Irons still talking to Barca on Song deal

SongyWest Ham are continuing to talk to Barcelona but claim a deal for Alex Song is still some way off.

And the club intend to stick rigidly to a free transfer policy if Β the midfielder is to become a permanent transfer.

The Hammers have made it clear from Day One that is their position and are unmoved by reports that Manchester City and Liverpool are reported interested.

Barca had initially been ready to allow the move on a free but are believed to have since asked for a Β£5 million fee but Irons negotiators are disinterested on that basis.

A source explained: “We are continuing to discuss the position and it seems there’s a game of bluff may be going on – we are not convinced of interest from elsewhere.

“And in any event, it’s well known that Alex and his family are basically only interested in a move to the capital.”



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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

63 comments on “Irons still talking to Barca on Song deal

  1. Will only be one winner in a stand off between Slavs Mafia & the Barca boys.Be afraid Barca,be very afraid πŸ˜‰

  2. It would be great to get Song.I think he would really get back to best form under Bilic.

  3. If we can sign Song, Jenkinson and Ogbonna then i’ll be very happy. Team should be sorted for the year, and if we can keep Downing then perfect

  4. It’s more important to Barcelona to get Song off the books than wait fir Β£5 million,
    The 2 faves are playing a dangerous game unless they know Song will hold out to come to us so he can keep his high wages

  5. I aint going to be a proper happy chicken until we get a decent striker in,if we get injuries like last year for Sakho & Carroll i will have the right hump if we have no one to come in for them.Pls nobody tell me we have Maiga or Lee or i will peck your eyes out,lol

    • I think we should let Carroll go to Newcastle, maybe use the money to buy a new player, but we still got Sakho and Valencia, and Bilic has said he’s gonna get Zarate (and Maiga) back in form, and I think if Zarate starts playing regularly he’s got the ability to be a star player, he just never really got a chance last season

      • Saying that, I wish the Remy reports were real, would love to get Loic in the squad

      • I would throw Nolanihino in for a free with Carroll to Newcastle to get them off our books and free up the wages budget.Carroll is a liability and I’m not sure what role Nolan will fill this campaign.

        • Oh yeah, forgot about Kev, yeah we have no need for him, doubt Newcastle would even want him, maybe a mid table Championship side. Bolton or Charlton maybe

  6. I dont want Remy,already turned us down two or three times.I dont forget when we are disrespected.Especially when the w*nker chose QPR instead of us once.How low can you go,lol

  7. All I want is to get shot of the deadwood,then get Song,two right backs,another attacking midfielder,a new striker (rather not Remy but….),a new CB,a set of pans,the food mixer oh and the cuddly toy and then I’d be happy lol

    • Not to much to ask for then,the food mixer and pans will be involved in the transfer of Nolinhio…it’s nice to be linked with players with football ability not because they once shared a pie and pea supper with the Hippo in Bolton.

    • Haha I thought I’d be modest on my wish list. If they chuck in the cuddly toy we can get rid of JO’B too. Ahh Northern come dine with me certainly formed some friendships lol. You’re spot on though can’t remember the last time I was looking forward to a new season

      • Agree 1st time in 4 years got a bit of a buzz for next season..No more chewing gum, no more slouching in the dug out like a spoilt fat kid that’s lost a doughnut, no more we lost because our long haired walking advert for the NHS wasn’t playing. A fresh start some good signings a bit of optimism how things change in 2 months….And even better we’ve unearthed our own Mystic Meg in Bradders, we’re going to have a posting on Mushroons and Rolfes ” Be careful what you wish for” shindig on the 7th has another guest speaker in KN who’ll be delivering “Why bother running when you can walk, the easy way to get 50 grand a week” self help group….

      • Sounds blinding to me and strangely just how watching football should be. As for the 7th who’s got the difficult task of arranging the seating for the shindig,I mean what formation are the seats placed,are they seated based on football or political or financial knowledge,where does the cake table go,are a lot of “others” invited to be deliberately ignored? It’s a logistical nightmare lol

        • Don’t worry Quick apparently it’s going to be like those old trade union meetings, big table at the front, Banjo banging his anvil to bring meeting to order,Rolfe taking minutes the rest of the clique on top table. All the mere mortals will be sat on bean bags or deckchairs from Rolfes Shed right in front of the flock wallpaper.Cakes passed around on paper plates with plastic forks obviously no-one on the floor will be able to say anything, musical interlude will be done by Joehammer blowing all that hot air of his down his tuba…..

        • Haha sounds all sorted cheers GW the lionheart

  8. If Chelski or Citeh want him they would just buy him,if their interest is actually there as has been suggested.
    Whether it is 5m or 10m,it is pocket money for them.They would have got him by now if they were so up for it.Got a feeling he will be back with us within the next week.But only Mystic B can know for sure;)

  9. Will there ever be a thread on here where the other site isn’t mentioned?

    There does seem to be a bit of an obsession with one or two on here.

    • Who gives a **** Fobyac,told you yesterday you go play with your buddies & talk stats,team formations & transfers we will do our own thing.If they wasnt so full of ‘frustrated manager syndrome’ we wouldnt find them funny.I aint a member on there coz they do my head in,but still read the posts.For a man who doesnt believe in sites who mention other sites in a bad way i see you have just been busy on there taking the **** about this one.Pot & kettle springs to mind!

  10. Fair enough.
    I don’t see what I said on the other site was so wrong though chickenrunner, I just pointed out that hardly anyone posts on here and that the main topic is the other site.

    My first post on here was met with “hey flobbyack” and a torrent of abuse because I had posted over there, it seems that not everyone is as welcome on here as you like to make out.
    There is a clique on here too……just a much smaller one.

    • No fobyac,we just remember you coming here before shouting your mouth off slagging everyone on here.Unlike you who clearly suffers from 24hr amnesia we remembered your outbursts & slagging of hugh & this site.I gave you the benefit of the doubt yesterday,but as they say,a leopard never changes its spots.Once a sh*t stirrer always a **** stirrer.

    • There isn’t a clique just fans that enjoy banter knowing they won’t be subjected to personal insults by know all wannabes. To many of you stand on a pulpit preaching that you know everything about anything, narrow minded one dimensional individuals who like to **** stir but can’t handle some light hearted **** taking put your tail between your legs mate run home to the clique talk about cake and keep on persecuting absolutely pathetic

      • You need to come see my therapist,she does wonders ridding you of wetpants blues,lol,im a new man since not going there for a few months.I think Joehammer has left you mentally scarred πŸ˜€

        • Think your right Rads been seeing a shrink for months to rid myself of the Wet pants till I die syndrome then was told he was a Spuds fan obviously ive regressed. On another note do you think the Spuds move for Moses is to appease the jewish fan base??

      • I thought banter was two people of opposite sides of a debate having a friendly dig at each other?

        What you do is park yourself over here with your other mates (all 6 of them) and pat each other on the back for producing the most childish rants about another site, all agreeing with each other.
        That’s not banter mate.

        You complain about a clique over there…..this is even worse.

        Any chance of a football discussion starting anytime soon?

      • 2 sides to a debate your irony knows no bounds ok let’s have a debate, so do you think that next season will be better than last? Do you think that somebody who doesn’t go every week is entitled to an opinion? Do you think that KN justifies a place in the team? Do you think that being persucated because your not from these shores is fine? Do you think that being ignored on a thread on your club because you don’t agree is fine? Come on pal let’s have a debate?

      • At last……
        Yes I do think this season will be better than last, I alway do

        As someone who doesn’t go every week ….yes

        KN, not this season hopefully

        Depends on what shore they come from, if it’s Syria or Afghanistan then yes, otherwise of course not.

        And finally I don’t think anyone who bothers to post their views should be ignored, debated yes.

        • But it’s how you constitute a debate ,flicking a switch to wind people up ain’t a debate,not having the ability of taking others opinion and understanding their feelings ain’t a debate, I might differ from your ideas but you know what so what! Unfortunately some with agendas do it to wind people up ,they know who they are but God forbid you tell them, but guess you know that already don’t you as you have your own agenda anyway!

          • You might just as easily be saying that into a mirror mate.

          • Ok I understand your standpoint but I’m not the one posting on other sites to gauge a reaction, I’m not the one running back to report what I’ve said but whatever floats your boat but know doubt I’ll be classed as a troll a rabid dog or a keyboard warrior but ill be at the Boleyn next year wearing my heart on my sleeve hoping for better than the last 4 years…

          • So will I….

            Just for the record without banging on about it again and again,
            I only posted one comment on WHTID about this site, it was under a post about an article on here and I simply asked what the problem was between the sites……no one answered it by the way, I finished it with what I thought was a jokey line about who nicked their girlfriend or jilted them….completely harmless I thought…apparently not though, surely if you’re prepared to dish it out you should at least expect a bit back?

            It really does look like I’ve got off in the wrong foot here, or maybe this just isn’t the site for the likes of me?

  11. Fobyac,im sorry but are you totally dense? You tell us yesterday you aint into site *****ing because youre 53yrs old as i recall & you dont have the time for it.You then go there & slag this site,hahaha.You are either incredibly thick or just a total sh*t stirrer πŸ˜€

  12. I wasn’t slagging this site off……….you really are just a little bit precious mate.

    I was wondering why hardly anyone posts comments on here…….I think I know the answer now.

  13. By the way 66 I haven’t posted on this site before…..I only registered a few days ago, you must have me mixed up with someone else

    • Well for someone who only registrered a few days ago you did a good job of ragging the place on whtid.Took you no time at all.But of course you dont believe in trashing other sites do you.Who was it stole our girlfriends then?

  14. Haha,strange Nav & HH have no problem here.I am not exclusive to any site Fobyac but i will tell you know these lads will talk to anyone.I used to post on the other site.Totally ignored while the Ant Hill Mob carried on talking to themselves.Perhaps you just came here with the intention of causing an arguement becuase i have never had an issue with the guys on here in the last 6 months.I suspect Nav & HH will have the same thought as well.

  15. I think I’m being mixed up with another poster to be honest.

    I have always posted under FOBYAC right back in the AOL days, I have read these sites for years but never registered, then someone on WHTID posted under the name fobyac69, he wasn’t very nice and ended up abusing one of the female posters over there, I think her name was Keely, she left and then I believe he was barred.
    I registered over there and don’t post enough to be one of their clique as you call it, Hugh was often quoted so I took a look on here and registered a few days ago.
    I had no intention of slagging this site or any others, I was hoping to share my views with fellow hammers supporters.
    Unfortunately either no one posts anything on here or they’re too busy slagging off the posters on the other site.
    Either way, it’s not very welcoming.

    • So what your saying is that you dont find the place very welcoming & you have never posted on here before yeah? Ok fair enough.But it is only banter from the lads.No nastiness intended.Too be fair Whtid hardly cover themselves in glory with remarks about this place.Its just banter while the football season aint on.You got a choice.Dont comment,comment.Free world,each to their own πŸ˜‰

  16. Bloody hell,nice quiet tame afternoon on here then boys.Its all kicked off,lol.Damn, sorry,didnt mean to comment.Dont want to push the quota over the 10 limit.Ahh the joy of not going to Wetpants,everything just goes right over my head with regards to their comments,views & stats files.It is a peaceful life with my lemon drizzle cake πŸ˜€

  17. Don’t mention Wetpants or State Aid I mentioned them once but I think I got away with it https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yfl6Lu3xQW0 lol

    • Didn’t Sean write an article on here about that very subject?

      You can’t make this stuff up lol

      • I haven’t…that’s a fact…but it hardly matters.

        Is there only you lot that post on here?
        You have more articles than posters lol.

        It’s not surprising though given the welcome new posters get on here.

        • Am i right or wrong in beleieving if you did indeed only sign up recently that your very first comment on here was to take the p*ss out of someone.Dangermouse i believe.So is it not true that you hardly came here to be sociable or interact in a positive manner if that is your opening line.Come on fobyac,dont play the victimYour very first comment pretty much summed up the way you wanted it to be on here.If you wanted to come here to chat then why within a day post on wetpants about people stealing someones gf on here.Dont see that is how a man who only intended to come on being friendly or posting on articles act.Really dont see your grievance when you clearly came here with an agenda to make a comment about Danger.Did he used to bug you on wetpants so you came here to ***** back,lol πŸ˜‰

  18. Haha,still going then lads.Too be fair i didnt used to see a huge gathering on whtid.Just the usual 10 or 15 chatting to themselves.As was said before,Nav&HH seem to have no problem coming here & interacting.Tbh it makes no difference how many people post or comment on sites.Whats the big deal.Seems a pointless arguement actually πŸ˜‰

    • I did have history with dangermouse on the other site, a very obnoxious man he was.
      Then he was caught signing in under another account and replying to his own comments, praising them too I might add lol
      Who would do that?
      That was my first comment on here and maybe I misjudged the way it would be perceived, but I couldn’t let it pass.
      All I asked in WHTID was why was there so much abuse aimed at it from here and jokingly asked who had jilted who or nicked their girlfriend, I thought it was pretty harmless to be fair, I again misjudged how fragile people are over here.

      • Think the one thing the lads on here aint is fragile or sensitive,lol,but i really cant be arsed to get into a row about it.Im a reformed rabid dog,im trying hard here to not get involved.I have found peace & serenity,no one can drag me from this state of tranquilty.So dont waste your breath trying to argue with me.I wont bite,lol.Go back to GW,he enjoys it.

  19. not just last night πŸ™

  20. ahah… this thing about the number of posters or of posts makes me smile… what’s the premium? a set of steak knives? a weekend in Dudley? a lifetime supply of nappies? The difference beetwen this site and wetpants is that here you write your opinion only once, there you write the same thing to exhaustion… lol

    • Lol,can you contact the pope again pls Matte,i need to do a confessional.All this reformed rabid dog stuff is making me stressed,i need to fire off a few f*cks at someone,lol πŸ˜€

  21. …er…some strange stuff above…

    …just helping you happy folk try to make 100 posts…

  22. First chance to say anything since I posted the don’t mention the war video which was aimed at causing a smile and yes Sean did post an article on the stadium not directly about State Aid to which I also put a sarcy comment and even gave my opinion to you Fobyac despite my thoughts that you’d visited last time to rabble rouse. On the broader subject of this site as I said yesterday we state an opinion on a subject then it generally turns to humour quite often at the expense of Wetpants but not always,it does vary. I don’t notice Matte crying into his pasta over figa comments or whoever it is we have fun with. You say we’re unwelcoming ask Spoonie and Kevin who had different opinions with their comments but kept coming back along with a load of regular and not so frequent visitors old and new. My belief is that despite your claimed maturity you wanted to poke a stick to see what happened,if that’s your thing then good for you,each to their own I say.

    • That’s fair enough.
      I do think I have been the subject of mistaken identity though.
      I will debate until my last breath if I think I am right and expect nothing less in return, the welcoming committee on here needs a little work though in my opinion, now I know how the visiting fans felt in that corner of the old south bank

      • Mistaken identity? Hmm it was you and Dangermouse the other day but that’s up to you two. Debating is one thing but we just can’t go into minutiae again and again over here although we do surreally exaggerate the Wetpants hierarchy. Your point about a welcoming committee is a perception although being fair is how we perceive Wetpants in the clique sense. As for the South Bank it’s where I stood and it was always a welcoming friendly place,same as C&H in that respect lol

  23. Hope i didnt start this war of words by comparing sites yesrerday guy.Maybe i should have kept my views to myself.Still in for a penny in for a pound.Fobyac i dont know you,never spoke to you.All i can say is that i posted on WHTID sometimes.Often posting near identical threads to others.Difference! Mine was ignored,the other from the ‘in crowd’ fella was swamped in replies.I then came here commented & my first comment had an immediate response from many lads.I strongly disagree that these folk are not friendly.The fact that the conversation drifts from football really has no merit to it as an arguement.There is only so long you can talk about a transfer,a signing,a formation or result.The very fact that articles are regularly being updated lends itself to comments being diluted across the board.Most ironic thing about this situation with regards to this sites lack of commenters or followers is that when looking for sites to follow as an Iron i looked for popular sites & i believe this is the most viewed anywhere.Guess you win some you lose some fella.Anyway,sorry guys im banging on,its an age thing.

  24. Bloody hell you really are a charming guy fobyac.I really cannot see you havnt come here for anything other than arguement.You make 7580 look like an amatuer in the arguement stakes.I dont get your problem.One of the main protagonists on wetpants,Monkeys Bellend knows the score.He gives it out takes it back.No big deal.The simple fact is that if most the guys on the sites were in the same pub together & didnt know who they were with regards to forum names the majority would be sharing a beer & having rhe crack.Ffs,get over it!

  25. Seems sometimes in life people just go looking for an arguement.Cant see any other reasoning behind the comments.Cant really see that he came here looking for anything other than a row or to be awkward.Strange!

  26. What you on about a site for you? No point in crying off now.You have spent the whole afternoon arguing with every man & his rabid dog,now you have decieded this isnt a place for you,lol,lf you were going to bail out you should have done it 10hrs ago,not go out with a whimper & a sulk now.Man up for f*cks sake πŸ˜€

  27. Ahh Fobyac you’ve dished and taken enough today you’ll be back,different strokes and all that

  28. Can we draw a line under it and move on? Let’s remember what we all have in common – a love of West Ham, new starts and victories to come! UNITED!

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