Irons fans react to Allardyce book outbursts

Creepy AllardyceFormer manager Sam Allardyce has managed to divert attention from West Ham’s new season by looking back at his own Boleyn years in a new book title ‘Big Sam.’

West Ham’s response to his various outbursts in a newspaper serialisation this morning was to say: “He has a book to sell  West Ham United has moved on.”

But what do the Hammers fans think?

Here’s a selection of comments on the Sunderland manager’s remarks from the ClaretandHugh Facebook forum @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/363174467150521/715296511938313/?notif_t=group_comment:

Stephen Smith “Irons spoke to managers behind my back”. Sam wouldn’t have listened to the Daves if they stood in front of him, stark naked shouting “We would like to be entertained”!!! BFS is as arrogant as they come!!!

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13 comments on “Irons fans react to Allardyce book outbursts

  1. Nobby is clearly hurting inside !!!
    The thick dick as with his pundit friends still can’t get the west ham way !! Plebs !!!!
    Who won the world cup with 4 goals and 2 assists !!!!! There’s a taster for the west ham way,
    The technique is there to see and if you can’t see it become a pundit !!!!!!!!
    Just a taster mind you ,? You have to go back to the 60’s from the beginning of greenwoods tenure to fully understand the journey,
    Hippo is bulls#iting his way through life and earning a lot of dosh for having absolutely no football brain whatsoever and trying to upset and disrupt the hammers at any opportunity
    Cos that,s what dyslexic ( autistic symptom ) brain dead muppets do !!!!
    Move on hippo we at west ham are loving it now you have gone !!!!!!!

  2. Walrus will get mullered at upton park ,cant wait for sunderland game.Thanks lard boy,you have just made the makem match a sell out.

  3. Just wondering what benefit the constant posts about Allardyce serve? is C&H out to help him shift more books?

    • I am justing wondering what purpose your constant snipes on here serve??? They seem to be of no benefit to anyone apart from you & your infantile mind.

      • So eight individual posts concerning Allardyce in the last 2 days is ok in your book? This is a blog and correct me if I’m wrong but I believe the purpose is to make comment, which the last time I looked everyone is entitled to.

        Personally I’m not pro a Allardyce supporter like the owners of C&H – and I for one would glad never to read another word about the gum chewing fat fool….. It’s all very well criticising him for his recent West Ham outbursts but I think it’s bit rich when you consider everyone on this site seems to be completely obsessed by him.

        • What are you on about.How long have you been coming on here Douche.This site was one of the most Anti-Allardyce sites about.Yes anyone can comment but all you do is comment about peoples grammar or the sites grammar 90% of the time.Its f*cking boring!!!

        • Ofc there will be articles about Allardyce on here Douchebag.He has a book coming out doesnt he,he has it serialised in the sun doesnt he.He is bad mouthing the club & fans so is it any wonder it is being highlighted.Go back to Wetpants,it is all over there as well.Christ you are a jack-ass on here.

          • Come on lads. That slug would be loving it if he knew he was causing fellow Irons fans to fall out over him. The rest of the world may be fooled by him but we know better. The Mackems will know better soon too. Thats enough for me anyway. Just sit back,take a huge sigh of relief that he’s now someone else’s problem. COYI.

  4. Allardyce you fat turd,how many times have you won away at the Emirates,Anfield and the Ethiad in the same season? Or even in the same decade? You are nothing but a legend in your own mind. Your footballing philosophy came from the same cave they found the Dead Sea Scrolls in. As a footnote,look up the meaning of the words ‘Class’ and ‘Humility’. Oh.and while you’re at it,the word ‘Deluded’ too. Preferably you’ll be looking in the mirror with that last word. Now go hump someone else’s leg.

  5. For those wondering why so many Allardyce stories – simple. He’s attacking the club this website is about. As for sniping, we haven’t said a word because we’ve all moved on but merely showing what a ghasty geezer he is for the sake of selling a few books . OK move on

  6. Considering the fact you said ony idiots & neanderthals comment on this site Douchemore you comment a lot yourself.Pity most of it is just bullsh#t!!!

  7. .Douchebag, check your post. Terrible English! ********.

  8. Read – D!ckhead.

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