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It’s all gone quiet at WHL as Levy takes taxpayers money




By CandH’s top blogger Allen Cummings


Should we be making any political capital out of the current situation we find ourselves in with this horrendous situation?

Certainly not in my opinion where it concerns the health and well being of the nation. We need to remain as one to beat this thing. But when it comes to football, and it concerns our usually noisy neighbours just up the road, I think we can grant ourselves some licence.

We all know how the spuds in particular were highly vocal when we snatched the London Stadium from right under their noses a few years ago. They didn’t like that one little bit, the accusation being we were taking advantage of taxpayers’ money to accommodate ourselves with a new home.

Levy – smug doesn’t start to cover it

Suddenly that particular ethical argument doesn’t seem to be an issue troubling Daniel Levy’s conscience right now as he gleefully accepts taxpayers money to pay 550 non-playing Tottenham Hotspur staff through the government’s furlough scheme, rather than continuing to pay those same employees via the club’s own payroll. Strange that!

It shouldn’t go unnoticed either that on the same day Tottenham chose to take that highly debatable course of action, they also chose to published their annual accounts which showed there was enough money in the White Hart Lane pot at the time to not only to pay Levy’s £4m salary, but also to factor in a nice little £3m bonus for the said Chairman.

Embarrassing doesn’t cover it – especially as they’re such a BIG club. No wonder, as Hughie posted earlier today, spurs supporters are self-isolating everywhere!

Apparently that magnificent, state-of-the-art ‘proper’ football ground the spuds are so proud of, and which is now in mothballs (like every other stadia in the country), means the club are missing out on more money than any other in the Premier League, with matchday takings usually around £5m, being lost.  Somehow I find it hard to have too much sympathy with Danny boy!

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4 comments on “It’s all gone quiet at WHL as Levy takes taxpayers money

  1. Ignorance is bliss

  2. A great articsl which supports the point I made yesterday. Football is run from top to bottom by greedy self serving people who do not give a damn for our country or the thousands dying from this horrible virus. When it is all over the Government must seek retribution from thos clubs that have chosen to Rob the Treasury.

  3. Let’s just stop the Season and call it a day .
    Start again when possible with a new season . Don’t know how , but , then again I’m not getting 150k or more a week for kicking a plastic ball about .
    Football players need to come down to earth . They all have more than one house each with its associated mortgage .
    I am a Professional Engineer ( for which I studied over 8 yrs ) and get well paid ,,, but it pales into insignificance against the obscene earnings of today’s football players .

  4. Isnt Tottenham financed by the immoral earnings of Joe Lewis who made a fortune by gambling against the pound in the ERM crisis? Then they have the cheek to demand government money.

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