Irons ready to offload injury hit duo

CarrollhairflyingWest Ham’s patience with Andy Carroll and Diafra Sakho has now been exhausted and the club will consider any or all offers for both in the summer.

Carroll has been training all week and looks odds-on to appear at some stage in the match against Liverpool – a club with which it is believed he still feels he has a score to settle after being sold to the Hammers.

Long term, however, everybody has grown tired of the numerous and varied injuries he has suffered and the club  would now accept a knock down offer for him and cut their losses whilst making a heavy saving on wages.

sakhoThere remains some interest in China but that is not a prospect which may appeal to the home loving Geordie.

Slaven Bilic has declared that he will have talks over the big striker’s injury record at the end of the season but ClaretandHugh has discovered that the club will sell if they get the chance.

However, like Sakho – who failed to appear at the awards night earlier this week – the club realise that offers are likely to be be few and far between.

Sakho’s back problem is now a serious worry to the striker who believed it had been sorted under surgery but with his contract ending in the June of 2018 there has to be a possibility of him departing the LS under a mutally accepted arrangement



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17 comments on “Irons ready to offload injury hit duo

  1. The penny has finally dropped has it that both of them are shot away.
    I wanted Poppadom gone 2 summers ago but it was always in the back of my mind it would be sods law that he would go somewhere else & bang them in for fun.
    Aint bothered at all about that now,he will be injured wherever he is.
    I like Sakho but he is no better with his back.
    Time for a clean slate & start again in my humble.

  2. That’s all well and good but both are under Contract and who on earth would take a punt on either of them?

    They’ve both been a waste of space but I can’t see how you can get shot of them except paying up their Contracts and letting them walk away, that would be horrendously expensive – it’s a real dilemma!

  3. Someone will come in for AC.Wouldnt surprise me if Newcastle did at the right price.Its that or keep him for the other 2 seasons of his contract & 8 mill of wages.

  4. Its not the players that are the Hindrance, its the contract they are on, If AC would take a 50% pay cut with big Goal scoring bonus, he would be worth keeping

  5. Please let this be true.Carroll is a joke.The sooner we rid ourselves of him and Diafra the better.

  6. The club tried desperately to off load the pair of them last summer but there were no takers

  7. Sakho yes he was very close to moving but Carroll?!?!?
    I still cant believe we still have a small band of fans who are always defending Carroll in his time with us.For a start the well used term that he is unplayable on his day is a joke.Proper forwards are unplayable often not merely on their day.
    He has been a burden for too long and i can think of not a single other club who would have been daft enough to keep him for so long.It is farcical!

  8. If Carroll doesn’t now make an appearance against Liverpool, it will confirm that we’ve been lied to over the past few weeks.

  9. Wheres young Nigel Kahn.Nigel i have been reading the other site and if you are referring to Nayims goal against Arsenal in the ECWC Final then it was a Wed night when we beat Liverpool.Deadly Don Hutchinson with a brace if my memory serves.
    If you are referring​ to another Nayim goal against Seaman my deepest apoligises cunning fox lol

    • I only remember because it was and is my wedding anniverary and i went to the football which didnt go down well lol

      • Hey, what’s wrong with your wife?
        We ONLY got married in Aug ‘cos there was no footy to miss!😂👍⚒

        • Well GSDLADY back in the day when i got married the season had usually finished if memory serves.May 10th 1970 the season had been finished for a couple of weeks.Then it all changed and the football league played havoc with my anniversary lol

          • Me too-mine well over 30yrs ago, used to get a full summer break then. We’d have had to have the reception in the stands had we married during the season!😂

  10. Buy two decent strikers in the summer so Carroll is reduced to an impact sub if when and only when needed. Shame about Sakho but I am sure he could ‘retire’ if his back isn’t 100%.

  11. Should see if Allardyce is interested in buying Carroll as he got him a 6 year deal. But could that have been that they had the same agent at the time – Mark Curtis.
    I wished he was on play and pay. The Sky Sports website recently had a feature on the most injured players since 2011/2012 – Carroll sits at 6th with 723 days out. Think I saw on C&H he has cost £833k per goal.
    Another worrying fact is we sit at second in the table for days lost from injuries this season: 1,574 days behind Sunderland at 1,761 days. Being linked with interest in Wilshere and Sturridge is not the way forward.

  12. Those of you worried that there will be no offers for them can relax. I have just seen a headline on Skysports- the NHS have put in an offer for both of them so they can be used for medical research. Sorted!

  13. All we need is bubbles to come on to say we should offload Noble as well lol

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