage, but that is DEFINITELY not the sole reason, he would have started throwing his toys out the pram at the end of 14/15 is that was the case. And quite frankly 1.4million a year for a player who is injured half the season and then drunk/****ed, getting arrested for abusing his girlfriend or crashing his Lamborghini for the other half and can only amount to 5 league goals is more than fair….Very high calibre player there! If that’s a player that you consider valuable to us then we might as well just announce our resignation from the Europa League right now and sink back down into mid-table. Sakho and Valencia can both bugger off and let’s get some quality in..Maybe a goal scoring striker would be nice, you know..One who can score more goals than our MIDFIELDERS…

      • Sahko holds our record for scoring in consecutive premier ship games (7) does that not highlight the guy has talent. Moody yes, but so was Cantona Di Canio and Gascoine (who’s off the field exploits also left a lot to be desired and Mr Carroll has more than had his moments ! ) however, their off field behaviour has nothing to do with playing 90 minutes of football.
        Bacca does not appeal to the majority of fans, in actual fact only two as I read it on this website, Our Chairman and you. He is undoubtedly a goal scorer, but nearly 30, over priced and wants far too much money. He wants a last shot at Champions League football. So I should get real DP27 and do one with Bacca.

  8. I would side with you on that sakho p.o.v., mucky , not rocket science is it , although not march it seems the senators are out in force.
    Damage done though !.
    Fingers crossed then , plus arms crossed , legs crossed , eyes crossed , kings cross and charing cross ! Kcuf new cross !!!

  9. I’m with Leroy on the sakho debate . I like the lad .

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