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Irons Europa clash cold shouldered

europa-league-1418338658Despite having shown the first leg of of our Europa Cup clash in Slovenia neither BT Sport or any other channel in any territory will be broadcasting the game tomorrow evening (Thurs).

Quite apart from the fact that the match is delicately balanced and this is the first game ever played inside the London Stadium, nobody, it seems, is interested in showing the game live. The game against Domzale really has been cold shouldered.

We find it very surprising that the channel responsible for bringing European football – BT Sport – having shown the first leg should decide to ignore the second decisive clash. It’s a bit like pulling the plug at half time.

Slovenia TV channel Sport Klub 1 are claiming they have exclusive TV rights and have included it in their schedule. They claim the match will be shown live in Slovenia but our club sources have told us to treat that claim with suspicion. If the situation changes between now and Thursday we will update you.

But if the situation doesn’t change those wanting to stay in touch with live coverage will need to tune into  BBC Radio London for  audio coverage.

You can catch every kick from the game and ClaretandHugh will be bringing a full text service from the game.

For Radio London coverage tune in here at 7.45 pm http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p042q280 


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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

45 comments on “Irons Europa clash cold shouldered

  1. Watch it on kodi or hammerstv if they have it,me,ol b there

  2. If Hugh is saying that no channel in any region is showing it then Hammerstv wont have a feed.

  3. Isnt it true to say our board blocked any tv coverage?

    • No, West Ham have no veto rights. UEFA hold the rights and have sold them to BT Sports in the UK. UEFA decide on the rights and West Ham need to get permission even for their own in-house West Ham TV to film it

  4. If its showing at all on anything ,KODI will show it ? I watched every away game last year , plus barca , real , the lot ! Best piece of kit ever bought , you can view anything , and I mean anything ????

  5. Can’t say I’m really surprised, the first game was so poor and the only interest outside the West Ham family would be Spurs fans hoping to see us get beat!

  6. Thank God for that! There’s only so-many TV’s and ash trays I can get through in a week!

  7. I read somewhere that we could have sold rights to Televise the game but want the Juve game to be seen as the opening game at the OS which is b*****x as it obviously isnt! Not very fair to this ‘global Fan base ‘the Club is hoping to attract those of whom cannot get to the game,and given the game is Sold Out is no skin off the Clubs nose.

  8. I read that it was the board that blocked it.There again I did read it from the fans site that moans about everything so it could have been bolloxs & just another thing to moan about the club over lol.Who knows….

  9. If the club really cared about its fans, including those who are away on holiday and those who live too far away to get there, they could surely arrange to have the match streamed.

    They supposedly want to build a global base but have a funny way of showing it. The match is sold out, it is unique and historic as the first match at the new stadium so surely they could make the effort for the fans on this occasion to have a free live stream.

  10. Want,want,want,how would you lot have ever have survived when all there was was Final Score lol

  11. If no one signs up to show it that’s it,tough ****.There is probably some legal reasons to do with UEFA coverage that stops clubs from streaming it themselves.I m not the greatest fan of everything the club & board does but it seems to me that some fans will jump down their throats with no evidence sometimes.

  12. Sean bt have the rights from the group stages we could have sold the rights to this one. I think the OS looks like a building site and they dont want it on tv lol

  13. So if BT have the rights to show these matches surely the club can’t veto their decision to show it can they.That would be the same as the club telling Sky or BT that they were refusing to let them show one of our premier matches.I dont get it I admit lol

  14. BT only have the rights from the group stages onwards , as this is outside that we can sell the rights, but it seems we chose not to

    • Surely BT would want to buy the rights to this one!

      • OK cheers Jimmy.You would have thought so I agree.But who knows.Whos the BT chairmen,someone organise a conference call for me lol

    • If its as Sean says Eufa hold the rights sounds like we are stuffed. It does seem odd though that every other game is on doesn’t it?

  15. What about the phantom partner ? The ticket seller ! Maybe he sold the rights to the Russians ? So I blame it all on the Russians !!

  16. It all seems pretty simple,if we don’t hold the rights we can’t do much about it.It would appear to be a BT/UEFA choice not to show it.Thats the way I see it anyway.It would be good to get some more facts if any are available before ripping the club a new one for not showing it.It seems the way recently,get half a story & slaughter the board.Is it transfer window stress? Lol

  17. I didn’t intend to slaughter anyone …it just don’t add up that’s all.

    • Noooo Jimmy I wasn’t referring to you.It was a more general observation about the reaction to this across the west ham universe.There has not been anything concrete to clarity the situation but already I read the club getting slaughtered Lol.I am not a fan of everything they do but I try to have solid evidence before being disapproving of their actions.

  18. Does anyone actually know (I mean KNOW as in 100%) who holds the rights for the game?

    On BT2 it is now scheduled Rooney’s testimonial for the 2nd time that Thursday.

    @Hugh and @Sean – Any info from the club? Anything you can find out for us so we’re not left speculation?

  19. Dont know buddy but I’m sure if BT wanted to show it they would & could.With the billions invested in TV coverage these days I dont see that a club can put their foot down & tell them they can’t show it.I don’t see that at all.

  20. BT was going to show the game live, but it was WEST HAM UNITED who have blocked them from doing so.
    They wanted the Juventus game to be classed as the official opening of the new stadium and wanted as much TV and Press Coverage as possible for that game.

    They also feared ticket sales for tomorrows game would be poor if the game was broadcast live. (no idea why they would think that, a European game would always be a bigger pull than a friendly. Plus Tomorrow game will now be the official OS opening game)

    Until the group stages each team hold the rights to sell to which broadcaster they choose themselves.

    Domzale have already sold their rights and the game is being broadcast live via a certain sports channel. (I wont mention it as I don’t know if that is allowed here)

    BT have already made a statement on this saying they were prepared to show the game and had it already listed in their schedule but had to pull it after West Ham refused permission.

    It is however I do believe going to be on Radio London.

    • PS. There might still be some hope as BT are still trying to get WHU to change their mind and allow them to show the game.

    • Bravo stinger ?? You just tore another one !!
      If its on kodi then the board blocked it ! Simple.
      Anyway the club look at it , domzale go down in history as the first game ever at the queenie for west ham ? Not juve ?

  21. Where did you hear that BT are trying o change the clubs mind?

    • Some fans on other sites contacted BT and got that as a reply.

      Tomorrows game is now a sell out, so there is zero (genuine) reason for West Ham to still block the game from being shown.

      They can pretend all they want that Sunday’s game is the official opener, but it no longer is. Thursday game v Domzale is. Tomorrows game is massive. It is a European competitive match and one that is hanging in the balance.

  22. Ok thanks Stinger

    • Eddie, because Domzale have sold their rights to a foreign broadcaster I am confident that there will be streams out there showing the game. Fingers crossed.

  23. Cheers Stinger – Much appreciate it.

    Really hope my beloved club backs of this asap so we (those who don’t have ticket’s) can enjoy the game by visuals – feel a bit upset about it to be honest.

    If we were to lose out tomorrow, it will still be remembered as the first match on OS regardless of televised or not…

    Anyway, most important is the win. I will find a way…

  24. Hey guys.
    If you get stuck Im pretty sure you will be able to stream it from bet365.
    You need an account and have to place a wager on the game to stream it but it worked for me on the road last week when the game was on.
    There is no commentary just footage and crowd noise but it was better than nothing.

  25. Maybe the club don’t want the game televised because if we played like last week and lost it would be detrimental to the image they want to put out and might put off any potential signings…

    • That might be the reason but personally buy it – If we play like last week and don’t progress it will be covered in the media, televised or not..

    • Lol you think all evidence of last week’s match has been burnt or buried then No32.It might be a wise move 🙂

  26. Its on kodi
    Its featured ?
    It is being streamed , far to many it’s or but’s .
    Confirmed .
    Inspector cleuseau is trying to find out who has the rights and who sold them ,
    Probable suspect is domzole? Ish ,buisness partner bloke , and his mate Arthur ?

  27. I am guessing the Stadium is not even near finished and thats why no cameras allowed ; )I do hope I am wrong however ; p

  28. Checked online sports Klub 1 have the west ham v domazle LIVE…7.45PM GMT on there website..sports Klub 1 available on kodi panic over!

  29. BBC London: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p042qsc1

    Sportsklub 1 via Kodi:

    NJM Soccer (Extra Time)
    Zem TV (Sports->IpBox->Sports->S3)
    Phoenix (Cosmix->Sports->Main Links)
    The Alpha (RD Eventz->IPTV)

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