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Irons summer spend could top £50m

West Ham are understood to have  £50 million on the table for summer transfer window investment.

And any potential cash from European qualification, positional bonuses and and outward sales will be handed to David Moyes for reinforcements.

The Hammers know they need a striker badly and accept that a quality forward won’t be available for for less than £30 million.

Alongside that they are looking to ensure Jesse Lingard remains at the club with Manchester United allegedly wanting around £20m – £25 million.

Qualification for the Europa League would immediately add around £7 million  or in the event of Champions League football closer to £15 million.

Although David Moyes is notoriously slow in settling on his targets he is also understood to be looking for a midfielder as cover for Declan and Tomas.

He understands that Europe mean he needs to increase his squad options  and in a flat market will need to be very clever in the market.

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

22 comments on “Irons summer spend could top £50m

  1. We need a couple of strikers really to mount a serious push get rid of deadweight players sign lingard and another midfielder and maybe that still won’t be enough but it’s a start ! I like what moysey is building at the hammers the players are playing out of their skin for him and I’m enjoying being a hammer for a change lmao long may it continue and get just look at Leicester and what they’re doing there’s no reason we can’t be where they are

    • I can think of 2 or 3 very good reasons.

      Example: have you seen Leicesters training ground?

    • LCFC has billionaires as owners, coupled with the fact that they sell their better players for top market fees Mahrez, Maguire, Kante combined brought in well over £160m, they are very astute in signing unpolished gems. When you consider they were playing League One football in 2012, what they have accomplished since promotion to the PL in 2014 it has to be one of the best transformations in recent history.
      I’d love it if we could emulate what they have done during this period and continue to do.

  2. Does this include the Haller money?
    Because £50m sounds very low, especially if £25m of that is going on Jesse!

      • honestly you go on about the benrhama money coming from haller.

        For the 3rd time. Who buys players with funds from the transfer of players who are STILL playing for your club?? If this was the case no wonder Haller looked half arsed. He was already sold and had funded a fellow team mate.

        I’ve never heard such nonsense!

        What happened to the Diangana money then? Or the money we were going to spend on Tarkowski? Must have been from the future Haller sale too of course 🙂

        • lol. oh dear. Listen here’s how it works without conveniently forgetting other sales that needed paying for.
          Frankly I don’t understand anything you have to say . Here’s how it is.

          Benrahma came in on loan for a year cos of a failed medical which may or may not have been the case. Either way there was an obligation to buy. Thus Haller was sold and to make room for Lingard on loan the money used to make Said’s stay permanent. The talks to sell SH were obviously going on whilst he was still at the club. That’s how it works

          Diangana? Money used to make Soucek’s stay permanent and a little left towards Coufal.

          This isn’t a defence of the club. Just what happened. If you can’t understand or don’t want to fair enough.

          If you follow things closely you may realise that Tarkowski and much other stuff may be reported by the media and may well be wrong. Alternatively when he couldn’t get him he said he would prefer to hpl;d onto the money until summer. It may or may not be the cae that’s whay he has £50m this summer.

          To claim that selling players to fund others is nonsense is clearly nonsense. That’s why clubs sell – to generate funds for others. If you will excuse me saying so any other idea is indeed nonsense

  3. Player sale may boost the 50m.But we have a tiny and unbalanced squad as it is.I can’t understand this mob !We have some really talented footballers .We are about 70% there ,why not finish off the job !

    • Crazy mate ,,I knowc, ,but God forbid we say anything about it ….🙄🙄🙄

      • I neither took it personally or was angry despite you thinking I might be.Nor do I need to calm down. You may not have meant what you said but in claiming it’s being used as an excuse rather gives the impression that a very serious health prob has been used as such by football people generally. I simply disagree. You seem unable to accept any of my reasoning without making condescending comments about calming down or how I should behave on my own forum and what sort of mood I’m in when actually you haven’t a clue. So please stop it. OK? I’m sorry if I misinterpreted you covid comment and would be very interested to know how it was meant.

  4. 50 million isn’t enough even if we didn’t get in to Europe so that’s figure is no good whatsoever imo …I know i know before its starts.. covid has hit everyone and knowvine has spent anything…but we will be lucky to get 2 players out of that .. dont want to start back and forth, but we had 30 million from last window we didn’t spend wich moyes said he wanted to save fir summer..so we basically put 20 up for transfers wich to be honest is laughable especially when we have billionaire owners …if we do get in europe God knows what will happen….loans and free transfers again I supposec……we need 2 quality forwards forca start so not sure how 50 million will cover that and all the other players we need …can see it now ..rice will be the reason to sell to raise money …is that why such a low figure has been mentioned,…setting us up for that maybe….no doubt figures and blogs about how bad covid has hit everyone will be nxt …it normally is ……such a shame ..for years we have been waiting for our chance and now we are here covid and other excuses will scupper it ….be interesting yo see what comes nxt …

    • No of course it’s not – 150m wouldn’t be enough would it Childish ? SIGH. First time I’ve heard covid described as an excuse – tell that to the relatives of the thousands who have died. and to Man City and Liverpool who have just announced devastatingly bad results. Auditors were obviously looking for an excuse to cover the board’s arses

      • Sigh,,,,taking it personally again hugh ..why get so angry im just talking…very unfair saying about people dying..that’s not what I meant at all…God whats the point…im just talking…its why I put imo …. jesus calm down ….

  5. We all know there’s not a lot of cash floating around after the past year we’ve all gone through. So £50 million may or may not be the full amount we have to spend come the summer.

    The fact that we’re still paying out for Pellegrini era players must not be forgotten but most importantly do not forget OUR MANAGER who will only take players that make us better and will Im completely convinced already has three targets in his sights outside of Jessie Lingard.
    That said Im pretty sure that if we make it Europe there will be two good quality loan players brought in to help out.

    In conclusion, if you want West Ham to spend over £120 million in the summer you will have to sanction the sale of Declan and probably for a lot less than we would like.

  6. £50m is one high class player, ask they guy wanting to buy Arsenal to come in, our owners just loan money to the club, say they are taking nothing out but are actually just deferring massive loan interest every season. That is effectively conning the supporters because they will realise that money at some point. GSB out and get some owners with ambition and funds to take us forward. We need 7 or 8 good quality players to compete in multiple competitions COYI!!!

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